When kids see a Superhero or Dinosaur, they get excited, just like my niece did when she saw her Plus-Plus gift. And it was not only kids who played with them, all the adults in the home joined them and got to work at putting together toys. It’s real educational fun!

In case you aren’t familiar yet with STEM toys, I will give you a brief description of them. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These construction toys develop motor skills and creativity in kids. Based on a school curriculum, they help them master technology and engineering skills. STEM sets allow kids to learn in a fun way, which is believed to be one of the most effective methods to teach children. These skills will help them to excel in their future jobs and solve their problems more effectively.

STEM toys: photo

What did we like? The toys are of high quality, made in Denmark, pleasant to the touch, and most importantly, BPA-free and phthalate-free. For us, Plus-Plus has turned out to be a new and original alternative to Lego toys, which the kid has got tired of over the years. But this one allows for making 3D figures.

Our girl does not like to follow rules, she enjoys doing things her own way and create something of her own. These multi-colored Plus-Plus blocks allow kids to create freely, without limiting imagination.

plus plus for children: photo

#TTPlusPlus has also turned out to be beneficial. People share ideas about what else you can make, including zombies, ghosts, monsters, Pacmans, and a lot of other interesting things. Indeed, these blocks offer innumerable possibilities for kids with a rich imagination :)

Plus-Plus has an app that is a nice inspiration for creativity. There are instructions there, but you can also see what creations other people are building and share ideas there. The Plus-Plus Instagram also shares unique ideas and creations, like this mermaid.

STEM Toy Plus-Plus: photo

For my niece, we have chosen a Superhero or Dinosaur, but the Plus Plus store offers many more options: Unicorns, Triceratops, Elfs, a Rocket and an Astronaut, Dragons, all animals and food. You can create one hero or construct a farm or even a city. There are small and large details. Large boxes include travel tubes so that you could comfortably take the toys with you anywhere — whether you go to someone else’s house, a restaurant or take a plane.

Our verdict is: Excellent! We played with great pleasure. Honestly recommended.

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