What is the best hoverboard for kids? Choose a device that is lightweight enough (about 20 pounds) for a child to carry. The wheel size also matters because models with smaller wheels are safer for children. As for safety requirements, make sure that the device is UL-certified, which means that it was tested for combustion risks and is registered as safe. Unlike electric self-balancing scooters designed for adults, kid-friendly models move slower and have a smaller drive range. However, if you are looking for a hoverboard for a teenager, models intended for adults will suit him or her as well. We believe that Razor Hovertrax 2.0 feets these criteria best.

Let’s start with stating that hoverboards can be used only by children who are 8 years old and up. Well, some people do not follow this requirement and have their children under eight riding their hoverboards like champions. Still, there are formal requirements and I have mentioned them above. What makes hoverboards for kids different from those intended for adults is that they are smaller, lighter, slower, and of course, are much safer.

Hoverboards For Kids Vs Hoverboards For Adults: What’s The Difference?

  • Size. When I said that hoverboards for kids are smaller in size, I meant not just the chassis but also the wheels. Choose a model that comes with 6.5-inch or smaller wheels because they are easier for children to maneuver and control. Apart from that, such a board is more lightweight and a kid will carry it without trouble. Keep in mind that being lightweight and small does not imply not being rugged. What makes the device durable are the quality materials used.
  • Weight Capacity. Another important aspect to consider is weight capacity. When it comes to the models designed for adults, the maximum rider weight is something that matters. As for hoverboards for kids, a minimal payload is of greater importance. Generally, these devices can safely operate if the user weighs no less than 44 pounds, but there are exceptions, of course.
  • Speed. The maximum speed is an essential criterion to take into consideration. Logically, the slower the hoverboard is the less chance your child falls and gets injured. Well, it will be okay for a teenager to use a vehicle with the speed of about 10 miles per hour, otherwise, they will just lose their interest in riding. But for younger users, this will not be that safe. Specifically, for kids under 12, choose a model with a maximum speed of less than 10 mph. If your child is under 8 and you think he or she can safely ride a hoverboard, opt for a device with the speed range within 5-6 mph.
  • Tire Type. They can be either rubber or plastic, with each option having its advantages. The plastic tires are considered to be better for tough terrains while the rubber ones are longer-lasting and will serve your kid for a longer time. They manage well both soft and hard surfaces, so I think they are a better option for children.

Safety considerations are foremost when it comes to our children, which is why I am going to elaborate on this issue separately. Potential dangers include spontaneous overheating, fire hazards, and burns. At present, about 300 of such incidents with hoverboard have been registered by the authorities, but there is a lot of it out there. After all, safety risks do not boil down to technical issues only. Falls from hoverboards occur even with the most experienced users, resulting not just in scratches but also in more serious injuries. Statistics show that fractures, bruises, and strains are the most common injuries, with the head, wrist, and forearm being the most vulnerable parts of the body.

That is why a helmet, as well as elbow and knee pads, are must-have protective gear for your child. You can use any multi-sport gear for this purpose, but be sure to check the helmet’s safety ratings. Another crucial thing to consider are safety standards for hoverboards. Before buying a product, make sure that the model is compliant with the UL 2272 safety standard. Also, check the product information to see whether there are any age or weight restrictions. There are some safety rules to follow if you want to avoid undesirable incidents:

  • Do not allow your kids to ride near traffic.
  • If your kids are serious about driving a hoverboard, enroll them in lessons so that they could learn to fall without getting injured.
  • Do not use models that are not prevented from overheating.
  • Charge your board with a cord that was included in the package.
  • Before every use, make sure that no debris is stuck in the device and that there are no cracks on the chassis or tires.

What Buyers Say: How To Teach Kids To Master Hoverboards?

A detailed video was posted by a young blogger Jessalyn Grace who is sharing her experience of driving a hoverboard, along with doing a brief review of the Razor model she owns. The product she got is recommended for ages 8 and up, so it will be suitable for her. More importantly, the device is UL-certified, meaning it meets all safety requirements and does not pose any fire hazards. What Jessalyn likes about this product is that the battery indicator allows her to easily see whether the battery is fully charged or not. Another strong point she highlights in her review is the rubber tires with an anti-slip platform. On top of that, the bumper protection will prevent the hoverboard from being scratched against the walls.

You can see that she got on the hoverboard pretty easy. To move forward, she put a little weight on her toes. And to move backward, she put a little bit weight on her heels. Jessalyn recommends against putting all your weight on your heels or toes for a smooth ride. Then, she and her friend did some amazing tricks using their boards. For example, she put her bottom on one of the pads and put her feet on the other. Sitting like that, she was rotating around her axis. Well, the girls had a really fun day!

This hoverboard tutorial features beneficial tips on how to use this toy properly as well as some useful tips for beginners. Adam, the author of the video, tells his audience about protection from scratches, different styles of riding and foot placement. So by placing your feet closer to the board’s wheels, and not in the middle of the pad, the user gets better control. Unlike many other users who drive their boards by leaning forward and backward, he recommends using the ankles.

Best Hoverboards For Kids

Below, you will find a review of the best electric self-balancing scooters for kids at a price of about $150. While Razor will suit kids of all ages, including teenagers, the NHT model is perfect for smaller children as it is slower and has a more fun design.

Halo Go 2 Hoverboard

Halo Go 2 Hoverboard: photo

Just look at its mirror finish! Amazing design, isn’t it? The model is available in different colors, but I think this Chrome Blue option will suit everyone, boys and girls. The Halo brand focuses on hoverboards for kids, offering high-quality and absolutely safe products, which is why I recommend this one for kids.

The Go 2 model is super reliable due to a shatter-resistant shell and rubber protection against scratches. A UL-certified charger is a guarantee against overheating and combustions. This hoverboard is very powerful as it comes with a 500-watt motor. Besides, the model is convenient to use because of Halo technology that keeps the board upright when the device is turned on. The product features 6.5-inch tires which will suit children of every age and ensure smooth riding.

Driving this board will be sheer entertainment for your kids! It comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers, so they can listen to their favorite music while playing. The only downside I see in this model is that it can travel at a high speed — up to 9 miles per hours. Therefore, if you are not sure about your kid being capable of riding safely, this may not be the best option for you. The manufacturer recommends this model for children aged 7 years and up.

Halo: Check the current price

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 The Ultimate Ride: photo

This model is manufactured by Razor, a reputed American company that has been operating on the market for 20 years and is known for its cutting-edge technologies. It is marketed and the world's smartest hoverboard and is one of the most popular brands in the industry. In other words, you can’t go wrong with buying this thing.

Why is this item best for kids? First and foremost, it is UL 2272 certified and meets all necessary safety requirements. This is important in terms of eliminating any fire hazards. With the max speed of up to 8 miles per hour, the vehicle is neither too fast nor too slow, something in between. At the same time, it can operate for an hour on a single charge, meaning that your kids will not have to bother about charging the device unless they are going to spend the whole day riding. Moreover, the product comes with a battery power indicator that will let you know when the battery is running out.

With a weight of less than 20 pounds, the item is not heavy for a kid to carry. Another advantage I would like to highlight is how quiet the device is. Indeed, I do not want extra decibels to harm my children’s hearing, nor do they add amusement to the whole process. So it is nice that this hoverboard is noiseless. And finally, this vehicle is maximally automated and uses the technology that levels it automatically, allowing the user to ride easier and more smoothly.

Razor: Check the current price

NHT Electric Hoverboard with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker

NHT Electric Hoverboard: photo

For younger kids, I recommend this model which combines limited power, kid-friendly design, and safety. It comes with small wheels measuring 6.5 inches. The board’s minimal weight capacity is 44 pounds, so it will suit a child who is about 6 years old and up. The product itself weighs just 22 pounds, meaning it will not be hard for a kid to lift and carry the board. More importantly, it is certified to UL 2272 standards and is safe to use. What I like about this product is that it is available in multiple colors. After all, we get this toy for fun and, like any other toy, it should be appealing to children.

The hoverboard cannot move faster than 6 miles per hour, something that makes driving safer for small kids. When fully charged, it covers distances of up to 7 miles, which is significantly less than most models for adults offer. But when it comes to children, a limited drive range turns into an advantage since this allows the parents to have more control over what their kids do. besides, your children will be able to listen to their favorite music as the product is Bluetooth-compatible and comes with a built-in speaker.

Still, there is an obvious downside to the Hoverboard model. This is about the charging time that will take at least 3 hours, which might be quite boring, I think. Just imagine, your kid will have to wait three hours to spend an hour driving a hoverboard. Still, some parents use it to their benefit. Once your kids get a hoverboard, there will be no other way to pull them away from it :).

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Tomoloo hoverboards & Smart drift shoes

Tomoloo hoverboards & Smart drift shoes: photo

Recently, Tomoloo has become a popular brand of hoverboards, especially after releasing Smart drift shoes, which they called “spacewalkers.” The device easily transforms into a hoverboard with the connecting rod.

The manufacturer has managed to combine in one device the idea and functionality of a skateboard, hoverboard and roller skating.

Each Tomoloo hovershoe (self-balancing scooter) weighs 8 pounds (3.3kg), has a 250-watt brushless motor and 3.5" wheels, and can travel at a speed of 7.5 mph and cost more than 200$. Judging by feedback, kids and teenagers like this new 2-in-1 electric hoverboard.

Tomoloo: Check the current price

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Check out this illustrative video showing step-by-step how to equip your kids and teach them to drive this vehicle. The first step is putting protection gear on the knees, elbows, and wrists. Then, put a helmet your kid’s head and fix it. The second step is to slide the hoverboard to power it on. There are 3 points to find a balance — stand straight, look far away, and lean forward. Turn left by pressing the right pad forward and vice versa. Always walk beside your kid so that you could catch him or her in the fall.