What is the best steam press? Ironing is far from being among the most pleasant chores, which is why a steam press is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it save your time and makes the whole process easier, but a steam press gives professional results comparable to that of a dry cleaner. There are three main types of the steam press: a handheld, tabletop, and an immovable option. The first type is portable and designed to press items in hanging position. The tabletop models are heavier and offer multiple heat settings for pressing different kinds of fabrics. The immovable models are equipped with a lid so that the user could place the items inside the machine. They give continuous jets of steam lasting up to 20 minutes. These models can deal with the most stubborn wrinkles.

When looking for your steam press, consider such things as power, water tank capacity, the number of steam and temperature settings, auto shut-off feature, and the surface area for pressing. Choose a product that has no less than 1,500 watts of power output and is at least 20 inches in length. A larger capacity of the water tank will make your clothes smoother.

SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press: photo

We recommend that you try the SINGER Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press that uses from 1330W to 1500W depending on the temperature setting. This is a branded product that gives professional results in combination with good safety features. So the machine comes with an alarm that goes off every 10 seconds in case you left the handle down. This prevents the items you are pressing from overheating. The pressing area is large, measuring 24 x 9 inches, meaning that the machine will be able to handle clothes of any size.

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