Is it possible to use a nice gaming device priced at under $50? Of course it is! And today I’ll prove it to you. We’ll discuss how to spend a little money to purchase a more or less worthy device.

The modern market of low-priced keyboards presents us not with the pieces of plastic for typing the text in MS Word, but with rather powerful and fine models. I won’t specifically focus on the process of choosing a gaming keyboard today; I recommend that you get acquainted with the main principles in my best gaming keyboards of 2015 review. And now let’s move on to the actual examination of the model range that we are going to cover today.

Below you’ll see some cheap models, the functionality of which sometimes exceeds that of the expensive products, and vice versa. It’s possible to buy a high-class keyboard made by Redragon or Logitech at a very competitive price, so use your wit and my recommendations rather than shiny ads and smart slogans when making a purchase.

EagleTec K104/KS04 2.4 GHz Wireless Combo Keyboard And Mouse

This is a specific combo of a keyboard and a mouse. I spent a lot of time thinking whether I should include it into this review, and finally I decided to describe this product to you.

What made me doubt? There’s nothing related to gaming about this keyboard. It’s got a standard design with the regular set of keys. The only “perk” is the cut edges of the keyboard. The design of the mouse supplied is a bit more interesting, and its sensitivity reaches up to 2000 dpi. Being categorized as a “gaming keyboard” by some popular online stores also brings it closer to actually being one.

EagleTec KM104 2.4 GHz Wireless Combo: photo

That’s when a logical question comes up: why would I describe and review EagleTec KM104 Kombo if it’s not a gaming device? The reason behind this is the fact that this keyboard is the cheapest among the wireless keyboards of acceptable quality. It has also got plug-&-play and the mouse, which I’ve mentioned earlier, also contributes to this fact.

I was truly amused by the photo provided by the manufacturer, which shows water being poured on the keyboard, which then works like nothing happened. Any membrane keyboard would survive water (not something sweet or greasy) just fine. So I have to remind you not to be deceived by the advertisements. Overall, if your main criteria are the competitive price and wireless, then this is the keyboard of your dreams. If you have any other preferences though, then I don’t advise you to buy it.

Its pros are:

Its cons are:

  • This is more suitable for working at the office

  • I noticed some gaps when using it.

EagleTec: Check the current price

AULA LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard

This is a simple yet tasteful keyboard. It is a rather presentable keyboard at a modest price . There are no specific peculiarities, actually… But is the lack of additional features always a bad thing?

AULA LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard: photo

The cover is regular, the icons are printed with laser and thus they shouldn’t wear off anytime soon. As for specific gaming features, I would note the extended space bar and the backlighting, which is available is three colours: red, blue and burgundy. Only the manufacturers know why they have picked such colours and why they didn’t include everyone’s favourite acid colours. The convenient thing about this is the fact that the backlighting of the arrows and WASD keys can be reinforced.

Most of the customers are satisfied with their purpose (Customers' reviews can be found here), but this is clearly not the best solution. It will do as a mediocre beginner device for a corresponding price. I recommend it for those who will be satisfied by this! Check more customers reviews.

Its pros are:

  • WASD backlighting

  • The lack of perks

Its con is: the lack of perks

AULA: Check the current price

Redragon S101 VAJRA USB Gaming Keyboard

If you have followed my previous reviews, you could have noticed that I’m deeply in love with Redragon. How can one not love them if those guys were able to penetrate and establish themselves on the market which has long been dominated by the giants of gaming devices sales! Moreover, their motto was to “launch the best product in each price segment”.

Obviously, their products are not always perfect, but things are getting better. Previously, they were mostly occupied with the mouse manufacturer (you also may read our Redragon mice reviews). Today, Redragon is ready to unveil its new talent – keyboard manufacturing. The key thing is that it’s successful as well!

Redragon S101 VAJRA Gaming Combo set: photo

Here we also deal with a Redragon S101 Combo Set: a keyboard and a mouse. The mouse here is not a mere addition, but a full device. The ergonomics are practical, they are suitable for any type of grip, the weight is adjustable, sensitivity is also adjustable up to 2000 dpi, the cable length is decent and the cable itself is entwined in fabric, so, overall, this is a fairly good model.

Let’s now move on to our today’s subject. The keyboard’s design is dynamic and edgy. The full sized keyboard doesn’t have any additional keys expect for the multimedia keys linked to F1-F12 buttons. One of the peculiarities of Redragon is their practicality, which is revealed in this model completely. The main buttons: the arrows and WASD that is, are highlighted with colour and material and are also changeable.

The keyboard can detect up to 19 simultaneous hits, which is more than enough. Win keys blocking is a small yet very useful bonus. You won’t accidentally hit this key instead of Alt and collapse the Boss, then it’s got 3% of hp, and your raid’s fate depends on you. The backlighting is also pleasant.

This set will serve you faithfully both as a great gift for a gamer and as a true weapon in any battle. Especially for the small price at a discount.

Its pros are:

  • Combo-set

  • Changeable buttons

  • The price

I haven’t found any disadvantages.

Redragon S101: Check the current price

CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle

This is yet another combo set, made by another well-known manufacturer, Cooler Master. This is an example which proves that learning something new is good.

This company has a firm foothold in the PC market: it manufacturers the cases, power supplies,  RAM cards, motherboards and, of course, cooling devices. The company has decided not to stop there and penetrated the market of gaming devices. It seems that pretty soon we’ll be able to completely assemble the PC and peripheral devices for it  out of CM components. And please note that the result will be chill.

CM Storm Devastator Combo Bundle: photo

Today, we present you CM Storm Devastator – a fairly good combo. As usual, I’ll start with the mouse. This is a fine starter device equipped with the Teflon starts at the bottom and placed into a plastic case without any additional perks. The sensitivity is identical to that of the previous models as a maximum of 2000 dpi is available. Ergonomics and driving characteristics are satisfactory. The versatile grip will suit everyone.

Let’s move on to our primary subject, the keyboard. The design is quite aggressive, and the edgy and rough shape justifies its name completely. A standard set of keys and a multimedia panel can be found, as well as the abovementioned backlighting feature. Without it, it is very difficult to descry the buttons, but the manufacturer doesn’t count on such behaviour.

One of the models is only available in one colour, but, all in all, there are three possible colours: green, blue and red. I don’t know what justifies such gaps in the CM Strom Devastator Combo Bundle price, but we have to do with what we’ve got. The driving characteristics of this model are acceptable. My advice remains the same: it is an excellent gift for a beginner gamer. By the way, the most popular colour is a blue edition. We recommend you to read customers reviews before purchising of it.

Its pros are:

  • Combo-set

  • Practicality of the usage

Its cons is: its fragility

CM Storm Devastator: Check the current price

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard with Backlighting

In our review, we come across a representative of the famous company. This Swede company has always delighted me not as much with its ingenious inventions, as with the quality and thoughtfulness of its devices. And Logitech didn’t let us down this time, as usual.

Logitech G105 gaming keyboard: photoWe’ve got a full-sized keyboard here with a standard set and classic design of the buttons. The exterior of Logitech G105 keyboard is rather dull and mediocre, but everything changes completely once you turn on the backlighting. The only available backlighting colour is blue, but there are two modes of brightness. I define them for myself as a day and night mode. In fact, the diode backlighting has never caused any issues connected with the burnout of the “light bulb”, and the manufacturer claims its long-life. Unfortunately, I cannot test each device for such a long period of time, but I don’t have any grounds not to trust Logitech.

What else did the previous products lack? Of course, they lacked quality binds. Here we’ve got 6 buttons for the macros and 3 mode switches, which add up to 18 simultaneous binds – which is more than enough. The switch between the game play and work turns off the vile Windows keys. The keyboard detects up to 5 simultaneous hits.

In order to fully exploit the possibilities of this keyboard, you’ll have to install the software which is supplied but needs to be regularly updated. This is a cool thing and the positive customer feedback proves this. The device is a more serious representative of the keyboard market than the products mentioned above.

Its pros are:

  • Long life

  • Macros buttons

  • Software

I haven’t found any disadvantages.

Logitech G105: Check the current price

DEATH WINGS AULA SHZ Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Let’s begin with a certain advantage of the device which is not a mere keyboard but a combo. If you try hard enough, you can purchase these items separately but I don’t really see a point in doing this, as there wouldn’t be any difference in the price. Let’s look at the combo backwards.

Death Wings AULA Gaming ComboI wouldn’t pay much attention to the mouse. It is a regular one, with three dpi levels up to 2000. As for the ergonomics, it would suit those with the nail grip, for the others its sharply bent shape may not be suitable.

The keyboard is full-sized. The dimensions are standard given that we may say that gaming keyboards don’t have many standards. There are no separate multimedia keys, F1-F12 buttons serve as those. It is very convenient to manage all settings during the game or while watching a movie with a simple key combination. The membrane base is also fine. The backlighting is blue and covers all keyboard rather than separate keys.

All in all DEATH WINGS AULA Combo is a cut-rate choice which will do initially or will serve as a gift for a beginner gamer.

Its pros are:

  • Combo set

  • Lack of unnecessary keys, great ergonomics

Its con is: occasional mishit.

DEATH WINGS AULA Combo: Check the current price

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard

The infamous company knows how to surprise its audience, but, unfortunately, this surprise is not always a positive one.

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard: photoRazer DeathStalker Essential. The working panel is made of regular plastic. It is very easily soiled, as all the finger traces are left there. The advantage is that there are no gaps between the keys where all the junk would pile up. The keys are laptop-style low-set.

However, this device possesses Razer’s standard “disease”, which is Synapsis 2.0, about which I’m sick and tired of writing. I won’t stop doing it though until any improvements of this service come up. I’ve elaborated in more details about the issues of this cloud service in other articles, such as in the review of the best keypads in 2015.

All in all, the keyboard is worth paying attention to and undoubtedly it is usable. I believe though that some of the flaws for this price and this brand are unacceptable.

Its pros are:

  • No junk piling up between the keys

  • Easy typing

Its cons are:

  • Lack of backlighting

  • Synapsis 2.0

Razer DeathStalker Essential: Check the current price


As we have seen today, it is possible to buy a worthy keyboard while having a modest budget at your disposal. You will also be able to throw out your old model and plunge into the gaming world. Purchase, get used to the product, and move on further to the world of gaming devices. Trust me, some serious gadgets induce a completely different feeling during gameplay!