What does an automobile fan need in winter other than the car heater? Of course, a great car seat warmer! A good heated seat cover will help you keep your butt and back warm. What if it also has 10 built-in vibro-engines? Imagine, it’s bitter cold outside, but you are feeling warm and cosy. And if you suffer from backaches, a relaxing massage on the way to your destination can help you from being distracted by the pain. What are the best car seat covers on the market? Here you’ll find four heated car seat covers with and without massage and a heated neck massager belt. Let’s follow the agenda though.

Comparative review.

Here are two Amazon.com best-selling heated car seat covers: AmazonBasics 12-Volt Black Heated Seat Cushion with 3-way Temperature Controller and Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support.

Their rating is almost equal - about 70% of the customers are satisfied with the purchase. They both also have the same amount of customer reviews.

The only big difference is that the Wagan product has Lumbar Support, whereas the AmazonBasics product doesn’t. Also, when testing both seats, some users observed that the Wagan model’s fabric is softer and more comfortable to sit on. However, the AmazonBasics straps are longer and more durable. What do these models have in common? They are both powered by the 12-volt DC outlet, both have a 3-way temperature controller and they heat up fast.

As you can see, there are no crucial differences between the two covers, that’s why you can choose the one you like best bearing in mind that both #1 Bestseller in Seat Cushions category by Wagan with Lumbar Support for ~$16 and the model by AmazonBasics (~$12.99are worth buying.

Heated Seat Covers with Massage


This thing is three times as expensive (it costs ~$39.99) and is a more modern gadget. We are taken aback by the abundance of options this smart seat has. For this price, this Asian product can do too much! Massage, for example. Where have you seen a good massage chair for $39 with heating? This is very strange. But the customers give thumbs up and at least 1,700 customers have already left their reviews, and 64% of them were satisfied with the product. Read over 2000 customer reviews on Amazon.com, and form your own opinion.

We were able to solve the massage option riddle very fast. It turns out that this mat cannot massage mechanically with the rolling balls. The first point in the manufacturer’s product description is the honest warning (apparently included at the initiative of dissatisfied customers) that “This is not a Shiatsu kneading massager. Do not buy this product if you are looking for a Shiatsu or kneading massager with rolling balls. This is a vibration massager only, no rolling balls”.We’re talking about 10 vibro-engines here. They are distributed in various parts of the human body: neck, back, thighs and butt. Apparently, the vibration is supposed to either soothe or energize a person. To achieve this, the manufacturers have introduced three levels of massage speed and four types of massage programs.

10 motor vibration massage seat warmerThis car seat heater can be used at home and in the office. In general, that’s what the massager was designed for. But having the automobile adapter, makes this device one of the most interesting car gadgets of this review. As for the heating zone, it is only the lower back, so in terms of the heating area, this model is inferior to the previous ones. The massager option gives it a serious competitive edge, though, if we speak in marketing terms.

Price: ~$39.99 Check the current price

Gideon™ - Car Seat Warmer - Vibrating Massager for Back, Shoulder and Thighs with Heat Therapy

Gideon™ Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager This massage car seat warmer with heat therapy and radiating gentle warmth costs ~$49.95. What will you get for this price? Massage areas:  Upper Back, Lower Back, Hips and Thighs. You may choose and customize your own experience to release stress, aches, tension and knots: Four massaging modes (Pulsate, Tapping, Rolling and Kneading) and four intensity settings. The set includes two AC & DC adapters that allows you to use it anywhere you need - not only in your car, but in the office or at home too. By the way, this thing can be a perfect gift for people who are suffering from back pain – read customer reviews to learn how this device helps drivers to feel good.

Price: ~$49.95 Check the current price

New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow with heatIt’s a Shiatsu back, neck, shoulders, waist and foot massager that includes four Shiatsu Massage Nodes. This gadget for ~$33.99 hasn’t any chargeable batteries, but thanks to the adapters, it is possible to use it both at home and in your car. It provides muscle relaxing massage for the most tired parts of your body and can keep them warm if you want. It auto shuts off after 15 minutes of using, and according to customers reviews, this point is important - especially while using it in a car. But we don’t recommend you use it on the road while driving. Use it only if you have a rest in the car or you are a passenger.

Price: ~$33.99 Check the current price

What else do you need en route in winter? In order not to occupy the only socket you have, buy a socket extender, for example a 4-port Wagan 4-Way 12V Automotive Socket Extender for only ~$10.50. You will be able to not only connect your car seat heater, but also charge your cell phone or tablet or to plug in the automobile fridge or thermos. It has a decent rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and over 1200 customers’ reviews for you to read.

Wagan Automotive Socket Extender

Also you should read our article Best Personal Warming Gadgets to Keep You Warm This Winter.

Look at our comparative table - what is the most suitable car seat warmer for you?

Car Seat Warmers Comparison Chart



Type of warmer



 Wagan 12V Heated Seat min

Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cover with Lumbar Support

Heated seat cover

DC adapter; high/low/off temperature control


 amazon heated car seat cushion

AmazonBasics 12-Volt Black Heated Seat Cover

Heated seat cover

DC adapter; high/low/off temperature control


10 motor seat heater min

New Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion With Heat 

Heated vibration massage seat cover

AC & DC adapters; one button to turn the heat on/off; automatic shut off; 3 massage speeds & 4 massage programs


Gideon Seat Cushion min

Gideon™ Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager for Back, Shoulder and Thighs with Heat Therapy

Heated vibration massage seat cover

AC & DC adapters; one button to turn the heat on/off; automatic shut off; 4 massaging modes and 4 intensity settings. 


Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow with heat 

New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat

Shiatsu massage pillow with heat

AC & DC adapters; automatic shut off; one button to turn the heat on/off; 2 massage directions.


Can A Car Seat Heater Be Dangerous?

Follow safety precautions when using a car seat heater. As it is an electronic gadget, use it as with any other device: make sure it is plugged in properly and there is no liquid around it. It is sensible to opt for water-proof items (for instance, the ones made of neoprene) for additional protection against short circuits in emergencies.

It is also crucial to understand that improper and prolonged use of a car seat heater can lead to a thermal burn or so-called “toasted skin syndrome”. This is characterized by skin redness, vasodilatation and severe skin pigmentation. The experts from the American Burn Association confirm that “It has been known for many decades that thermal burns may result from exposure of the skin surface to an elevated temperature for an extended period of time”. “Toasted skin syndrome” is most common when using a laptop on one’s hips, but it can also show up after any long contact with a heater, especially if the skin is bare. Overheating can also affect men’s reproductive systems, as the myths about overheating sperm are partly true. Harvard Medical School scientists recommend that men spend less time in the car and to use a car seat heater less if they’re trying to conceive a child.  The specialist claims that driving over three hours daily has a temporary negative impact on the quantity of spermatozoids.

To prevent all the negative consequences of using such devices, you needn’t give up using car seat heaters when it is cold. Many car seat heaters are equipped with an automatic shut off which won’t let you overheat for a long time. As a rule, a typical session lasts 15-30 minutes. If such an option isn’t implemented, don’t set the temperature too high and don’t forget to turn the device off right after you warm up.