Men’s watches have undergone somewhat fewer fashion changes over the centuries compared to women’s watches, but are possibly more interesting as a result. In recent years, with the advent of smartphones, a lot of people have abandoned wearing watches altogether, while a select few people have, for no apparent reason, decided that a smartwatch was also necessary. Smartwatches tend to be unisex, though you men’s and women’s smartwatches do exist.

Originally, men carried pocket watches, while women had a tiny watch on a charm bracelet that either attached to the wrist or to their belt buckle, a trend that began somewhere around the Victorian era. Over the course of the 20th century, men’s watches became large, cumbersome things, with the thickest bands and blockiest designs being popular in the 70s and 80s.

Today, rounded, minimalist and sleek is the most popular look for a men’s watch, and a women’s watch tends to actually be a bit clunkier and heftier. In all honesty, watch fashion is very unpredictable now due to the need to compete with smartphones, smartwatches and so on, meaning that will from one moment to the next, you never know exactly what someone’s watch is going to look like.

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