Today’s review will be an unusual one. We’ll give an overview of the mice for pro gamers, and study the devices for professional or, rather, semi-professional gamers. I’ve included 3 models which have much in common – including the price.

Each of the shown models is a representative of classic mouse engineering. The emphasis is laid on ergonomics and precision. You’ll find no bells and whistles in the design, no large number of programmable keys, no 10-functions-in-1-button and no built-in teleportation – only the elegant lines and reserved shape aimed at high productivity and versatility.

Jumping ahead I’ll mention that things are not going to be that simple as those who seem to be the leaders will sink, and those who don’t brag much about their success will ascend the podium with confidence and no rush.

So let’s move on from the sketches and predictions to a specific and thorough examination and dissection of our test subjects.

FinalMouse 2015

Could anyone doubt that this model will seize the market after seeing a name like that? If not, then it’s in vain, as the doubts should arise. Actually, we might as well start with a brief history class rather than this specific model.

In 2012 Razer, a monster of gaming gadget industry, launched a very interesting model – Razer Imperator 2012 Gaming Mouse. What is so interesting about it? The fact, that the name matched the essence. Though, this concerns more the first version of the mouse, Razer Imperator, which was introduced to the market a little earlier.

At that very moment the wonderful execution made the gamers cry with joy like small children. The time passes, the requests evolve and along with the launch of new optical systems there appears the necessity to improve. But the Razer’s policy of corporate development is unique and I personally consider it a bit bizarre. Instead of placing a new laser in an established mouse with great ergonomics, convenient button location, and most importantly – fame, the company’s management team decides to launch new mice which have nothing in common with Imperator.

That’s when the Californian FinalMouse came in. They came up with a FinalMouse 2015 with a well-known Avago Pixart 3310 sensor, the structure of which is completely identical to that of Razer. That’s about it. The concept is simple – they’ve taken an excellent and established shell, stuffed it with a cool laser, which all the fans had been expecting, and that’s all. Profit for the product should be then expected.

FinalMouse 2015: photo

This sounds reasonable, but the manufacturers have poorly coped with this task. Obviously, they’ve been able to add the laser. But they are clearly losing in terms of the body. The scope of supply is incomplete. What I mean is that you only buy the mouse and the package in which it comes. Neither the spare parts nor the CD with the drivers (which are not required) are available. The mouse is installed with plug-and-play option which should especially delight the fans of Zowie, which we would touch upon later on.

The shape is absolutely identical to that of Imperator. The main top surface is pleasant and is covered with a layer of rubber. But this layer is fairly thin and so it may start to fray. The right side is well-polished and your pinky won’t slide at the worst possible moment. The left side is coated with a different substance and some grooves are added there. All of this is supposed to prevent sliding, but in fact it works rather conversely. The left side coating wears out quickly and becomes slippery while the grooves get clogged with dirt. The wiring of the cable is made of thick fabric. The mouse itself is very light and the cable restricts the freedom of action.

The dpi switch is cyclic, while the Imperator had “front” and “back” keys. This is neither good nor bad, it’s just a fact. The main buttons are nice to press, and their response is quick. However, because of the separation of the body and the buttons a typical problem of gaps occurs. But the gap between the buttons is not as bad as the gap around the wheel – that is horrible. The wheel moves around freely, and if you shake the mouse, it will literally make a noise and shift.

Long story short, there have been all the necessary conditions for success, but the implementation of the project is horrendous. I don’t know how a mouse with a name like that could have such issues. I don’t recommend you to buy this aggressive and high-quality marketing campaign as the product is not worth it.

Price: FinalMouse 2015

Zowie Gear Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse (EC2-A)

Finally, an old school mouse attacks. By the way, we mentioned this item in the review “Best Gaming Mice 2015”. I won’t get tired of reminding you, my dear readers, that Gadget-reviews is an extremely subjective web site. That’s exactly why I’ll say that this mouse is really cool. I’ll cut off at once the following groups of people who definitely wouldn’t appreciate it:

  • Macros fans;
  • Those who have two left hands and  need their mouse to finish off whatever they’re doing;
  • Those who require dpi 1234 or dpi 4321 – off you go as well.

Zowie Gear Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse: photo

This mouse has 3 levels of DPI at 450, 1150 and 2300 which is not bad at all for a universal mouse.

Its ergonomics is very cool. Its execution reminds us of Razer DeathAdder, the only thing that lacks is a bump which hits against your upper palm. The coating material is rather peculiar: it is neither matte or glossy plastic, nor a soft-touch material, but something more like the paint used by Razer. It’s comfortable and it doesn’t slide. Speaking of the coating, we may remember that many users of the previous version of this mouse were complaining of their hands’ sweating and the device’s smearing. Damn… The only thing I can advise them is to wash their hands and wipe the mouse.

I don’t know where such problems are coming from, but personally I’ve never come across such issues. The cable is very soft and weightless. It would have been perfect if it were braided. This mouse, just like the previous one, will be fitting any type of grip. Here all three are equally good, while it’s difficult to reach the farther side button with a palm-grip or claw-grip while using FinalMouse.

The core of Zowie Gear (EC2-A) is the same as that of the above mentioned device – Avago 3310, which is another great benefit. There are two Teflon strips aiding the gliding are located on the bottom side. The dpi switch is also located there. As for me, I find it convenient. Having switched it once, you won’t be bothered by it later on. The brightness is lowered, so now, when you turn over your mouse at night, you won’t be blinded and won’t summon Batman.

Can feel how huge is the difference between the two products of the same price? When buying this device, bear in mind that it is like a scalpel – you are only to blame yourself for any problems. I strongly recommend it!

Price: Zowie Gear Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse

Slowly but steadily we have reached our third contestant – a very sound representative of a well-known company. Of course, there is a newer model, but this version has the biggest amount of fans who would never exchange their favourite mouse for anything.

Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse: photo

The mouse is held tightly in your hand, and ergonomics, as I’ve mention, is high-class. The bent shape is very atypical and will not suit left-handed people. This is why I’m very fond of Razer, as they make available a completely identical left-hand mouse.

As I said before, there’s no tastelessness. Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse is equipped with five buttons and a wheel. The covering is dense and pleasant. The thickness of the covering layer is also fine. If you get a chance do get acquainted with this product in real life, try to scratch it with a nail, and you’ll feel it yourself.

Soft lighting by Razer will accompany you during the usage of this mouse. Still, there’s a caveat that the lighting is not completed properly. It heats up the mouse! What on earth is that?!

If you have imagined that the rest of this review will be dedicated to Avago, you were wrong. This model is equipped with the patented 3.5G Razer sensor. It resists the negative acceleration and in general is doing very well. While we’re at it, let’s go over the cons – dpi can only be programmed, switching it on the go or at least by pressing a button is out of questions. The assembly is of high quality, I haven’t noticed any gaps.

The working frequency is 1000 Hz. Why is it good? The idea is that the system works by “asking” the mouse after certain time intervals whether the user has moved the mouse or maybe pressed something and transmitting this information straight to the CPU. It turns out that the more often it “asks”, the more relevant the information will be and the faster your computer will respond. This is similar to the annoying salespersons in a store, but here it’s actually useful.

This frequency allows surveying the mouse every millisecond, which is a very good indicator. This is especially good for the fans of cold game play where everything depends not on how tuned your mouse is, but on your reaction and skill.

Price: Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse


To each his own, they say. A gaming mouse is a gamer’s real weapon. It works pretty much like in MMORPG where each class has a set of its own characteristics and a certain type of ammo: a heavy axe, small blades or magic. Take a closer look at this review if you prefer to rely exclusively on yourself! Have a good game!