Soldering irons are required supplies for multiple businesses and hobbyists. The right type of soldering iron depends on how it is used. Smaller soldering irons are for more delicate work on things like computers or crafts, whereas large soldering irons work better for large projects or machinery.

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Types of Soldering Irons

There are four different types of soldering irons to consider when selecting one for purchase:

Adjustable Pencil soldering Irons

Adjustable pencil soldering irons are like pencil soldering irons, but their temperature levels are more adjustable.

Cordless soldering irons

A cordless soldering iron is portable soldering iron. The soldering iron is good for the mobile mechanic though it is usually not as powerful as one with a cord. The portable iron has to rely on its own power source for all its work, and these can vary in quality, strength, and length of usable time.

Pencil soldering irons

A pencil soldering iron is the more common type of soldering irons; it has a cable to connect to a power source like a wall socket. They don't' usually have adjustable temperature settings, which makes them best suited to one type of activity.

Soldering stations

A soldering station is a kit that has all the required components for soldering. It has a base and the iron itself. It will also come with a cleaning sponge, a holder for the iron, and a temperature dial.

Understanding what can be purchased comes with the added knowledge of what to look for in the kits themselves, such as the wattage levels. Soldering irons that have thirty watts or more won't take as long to heat up and will maintain temperature better while in use. They often come with temperature dial control, which can make the iron suitable for different jobs.

The iron can come with multiple tips that swap easily out for different jobs, and in some cases, there is a holding stand for the iron to make putting it down easier. The different types of tips are expensive, so finding a kit that has them all can be cost-saving.

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