What is the best budget hoverboard? What you need to know is that well-known brands make affordable models as well. Never try devices offered by unknown producers. Not only will the product cost you more in the long run because it is more likely to break soon. Worse still, gimcrack hoverboards are more likely to pose fire hazards and you may end up with serious injuries.

Another thing to consider is power. Models equipped with dual motors provide higher performance. Then, look at the speed or, put it otherwise, how many miles it travels per hour. Modern hoverboards can gain a speed of up to 15 mph. But these are high-end models that will cost you a pretty penny. Do you need to pay extra money for a higher speed? Or, more precisely, do you actually need a high-speed hoverboard?

If you are not an advanced user or if you purchase the vehicle for your kid, slower models would be a safer and more reliable option for you. Basically, 7 miles per hour is the golden mean. We believe that Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hoverboard meets these criteria best.

Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Hoverboard: photo

Why have we chosen it? This model is not just a convenient way to travel, but it will also give you a lot of fun. Its sizeable 6.5-inch wheels are equipped with LED lights, which makes the design truly eye-catching. Ride around your neighborhood with brilliant light-up effects and in full color! While being a cheap hoverboard, it is powerful enough due to two 250-watt motors. You will be able to travel at a speed of up to 7 mph, overcoming hills with up to 30 degrees of tilt. The hoverboard has smart auto-balancing technology allowing you to learn how to ride and balance in a faster and safer way. It takes only 5 hours for the battery to charge. The device is safe to use and has passed rigid tests for UL compliance.

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Best Cheap & Safe Hoverboard Under $150

Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881 Lithium-Free: photo

That said, there are brand-name electric self-balancing scooters that meet all the necessary safety requirements while being fast enough. Swagtron Swagboard Twist T881 is a good example for that. Being Ul-certified and made from a strong ABS polymer, the vehicle is protected against crashes and overheating. It can smoothly drive on different terrains and climbs slopes up to 30 degrees. The product comes with headlights illuminating your path and a battery indicator, which makes it very convenient.

Swagtron has an even cheaper black Swagboard Duro T8 UL2272 certified model but with a less powerful 200W motor. Unique geometric look and 6” hard rubber tires will suit those who prefer a strict and minimalistic design.

TOP Best Trusted Hoverboards Under $150

Below, you will find a review of the best inexpensive hoverboards. These models are solid enough and made with kids in mind. Each hoverboard has its own advantages. While some hoverboards have a toy-like design and lights, others are eco-friendly or are equipped with Bluetooth speakers.

1. Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hoverboard

Swagboard Twist Lithium-Free Kids Hoverboard: photo

Swagtron is a fairly well-known name in the world of hoverboards, typically putting out some fairly cheap models that are enough to delight kids on big occasions while still being solid enough to last beyond the first day of use. Though the Swagboard Twist isn't the most expensive product the company makes, it's definitely still one that younger users will love.

If you take a moment to look at this hoverboard, you'll definitely understand that it was made with kids in mind. It holds riders who weigh up to two hundred pounds, but everything about this particular model screams 'toy', from the laser lights to the extra work that went into making sure that it is as safe to use as possible.

The good news about this hoverboard is that it's very easy to set up and use, perfect for kids who want to play around with something shiny and new. The bad news, though, is that there are a ton of reported charger problems - Swagtron takes care of them quickly, but this simply isn't the highest-quality model the company makes. If you're looking for a fun toy that will delight kids for a few hours, though, this one works well.

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2. Swagtron 82082-2 Swagboard Duro T8

Swagtron 82082-2 Swagboard Duro T8: photo

The Duro T8 is another product from Swagtron, and it honestly has a lot more in common with the Swagboard Twist than the company might want you to think. This iteration of the board is definitely a bit more understated, lacking the lights and the toy-like design. Instead, this one is positioned as an eco-friendly alternative that has a range of almost six miles and the ability to help new riders keep their balance while they are on the way to the park or across the neighborhood.

It's a bit tough to imagine a situation in which 'hoverboard' and 'understated' go together, but this is probably the board for that situation. It's a very adult-looking device, though it still controls very much like a toy. It shares some of the same design problems as the Twist was well, with reported charger issues that do take some time to resolve. Still, this is one of the nicer-looking budget hoverboards out there, one that can be a lot of fun to use even while you are attempting to convince others that it's a more grown-up version of the popular toy.

Swagtron Duro T8: Check the current price

3. Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter

Hover-1 Helix Electric Hoverboard Scooter: photo

If the Duro from Swagtron is the hoverboard for people who want to be taken seriously, the Hover-1 Helix is the hoverboard for people who just want to have fun. This is absolutely as much a mobile party platform as it is a method of moving around, a device that's one hundred percent intended for those who just want to show off and have a good time.

The Bluetooth speakers aren't great for the battery life of this hoverboard, but they do ensure that you'll always have fun wherever you go. This is, in short, really a device for people who are looking to stand out.

This is, however, really a device for younger teens and generally smaller people. With a maximum weight of 160 pounds, it's not going to be the right fit for a lot of adults. Coupled with the relatively short-range (about three miles at best), this is something that's meant more for a kids' party than any type of serious transportation. The good news, though, is that the hoverboard is sure to be a hit for anyone who wants to have a great time while he or she is zooming around the party or playing music.

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Self-Balancing Electric Device Alternatives To Hoverboards Under $100

RazorX Electric Skateboard

RazorX Electric Skateboard: photo

If you are more comfortable on a skateboard or you're looking for something with a little bit of real-world transportation ability, you might be better served by this electric skateboard from RazorX. Though it doesn't balance itself like a hoverboard, anyone who has ever ridden a skateboard will find this electric model easy enough to use. With a maximum speed of ten miles per hour and a four-minute range, it's a solid choice for those who want a quick one-way trip down to the store.

This is not, however, a replacement for a hoverboard. It is not a self-balancing machine and it's much harder for those who are used to hoverboards to steer. The range is still a little limited as well, making it hard to use this as a replacement for a regular skateboard. If you're looking for a quick, lightweight way to get around, though, this skateboard might be a good choice for you.

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Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels

Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels: photo

If you're worried about stability, you might want to go with these electric skates. Though they don't have quite the same sort of feel as a hoverboard and they're certainly only going to be able to be used on flat, clear, ground, they are still a great way to skate around quickly.

These heel wheels are a fun option for those who love to skate but who would love to go faster than they could on their own. They are fairly easy to use, though they can be difficult to set up the first time. Consider these if you know a skater who is looking for something new.

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How Do Cheap Hoverboards around $100 Differ from Each Other?

Let's compare hoverboards around $100. In fact, most brands are like twin brothers: all they come with lighting, music capabilities, all that is interesting for kids. They might be pink, white, blue, golden, violet, yellow. Every brand has its own features.

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards with LED Light

Felimoda Self Balancing Hoverboards: photo

The Felimoda is a bit of an odd-board-out when it comes to hoverboards. On one hand, the design very much seems to have kids in mind. On the other, though, the 264-pound maximum weight and the top speed make it feel like something that's meant for adults.

From an engineering standpoint, this is really one of the best low-cost hoverboards out there. It might not hang with the more expensive versions, but it's a solid piece of design that is sure to keep most new riders happy as they learn how to deal with a bigger, faster hoverboard that seems better able to be used outside.

There are always drawbacks to any hoverboard, and this one really falls apart when it comes to aesthetics. The bright lights and colors make the hoverboard look more like a toy, which is fine for some, but it takes away from the fact that this is a personal transport that can move a good deal faster than most of the other boards out there. Consider this one a perfect fit for adults who really want to zip around on a hoverboard and who aren't too self-conscious about what they choose to ride around.

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VEVELINE Hoverboard for Kids 6.5": photo

You should pay attention to safety (make sure that the product is certified) and the battery capacity. Hoverboards, like VEVELINE, are equipped with 36V/2.0Ah Li-ion batteries and comply with UL2272 safety standard.

cho Electric Hoverboard: photo

CHO hoverboard has a fashionable teen design: there are bright multi-colored models in the style of graffiti, street-art or with skulls.

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