By this review I would like to continue the cycle of issues on gaming mice in the middle price tier. All mice I'm going to talk about today cost around 30$, give or take 1 or 2 $. Why choosing this very price tier? If such a question has drawn to your head, it is quite appropriate.
The matter is that the vast majority of gamers are far from being pros making millions of dollars at champs. Most often these are ordinary boys and girls who come home after school, university, work and use a PC to relax, communicate and spend a couple of hours playing their favourite game. But at the same time these people have already realized that an ordinary office mouse doesn't cope with all tasks and they need a suitable gaming device.

It is starting with 30$ that cost more or less trustworthy devices. Such a mouse will show a good performance, work at least a couple of years and be capable of completing set goals. But don't judge by the price only, as it can make you mistaken. To choose a worthy model, use your brain and absorb the needed knowledge.

You can find tips on how to choose a mouse in my previous reviews, for example, in the best gaming mice 2015 review, while right now I will tell you what mouse to choose without wasting too much money.

Redragon Mammoth 16400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse.

Redragon is a fairly young company and can even be called a child if compared to grands like Razer and Logitech. But price and quality perfectly make up for the lack of glory and popularity. Besides, a low price is at the first place, as 28$ is a very modest price for this device.
Traditionally, let's begin with the bottom panel. As it often appears so, sliding elements are made of teflon. The inserts themselves are made in quite an unusual way, it was designers, not engineers, to have created them. I can't say that such an approach had no influence on sliding ability, though it could have been better, but this is not crucial.

Redragon Mammoth 16400 DPI

There are also 8 plummets of 2,4 g each for accurate adjustment of weight. Laser by Avago is decentralized. Only perfectionists can feel in what way it affects controlling. I wouldn't say that this is the key aspect, but I noticed it at once, and it took me some time to get used to it while using the mouse. The button which changes modes is placed near the laser. Upwards we can see quite a trite thing. The cover of the mouse is soft-touch.

Ergonomics is quite pleasant, a small hunch before a wheel is comfortably dying against the palm, there is a specific wing for the thumb. What caused troubles to me was the absence of a socket for the finger, which made it difficult to push the first side button which is the nearest to the mouse nose. Upwards we have a left and right keys, a X2-click button, the wheel and the dpi switcher. The second item deserves being commented on.

The developer made an up/down switch instead of a cycle one, which proved an excellent solution as the maximal dpi equals 16 400. I don't know who would need such a value, but we have what we have. Yes, some use such a high performance in the sniper mode, but, as for me, it is too much even for these ends. And, evidently, it wouldn't be comfortable to click all the cycle round if dpi is switched accidentally.

The wire is thin and covered with tissular coverage providing the freedom of movements and better durability. It is connected via a gold-plated USB. This advertising trick really amuses me as well as consumers' shouts «Yeah, this is better! The connection is more reliable!!!» Let is be so, next time we will carry out a literacy project in electronics. On the whole I would recommend all beginner gamers buy this mouse for you to feel the real improvement of control over the game and pleasure from the process.

Anker® 8200 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse

This is another interesting representative for the very 30$. Looking ahead, I'm a great deal amused by the fact that the mice of such class often have such cool featured that don't have devices from the top segment. An interesting and sad fact.
Ergonomics of this device is intended for the right hand. I don't know it for sure, but I'd say that lefties will anyway have to refuse of this device. The mouse itself is quite big and will suit best of all for a palmer grip unlike the previous model. The previous Redragon mouse can be used by fans of all the three main types of grip, and each will be satisfied with the position of their palm.

Anker® 8200 DPI

Downwards we see an Avago 900 touch which is better in terms of the index control quality. The smooth movement of the mouse is ensured by a teflon bottom. The wire enters the body quite near the bottom side of the mouse, and special bind and tissular cover protect it against nip. The possible adjustment of weight is similar to the previous model, there are 8 plummets, each weighting 2,5 g. The lightening is adjustable and limited only by the RGB colours pallette, that is 16,8 million. I think, each of us will be able to choose something they like.
On the whole 9 programmable keys, 3 of which are placed on the right panel, will be at your service. Here there is a socket for the thumb with an embedded rubber mat to reduce finger's gliding.

One of its interesting features that I've just mentioned consists in the ability to script macros on-the-fly. As many as 2 buttons on the main top panel are intended for this. By the way, the button of the script start is placed right before the wheel and you face a considerable risk of an accidental push. But, nevertheless, this is a perfect tool. You can use it during a game, for example, you get a new spell and in just three seconds it is right on your mouse. You won't need to relog-in or download any additional software.
I recommend this device to enter the world of serious gaming but not to stay there for long. Still, it has a smell of cheap materials and weak hardware.

Sentey® Gaming Mouse Pc Lumenata Pro-8200 Dpi

It is the last for today representative of this range. I would like to change somehow the patter of our work: first of all, let's consider values, then we move on to its appearance.

The top dpi value equals 8200. It is a sort of a standard. Only few of us will need the one exceeding it, while the value below this level won't always suffice. The mouse operation frequency is 1 GHz. This is a very goof value and every device should try to achieve it, and I can't help reminding, athwart poor Microsoft, that everything that concerns any Windows up to its 10th version, doesn't support 1 ms response. The value on the output of the operation tends to 2 ms. Forget about plug&play function with this mouse, you will need to install drivers which, fortunately, go as a set.

Gaming Mouse Pc Lumenata Pro

The mouse is equipped with the above-mentioned Avago 9800. But on looking at the bottom panel I was at a loss. Forget everything I've said about displacement of the sensor in Redragon Mammoth, where the sensor is placed in the very centre if compared to this very mouse. Here the manufacturers, guided by some extra-terrestrial technologies, transmitted it to the top right angle. Such a change is noticeable and quite getting on the nerves.

On board there are 9 programmable buttons that can be adjusted for your needs. But not everybody will feel comfortable using them. What embarrasses me is two groups of keys simultaneously. The fist one is placed below the socket for the thumb. And either my thumb is different from the ones of other human being as it can't do a 180-grade turn, or it is simply impossible to use the buttons in a tense game. The other two buttons are placed on the right key. It is not so crucial but also uncomfortable to use them.

The dpi switch is cyclic and has a relatively small interval. The developers invented the indicating system consisting of two columns, X and Y. Of coarse, this is an interesting idea but it would better not exist at all. You can't understand instinctively what mode is set currently and the matter of habit is quite controversial, everybody has different troubles with it. So, in general, the mouse has a lot of its specific features and is unlikely to be liked by a wide audience.

Let's sum it up!

While choosing a mouse the best option would be to find a possibility to try it. Go in a hypermarket of equipment and hold it in your hands. But, firstly, you are to know already what you are going to buy for not to try everything you see. Secondly, big shops usually work for demand and they don't pay much attention to personal orders of their clients. So if you find a cool device on the Web and feel that it is what you are searching for, then don't hesitate to order it. For you not to make a mistake, read my reviews and recommendations. Have a nice game!