Battery testers are extremely useful, especially when it comes to testing your car’s battery. You don’t want to be stuck in a position in which your battery runs out before you are even aware it is running low.

A car battery tester such as the Foxwell Battery Tester can help give you peace of mind when you are on the go.

Battery Tester FOXWELL BT705

Battery Tester FOXWELL BT705: photo

Tests 12 Volt and 24 Volt Batteries Accurately

The Foxwell Battery Tester is compatible with the two most common voltage batteries, 12 volt and 24-volt batteries.

The tester utilizes embraces the propelled conductance testing innovation, the top-notch quality copper clasp and wire keep up a steady correspondence all through the testing procedure to furnish you with solid outcomes! Precisely and rapidly measure the genuine virus turning amps, the ability of the vehicle beginning battery and solid condition of the battery itself.

Cranking and Charging System Tests

BT705 auto analyzer shows the choice on the starter framework, wrenching voltage, and turning time in milliseconds. Likewise, the battery indicative apparatus can check 12V or 24V charging framework to ensure the yield voltage of the generator is in a standard condition, the rectifier diode works fine and the charging current is a typical status.

Provides Useful Readings

Vehicle battery analyzer can precise perusing of battery wellbeing status in only 2. 5 seconds in its enormous and simple to utilize illuminated LCD show, assist you with diagnosing and resolve vehicle medical issues opportune without detaching the battery or utilizing a different battery.

Peace of Mind

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation in which our car battery has run low while we’ve been without jumper cables. Save yourself the hassle of guessing about the status of your battery and use a trustworthy battery tester.


  • LCD Screen
  • Intuitive Menu Design
  • Easy to Connect and Read

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