Which gaming glasses are the best? Make sure that you buy a product from a trusted brand recommended by doctors. Since these glasses are meant to affect your health, it would be wise to avoid buying under-the-counter computer glasses. The second most important thing to consider is lenses. Make sure that lenses are patented and made from high-quality material. The materials used in the production of the frame are also essential as you will want comfortable and durable glasses to wear them during long-hour computer games or work. We believe that GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear fits these criteria best.

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How Gaming Glasses Work

A gamer without proper accessories is like a horseman without a horse. And gaming glasses are among these so much needed things. They will save your eyes from the dryness, soreness, and strain that come from hours-long staring at the screen. The problem is that you are exposed to blue light that is produced by your monitor, and the blue light in large doses is harmful.

So what do gaming glasses do? They have a yellow filter that blocks the blue light. Actually, the whole secret is in the lenses that are engineered to filter the light as well as absorb blue light emitted by screens of digital devices. To be precise, such lenses do not block the blue light completely but rather absorb a portion of it. So, depending on the model, gaming glasses can block up to about 70% of blue light coming from screens. Some milder options filter about 10-30% of this harmful light and are more suitable for designers or video editors who need a balanced color spectrum.

There are two different protection techniques used in gaming glasses. The protection can be applied to the material of the lenses or used as a finishing coat. Both techniques work, however, researchers at Kennesaw State University recommend models with blue-light protection added directly into the material of lenses. They refer to a study showing that such computer glasses filter five times more blue light than those with a protective coating.

Are Gaming Glasses Good for Your Eyes

Wearing gaming glasses means that you will be able to spend a lot of time at a screen without putting a strain on your eyes. But not only that. This accessory offers both game and health advantages. As for the letter, gaming glasses provide higher contrast and better clarity, allowing you to react better. Moreover, they filter out the screen game and have a magnifying effect.

The health benefits are not confined to protecting your eyes, gaming glasses will also help to get rid of migraines and beat insomnia that are typical side effects of sitting in front of the computer for long periods of time. According to commercially available models reduce negative effects by up to 23% without affecting quality. Yellow-tinted glasses will give you protection from eye strain, ensure more restful sleep, as well as may increase contrast and comfort when looking at a screen for long periods of time.

Researchers from Columbia University have conducted a study to find out whether blocking blue light can help people sleep better. They have tested 14 volunteers who suffer from insomnia and the trial has shown that using amber-tinted lenses for two hours before bedtime results in half an hour of extra sleep. Moreover, the participants also say that such glasses not only increased the duration of their sleep but also its quality.

How Does Blue Light Affect the Eyes?

While being environmentally friendly, blue light can cause insomnia and even some diseases, says an article published by Harvard Medical School of Harvard University. The thing is that we need blue wavelengths in the daytime as they improve our attention and mood. Sunlight is the main source of blue light, especially in the morning. At nightfall, our pineal glands secrete melatonin, a hormone which tells our body when it is time to sleep. Mother Nature is wise, isn’t it?

When we are exposed to blue light, no matter whether it is emitted by the sun or a computer, melatonin production is hampered. More importantly, potential diseases that are caused by overexposure to these wavelengths are not just about eye strains, insomnia, and headaches. A Harvard study showed that this can lead to diabetes and even obesity because of the increased levels of blood sugar.

Can You Get Prescription Gaming Glasses?

Specialists at Mayo Clinic note that such glasses can be prescribed by a doctor for computer use to reduce eyestrain. But is medical prescription a must? Well, much depends on what you really need. When eye strain and other kinds of disorder caused by exposure to blue light have already become an issue, you should opt for prescription glasses. 

If you just want to protect yourself from a potential negative impact of these wavelength, you can do away with non-prescription glasses. They are weaker and will not correct your vision accurately enough. But honestly, I recommend you to visit a doctor and get your prescription since the only really effective gaming glasses are those customized to your individual needs.

However, there is a problem. Once you start wearing gaming glasses, you may see it as a panacea and stop taking such time-honored measures as frequent blinking, taking breaks, and enlarging the font size.

Can I Wear Gaming Glasses over the Standard Ones?

DUCO Optiks Computer Gaming Wear: photoThere are models specifically designed for that, such as DUCO Optiks Computer Gaming Wear. But in fact, any non-prescription gaming glasses without magnification can be worn over existing prescription spectacles. In this case, the only thing you have got to worry about is whether the glasses sit comfortably and do not affect the quality of the game.

However, a simpler and more convenient option is to wear gaming glasses over contact lenses. And again, while these gaming glasses will reduce eye strain and other damage caused by looking at a screen for too long, using prescription computer glasses with an anti-glare and blue-light filter would be the best choice.

Who Else, Apart from Gamers, Need Gaming Glasses?

Don't be misled by the product's name: anyone who spends a great deal of time looking at a screen will benefit from using gaming glasses. Regardless of your occupation and the type of digital device — PC, laptop, smartphone or whatever — you are exposed to blue wavelengths emitted by these units. The Vision Council has revealed that people start feeling discomfort after uninterrupted use of digital devices for 2 hours and more.

I bet you fall into this category. According to the statistics provided by the Vision Council, approximately 80% of American adults spend more than 2 hours a day looking at a digital screen and almost 70 percent use two or even more devices at a time. No wonder that more than 30% of them suffer from eye strain and about 28% experience such issues as dry eyes and headaches.

Can You Wear Gaming Glasses Outside?

Actually, the benefits of using these glasses do not stop at providing protection from a negative impact of digital devices. They can be quite useful for wearing outdoors. The thing is that by blocking blue light, yellow-tinted glasses aid in seeing the landscape in more detail. You might be surprised to learn but the most difficult color for our eyes to focus is blue as it makes objects more blurry. I also recommend wearing gaming glasses while you are out on a holiday by the sea because the blue color is scattered by the water, something that reduces sharpness and contrast of the picture.

GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear

GUNNAR Gaming and Computer Eyewear: photoThis item is made by Gunnar, an American company that was established in 2007 and specializes in the production of glasses designed to protect eyes from a negative impact of digital devices. In fact, this is the most known and trusted brand on the market that offers high-quality gaming glasses. While prescription blue-filter glasses are a more recommended option, you may try an over-the-counter option just to see whether you will like the very idea of wearing yellow-tinted glasses.

This model comes with amber-tinted patented lenses which are recommended by doctors and have proved to be really effective. According to the manufacturer, apart from reducing eye strains, these lenses help to avoid a number of side effects caused by too much looking at a screen, such as blurry vision, migraines, and blurry vision.

What benefits does this model offer? First, the filtered spectrum imitates natural light, reducing eye strain. Secondly, the lenses are designed so that they limit airflow around your eyes, which helps to avoid eye irritation. Thirdly, they are made from durable material and boasts hard coating preventing the glasses from getting scratched. And finally, the eyewear has a comfortable nose rests, which is particularly crucial for those who spend hours at their computers.

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10 Best-Selling Gaming Glasses Comparative Table

Gaming glasses are a specialized form of eyeglass not necessarily designed to enhance eyesight, or prescription versions of these do exist for those who need them. The general purpose of gaming glasses is to reduce the glare, and enhance the contrast of the game on the screen, while also reducing the strain on the eyes from long-term viewing.

This technology first appeared on the market as computer glasses in the early 1990s, around the time the PC revolution for struck offices and homes alike. CRTs, the traditional display technology used before flatscreen LCD and LED technologies, was known to cause severe strain on the eyes, even potentially reducing one’s quality of eyesight over time, though that latter concern has never been entirely clinically proven.

Some versions of gaming glasses are capable of rudimentary parallax 3D enhancement, or stereoscopic 3D enhancement for games capable of this sort of graphical model. These glasses are very popular among professional gamers, as well as YouTube content creators who have to spend many hours staring at the screens in order to create comprehensive content.

Some claim that these reduce headaches, eye fatigue, strain and much more, and can also allow you to reduce the brightness on the screen without losing contrast.