Heat guns can be used for a broad range of applications — from stripping paint to drying surfaces. So what is the best heat gun? The hottest model can heat up to 2500°F, however, the temperature range is also important as you may not need so hot air for all your projects. There are three types of consumer-grade heat guns — electric, gas-powered, and infrared ones. Electric models are the most common on the market due to their ease of use and effectiveness. Most of them are corded and typically have several heat settings.

DEWALT Heat Gun: photo


One such electric heat gun is DEWALT D26950. This tool comes with temperature control, which allows you to choose between 120°F and 1100°F. It is safer than many other competitive products due to its overload protection feature and is made from quality metal. The product comes with two different nozzles so you can choose the one that suits your task best.

Blazer GT8000 Big Shot Butane Torch: photo

The second type is a gas-powered heat gun. These are more portable and easier to use as you can use them in places without a power outlet. Take a look at the Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch. The product comes with the anti-flare nozzle, which makes it safer for the user, and the flame tip for better precision. This heat gun can heat up to 2,500°F, while the gas flow can be easily adjusted. The convenience of gas-powered models lies not just in the lack of necessity for plugging the unit into a socket. They are easier to operate, for example, the Blazer model can be used hands-free because of the tabletop base. And finally, the third type is the models that use infrared heat. They are safer but most infrared heat guns have a limited temperature range, not exceeding 600°F.

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