Headquartered in New Jersey, Snow Joe company is engaged in developing and production of innovative tools to keep your house beautiful in every season. For 15 years, the company has been supplying its customers with high-quality snow blowers, lawn mowers, and trimmers. In 2013, experts at Snow Joe have developed its first cordless electric snow blower that has proved to be much more effective than many other competing goods. By the way, creating alternatives to gas-powered equipment is part of the company’s innovative and environmentally responsible approach.

What is the best Snow Joe snow blower? We believe that CT 21-Inch 100-Volt Max 5Ah Cordless Snowblower is the best model in the company’s range of products.

21-Inch 100-Volt Cordless Snowblower: photo

The machine comes with a 2800 W brushless motor, which makes the snow blower more effective, durable, and quiet. You can use the device to remove snow at nights as it is equipped with two bright headlights. The unit can process up to 16 tons of snow on a charge and has an impressive 21-inch clearing width. The snow blower uses high-capacity 100-volt 5.0 Ah battery providing up to half an hour of runtime on a charge.

Types of Snow Joe snow blowers

While being traditionally gas-powered equipment, today, snow blowers are also available as electric devices in a corded or cordless design. Gas models are still considered to be more effective in handling large areas. However, this is largely about professional snow removal services related to clearing snow from large areas and long driveways, whereas homeowners increasingly opt for electric models as more convenient and safe alternatives to gas-powered ones.

You will spend less time and money on maintenance, you will not have to store gas cans and you will not disturb your neighbors early in the morning because electric machines operate quietly. Choosing between corded and cordless snow blowers, bear in mind that the former ones are more powerful while the latter ones are more maneuverable.

Snow blowers can be loosely divided into 3 types:

Snow Joe Cordless Two Stage Snow Blower: photo

  • 100-volt and 80-volt machines. These models are the most powerful ones. Except for a 100-volt model, they are two-stage snow blowers, which makes them heavier and bulkier than single-stage ones. But two-stage blowers can do the job if the snow depth reaches 8 inches and more, and are capable of clearing slopes and large areas. Also, they have a greater throwing distance that can reach up to 50 feet. These models just function in a different way. During the first stage, the unit pulls the snow in and breaks up the ice. Then, at the second stage, an impeller launches the snow out the chute.

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40-volt snow blower: photo

  • 40-volt snow blowers. Most models with a 40V battery produced by Snow Joe are single-stage snow blowers. Apart from being less expensive, they are smaller, more lightweight and maneuverable than 80-volt two-stage machines. They work great on light snowfalls that do not exceed 9 inches and small areas, such as sidewalks. The clearing width varies, and in some models, it is less than 20 inches. Their plowing capacity ranges from 500 to 660 pounds per minute.

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Snow Joe 13-Inch 40 Volt: photo

  • 13-Inch snow shovels come with a 40-volt battery. What makes them different from the above-mentioned type of snow blowers is their extra portability. However, this benefit comes at the expense of power, plowing capacity, and the clearance width, which is why I recommend such devices for mild winters and small areas to handle light and fluffy snow.

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