Having a portable energy bank called a power station can make traveling easy and convenient. There are multiple types, sizes, and even colors. Selecting the right power station is a matter of knowing what to look for. The size and capacity of the power bank is the first thing to look at.

Smaller, travel-size, power banks put around 3,500mAh. Items requiring a stronger charge such as a laptop or phone will have at least ten times the charge. They have an increase in weight as well as with that charge.

The in and output ports your portable power station has will determine its compatibility with your devices. How many and the type ports they are will indicate how many devices you can charge at once. It will also give you an indication of how fast they will charge.

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What To Look For When Buying A Portable Power Station

Charging your devices quickly is something sought after by most people when looking at portable power stations. The battery charging speed output can be determined in amperage and voltage. Using a fast charging cable can increase charging speeds and the amount of power delivered as well.

The way your devices get charged can also be a determining factor in their purchase. There are wireless charging stations and pass-through charging while you're connecting your device directly to the battery. These are newer technologies, and your device will need to be compatible with the charging format.

Having a battery case for your power station is not a requirement, but it does make traveling with it easier. It also protects it from damage during transport and while it is in use. A battery case can also be a battery, which makes it more convenient, but it also makes it less likely to be able to charge larger items.

The size of the power station matters when looking to purchase one. The larger the power station is, the better it will charge up your devices, but it will be harder to transport in some cases. The largest portable power stations are not small and compact.

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