The moment when most people switched to laptops has finally come. BUT there arises a very unpleasant issue when you have to work on your laptop, especially when it’s hot. The laptop gets terribly heated as well. Not only does this cause discomfort and your sweating, but it is also harmful for your health (one of our authors, Dr. Anatom, elaborated on this problem in the review of his cooling stand below). In addition, overheating is dangerous for the laptop itself (and for you, too – read our cooling gadgets review). Most likely, it won’t burn completely, as the safety latch will turn the laptop off. But would you have any pleasure in gaming if your laptop turned off all the time? Here you'll find a comparative review of 7 Best Laptop Cooling Stands, Tables and Pads.


Dust is the first issue. It densely clogs the ventilation system very fast; the air doesn’t circulate properly inside the laptop, hence the overheating. Moreover, dust is a good thermal insulator. It will embrace your CPU and graphics card like a blanket and will warm them. That’s why you’d better clean up the dust at least once every 6 months.

The old thermal compound is the second issue. This problem can be solved at home by coating the connection between the main modules and the motherboard with thermal paste, a special mixture for heat dissipation.  It gradually dries and loses its properties. It’s best to leave this to the pros though.

Weak coolers are the third issue. Even if you have a cool gaming laptop, the cooler may be small and low-power.  The trouble is that there is absolutely no space inside the laptop for a proper cooler. Solving this problem is entirely up to you.


Consider a few important parameters when picking a laptop cooling pad. Most of them will depend on your own preferences, though.

  • Type of cooling.  There are two types, passive and active cooling.  If you only need a laptop stand and it doesn’t get heated much, a stand with holes where the ventilation and cooling occurs naturally will do.  If you have a serious overheating problem, you need a cooling stand.
  • The number of fans. If you opt for the second option, carefully choose the amount of the actual coolers. In this case, more is worse.  It’s better to pick a model with one big fan rather than with a few small ones. The former one will be more useful and less noisy.
  • Noise level is an indicator of how much your ears will be stuffed. Competition is a great incentive and due to it, the coolers have evolved much and their noise levels aren’t crucial. Nevertheless, some models do have such issues. The parameter is usually measured in decibels (dB), so the less you have, the better.
  • Fan power is roughly speaking directly proportional to the noise level. That means, the more powerful your fan is, the noisier it is. Many manufacturers solve this problem in a different manner.
  • Size. This is a simple matter. The size of the stand should match the size of the laptop. You can pick a bigger stand, not a smaller one. You can also buy a stand right for your laptop or buy one with an additional tray for a mouse and a cup of coffee.
  • Weight. This is an ambiguous parameter. There are three types of cooling systems, which we will cover below. They are stands, bed trays and floor systems. In the first case the weight should be minimal, and in other cases it should be perfect in terms of stability and lightness ratio.
  • Design. This is a very subjective measure. The shape, materials, quality and colors are chosen depending on your own preferences, taste and budget.
  • Additional features, such as a card reader, USB hub, speakers, illumination, speed regulation and other factors will make your life more joyful.


It won’t be fair to you, our dear readers, to mix all types of cooling together. That’s why I’ve decided to distinguish the 3 main categories and pick the best products in each price niche, according to the prices. Let’s get started!

3 Best Laptop Cooling Pads under $30

 Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim: photo

This is one of the most popular laptop stands (over 10.000 customer reviews on No wonder it is among best sellers in the Laptop Cooling Pads category. This light and thin pad for your laptop has one big fan. It can be used as a board or as a stand if you rotate its back legs. This will be convenient if you use Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim when working at a desktop. The device is minimalistic, no additional features are available. The lack of hub is offset by the fact that the pad won’t take up any jacks you will connect through a plug. This pad will be suitable for most of the laptops as it can fit devices up to 17’’ wide.

Price: ~$19.99 Check the current price

TekHome 2-Fan 12-15.6 inch Laptop Cooling Pad

BESTEK Laptop Cooling Pad: photo

The foundation of the pad is attached to the surface and can be rotated 360 degrees. TekHome Pad functional surface is smaller and will suit the laptops up to 15,6” wide. There are two fans, and a scrolling wheel for regulating speed on the right side, as well as 2 USB ports and pleasant blue illumination of the fans.

Price: ~$15.99 Check the current price

Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand 3

Cooler Master NotePal: photo

This is another product by Cooler Master, which isn’t surprising since this is one of the market leaders in the industry. This version has many features, such as 5 setups, 4 USB ports, one mini USB port and a speed regular. A competitive edge of Cooler Master is using one big fan. That’s how the cooling effect is maximized instead of wasting battery energy for multiple fans.

Price: ~$154 Check the current price

Laptop Cooling Pads Comparison Chart


Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim 

cooling laptop stand Cooler Master NotePal min

TekHome 2-Fan 12-15.6 inch Pad

laptop cooling pad BESTEK 10"-15" min: photo

Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand 3

Cooler Master NotePal min: photo


0,8 kg

1,15 kg

1 kg


Metal and plastic

Metal and plastic

Metal and plastic

Maximum noise level

15 dB







Number of fans




Other features


  • 2 USB ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • mini-USB port





Please note that here and everywhere in this review we list approximate prices (~), because sales and discounts occur often. Different stores sell the same product for different prices, so please check the current price before buying an item.


iMounTek Laptop Table

iMounTek Laptop Cooling Table: photoLet’s move on to the next cooling system type. This product will suit those who use their laptop while sitting on the couch or on the floor or even when lying in bed. One of the main advantages of this system is that usually there’s additional space for mouse or other things. iMounTek Laptop Table is one of the most affordable and straightforward models in the range. Two powerful fans won’t let both you and your laptop heat up. It’s convenient that the working surface’s angle can be adjusted, but you won’t be able to place a laptop wider than 15” on it. The table is portable, you can take it anywhere as it doesn’t take up more space than a laptop when it’s assembled and it will easily fit into a bag. Although iMounTek is made of mere plastic, it can withstand a load of 25 kg. Be attentive when you buy it as many manufacturers produce look-alike models with a different name and completely different quality.

Price: ~$38.63 Check the current price

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop: photo

It’s a #1 Best Seller in the Office Computer Desks category. What is the secret of such success? Everything is simple. The stand is made of aluminum, which means that heat insulation and durability increases and its weight decreases. The type of cooling is obviously active, with 2 fans which won’t let your device overheat even when GTA 5, Witcher 3 or some graphic editor are running. Being a transformer is the greatest advantage of the device. The construction of the legs can help you adjust the setup in such a way that the game play will be as comfortable as possible. Purchasing this item is one of the best ways to spend money, I definitely recommend it.

Price: ~$39.99 Check the current price

Kings Brand Multifunctional Laptop Table Stand With Cooling Fan & USB Ports

cooling laptop table stand: photoAt a first glance Kings Brand Laptop Stand is similar to iMounTek in terms of design and characteristics, but when you look closer you’ll find a number of differences. Its build is more durable, so you can load the stand even more. The actual laptop stand is designed for 4 setups. It has one big fan which, as I’ve mentioned, means lower noise level and better cooling power. There is additional area for the mouse on the right side and there is also a small silicone pillow for the wrists, which helps prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a very convenient model, especially if you spend hours in front of your laptop. There is an LED flashlight for night work, but it is run on batteries. A USB hub has three ports, and the flashlight is powered by AA batteries. The rating of this model is surprisingly high; it is 4.2 stars out of 5, and no one knows why.

Price: ~$39.61 Check the current price

Bed and Floor Laptop Tables Comparison Chart


iMounTek Laptop Table

iMounTek Laptop Cooling Table min

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop

iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop min

Kings Brand Laptop Table Stand

cooling laptop table stand min




2,35 kg





Number of coolers




Additional features

Mouse and cup tray

Mouse tray

3 USB ports
Mouse tray






Multifunctional Adjustable Laptop Table Stand With Cooling Fan & USB Ports

Tsir Tech® TT-LD82 cooling laptop table: photo

Whether you like gaming when sitting in your favorite armchair or you instantly fall asleep when gaming in bed (just like me), you still need to cool your notebook, and the best way to solve this problem may be this stylish wooden desk with a built-in cooler. The desk’s height is adjustable so your own height won’t have any impact on your work. There is a single fan on the left side; that’s where a radiator and a graphics card are usually located. You’ll have a 4 port USB hub and a mini USB port at your disposal. At night an LED lamp will beam for you, which is also powered by the batteries. There is also a container for supplies. The table has wheels, so you don’t have to bring your laptop to the kitchen, you can roll it there.

Price: ~$129.99 Check the current price

Laptop Stands Comparison Chart


Multifunctional Adjustable Laptop Table Stand

Tsir Tech® TT-LD82 cooling laptop table min





Number of coolers


Additional features

4 USB ports
mini-USB port
LED flashlight
Accessory compartment



No, we haven’t forgotten to tell you about one more cooling stand. Here is the cooling laptop stand review by Dr. Anatom that we promised. He picked a FURINNO model. Check it out as well—maybe after reading a detailed review, you will love it the most!


I play on MSI GT70 sitting in a bean bag in front of a 40’’ Samsung TV (I will tell you a long story of how I chose the TV set later). I use a wireless Xbox 360 gamepad as a controller. And two days ago I bought two games which don’t support a gamepad: Age of Wonders 3 and Pillars of th eEternity.

And these two games broke the balanced system. Trying to place my laptop on knees, after 10 minutes of gaming I felt that it was getting too hot. And I badly needed a tray. And not a simple tray, but a cooling one, as my powerful monster burns my legs. Of coarse, you can say: "DrАnatom, stop showing off and get off your moral high horse, play on the table". But I want to play reclining at ease in my favorite comfortable Bean bag.

And I started searching for a solution of my problem.

But it turned out that it is very challenging to find a tray for a gaming laptop. My laptop is an impressive gaming machine with a 17’’ screen, which weights almost 9 pounds. At first I was searching for a cooling tray exactly for knees. But then I decided that the weight of the laptop plus the weight of a tray is too much for my knees.

I started choosing a stand. The one is said to be wheezing, the other doesn’t have place for a mouse. The third has a separate tray for a mouse, but it doesn’t suit me. There are another cheaper models by the very FURINNO, but they don’t have fans, only airlholes, but it doesn’t suit men (see par. 4 below).

In the end, having closely examined Amazon and forums, I found a perfect solution for me – FURINNO Hidup Adjustable Cooler Fan Notebook Laptop Table Portable Bed Tray Book Stand, Black. I chose model X7 Dual Cooling Fan with 2 usb fans (~$49.99).

FURINNO X7 Dual Cooling Fan tray for a laptop: photo

I chose the very FURNINO because Amazon gives it 4 out of 5 stars with more than 1600 comments, and I tend to believe comments on Amazon.

So, this is the way a comfortable stand for a gaming laptop with 17’’ screen looks like:

  1. Made of aluminum, which lessens the weight.
  2. The stands are quite comfortable to bear such a heavyweight laptop.
  3. The stands must be adjustable to make it possible to adjust the height and any slope angle according to your needs, which makes the device a genuine transformer.
  4. Powerful ventilators must be embedded into the tray, as you understand, the more powerful ventilators are, the quicker they cool the air. This means that your knees and everything which is above them is in safety. I won’t explain you why the superheat of precious organs is dangerous (as you are not at my anatomy lecture), I will only say that superheat reduces the spermatogenesis (you can guess what the consequences can be).
  5. Ventilators are fed from a USB hub of the laptop, which is also very comfortable.
  6. And, of course, it looks very stylish.

And, actually, the most important. I have already tested all the three statements: sitting in a bean bag or on a sofa, or lying in the bed. All this is comfortable. Especially, reclining at ease in my bean bag spreading out my legs, actually, what I bought it for.

the best cooling tray for a gaming laptop: photo

I hope my experience will be helpful. And I will tell you later about how I was choosing a gaming TV, but now you may read our review of the best TV for gaming.