All these heaters are portable and ceramic, however, they differ by the operating power expressed in watts and the number of features. The former determines how powerful the unit as well as the size of the heated area.

Lasko Personal Space Heater: photo

So if you need a small heater nearby you, choose a product featuring 200-500 watts, like Lasko Personal Space Heater. With a height of just 6 inches, the unit heats up quickly and has overheat protection. Two hundred watts will be enough to warm the area around your desktop or chair while being energy-efficient and small in size.

Black + Decker Personal Heater: photo

A more powerful option like Black + Decker BHDC500B46 Desktop Heater consumes 1500 watts. This model comes with adjustable thermostat control and four settings. Another distinction lies in the versatility of personal heaters. Some models focus only on generating warmth, while others are all-season and include fans to circulate air in the summer.

Apart from Lasko and Black&Decker, there are other trusted brands on the market such as Honeywell that offers a mini heater with 250W output. 

Delonghi, which Capsule heater made the list of Oprah’s favorite things.

And Dyson with its versatile Focus AM09 model that not only warms in the winter but also cools in the summer.

10 Best-Selling Personal Heaters Comparative Table