What Are Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

Cell phone boosters are devices used to boost cell phone signals. These devices work with all brands and types of phone to increase the strength and radius of cell phone signals.

Utilizing a signal amplifier, cell phone signal boosters work to boost specific cell phone signals. Those living in rural areas or working in large industrial buildings which sometimes block cell signals can benefit greatly from cell phone signal booster technology.

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What Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters Are There?

There are two main types of cell phone boosters: those that work with indoor antennas and those that work with outdoor antennas. Both operate in a similar way, regardless of the placement of the antenna being outdoors or indoors.

Cell phone signal boosters that operate with an indoor antenna work to distribute signals throughout a single residence for all cellular devices operating inside.

How Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Work?

Both indoor and outdoor antennas utilize either a directional technology to distribute signals from either a directional or omnidirectional standpoint. Directional antenna help to target a single tower and reduce noise within a singular building, with omnidirectional antennas help to redistribute signals equally through all surrounding directions.

A donor antenna works to transmit signals from cell towers to help strengthen signals to your specific antenna.

Trusted Brands and Manufacturers of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Trusted brands of cell phone signal boosters include Cisco, Wilson, HiBoost, SureCall, and more.

These brands are highly rated for their signal strength as well as the effectiveness of their reach. Another factor which affects a cell phone signal booster’s effectiveness is its compatibility with different cell phone providers.

Not all cell phone signal boosters are compatible with every cell phone provider, so this should be factored into the decision of which cell phone signal booster one chooses. Popular brands are compatible with many cell phones and providers, allowing owners the freedom to change their devices and carriers frequently.

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