What is the best ice auger? Digging fishing holes may be a challenging task in the northern regions. This is where ice augers come in handy. Basically, ice augers can be of three types: manual, gas-powered and electric.

Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger: photo

Some fishermen prefer manual models as they are noiseless, clean and practical. If you want to join their club, we recommend you to buy a model with a six-inch steel blade, such as Strikemaster Ice Fishing Mora Hand Auger. Apart from having a sturdy construction, this item is easy to use as it comes with adjustable ergonomic handles with rubber-coated grips.Eskimo Quantum Auger Series: photo

Gas ice augers are capable of providing more output than other types. You may try a very powerful yet lightweight model — Eskimo Quantum Auger Series. What I like about this model is that it features a see-through gas tank, which will allow you to easily monitor how much fuel is left there. The device is equipped with an 8-inch blade and a blade protector. An electric option has the advantage of producing less torque during operation and is less expensive than gas-powered models. And yet, electric ice augers have a number of essential downsides. For example, their batteries die within a short period of time while you will hardly be able to charge them in the field. Nor will they help in drilling multiple holes — gas ice augers are more suitable for this task.

11 Best-Selling Ice Augers Comparative Table