A lightweight and compact CD player, this portable CD player is ideal for children. Made to withstand rough childhood handling while remaining light and easy to carry, this CD player is an especially great choice for young children.

IQ Toys Anti Skip CD-USB-SD Player

IQ Toys Anti Skip CD-USB-SD Player: photo

Karaoke Features

What’s more, the CD player has a karaoke feature that makes it an even more versatile avenue of entertainment for young children, especially those with shorter attention spans. In turn, parents will appreciate that the volume emitted from the player’s microphone is actually rather low.

For children who want to have fun singing karaoke to their favorite songs along with their friends or siblings, the IQ portable CD player is equipped with not one but two microphones.

USB Compatibility

Even better, this player is able to be charged via adaptor while also using batteries. This player is perfect for travel, as your child will never have to worry about losing juice between battery sources.

Kids these days want their music players to do more than just play music. This CD player is also USB and SD card compatible, making it easy for your children to upload their favorite songs to the player regardless of whether or not they own the CD the songs are found on.


The front-loading CD player makes it much easier for children to use without having to worry about added complications.

Anti-skip protection helps protect CDs against wear and tear as children are typically not the most tender or caring with electronic devices.

The Verdict

The IQ Toys Portable Sing-Along CD/USB/SD Player is more than just a CD player, it is an entertainment bundle in and of itself and is sure to bring your child hours of joy.

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