This review will be devoted to the models below the average price range. The mice are candidates for being the best in this niche and are somehow similar. They are manufactured in a standard gaming design – angular shape, futuristic design, and bright illumination. The range of usage and quality of execution are pretty much the same for all of them.

These mice suit a wide target audience not pretentious in its views. It should be mentioned that you won’t become the owner of your dream mouse, but will simply acquire quite a good gaming device at a rather reasonable price under $25 – or then you may search other budget gaming mouse from our previous review.

Mpow® Dragon Slayer Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is quite a big representative of the Mice Family. It fits the hand tightly and nicely. The materials, of which the mouse is made, are quite simple: it is a mix of matte and glossy plastic.

The bottom part is covered with the Teflon strips along the perimeter. Speaking about the number of sliding strips, it should be said that the developers have either carried out long and tiring calculations or simply have got lucky. Personally, I’m more inclined to believe in latter. The mouse neither sticks nor slides to the other end of the table after a single touch. All is in moderation.

Bear in mind, that we’ve got a wireless mouse such as Mpow Dragon Slayer, which means there is a battery compartment in the bottom panel as well. Naturally, the optical sensor is Avago 3050. This may not be the most perfect option on today’s market, but it’s worthy in its price segment. I haven’t noticed any failures or misfires in its operation which is a plus.

Two switches each of which can take 3 positions are also found at the bottom. The first one sets the frequency of the mouse – 250 Hz or 500 Hz. But that’s not it. The same switch can be placed in the position “video mode”, and all of the buttons on top of the mouse change their functions. You have a remote control at your disposal. Of course, someone might find it useful, but personally I’m scared of such functions.

Mpow® Dragon Slayer Wireless Gaming Mouse

The second slider is responsible for power and turning off illumination. On the top panel we can see the standard set of non-programmable buttons: the left and the right buttons, the wheel, X2 button which can be stricken instead of a double-click, dpi switch and the analogues of PageUp-PageDown. Everything is standard and corny. The dpi working range reaches 4000.

Another available feature, acceleration, is slightly disgusting. I’ll recap for those of you who are new to this website. It is a sort of amplification factor. Simply put, when you move the mouse, the result of your movement on the screen depends on the distance (in centimeters) at which you moved the mouse and on the dpi value at the moment. If there is acceleration, you multiply by it as well. This is utter nonsense for the gamers who want to control the gameplay. You lose your skills, and outcome of the battle depends less and less on you and your skills. At the very least this feature is unnecessary. Still, the acceleration here is 20G, and so it is firstly, high and second, it is constant. Overall this is a good mouse of the lower segment.

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Redragon M903 4,000 DPI Gaming Mouse

This is an interesting item, similar to the previous one in terms of its shape, functionality and price segment. Redragon is a company which hasn’t yet earned the same reputation as, say, Razer, but the quality and technical aspect of the manufactured and, more importantly, well-sold models may bring it to the hall of fame in the near future.

The model to which this review is devoted may become one of the best in its price segment.

We’ll start with the exterior. The bottom has only got two Teflon strips: in the front and in the back. Perhaps, a couple of spots on the sides could also be added, but this is a suggestion, not criticism.

Redragon M903 4,000 DPI Gaming Mouse: photo

Redragon M903’s sensor is not as well-known as the one in the above-mentioned model, so I can’t confidently judge its quality. Comparing the two models by the possibility to be customizable to meet the users’ individual needs, I could call this one a fortepiano and Dragon Slayer - a drum.

8 programmable keys are found on board, and furthermore, there’s enough memory for 5 profiles. When changing a game, a character, or even a player in front of the screen, it’s enough to press a single button and the pre-set parameters will take effect. In addition, there is a weight setting: the mouse is supplied complete with 5 weights, 5 grams each.

The absence of plug-&-play function is an unpleasant surprise. You’ll have to install the drivers which are included in the package in advance. Generally, this is only done once and then you can forget about this, but still this is something you’ll have to deal with.

Another general drawback is, once again, 20G acceleration. I realize that it is difficult to fight against this phenomenon, that there may be non-linear acceleration, to fix which you need to have a CPU in the mouse… But this feature still bothers me. This mouse has a number of the above-mentioned problems and its price is the same, but I like it much more.

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I’ll put in my personal opinion and say that the wired mice are better than the wireless once since the former have a quicker response and reaction. I’ve elaborated on the matter in the review of the best gaming mouse.

Roccat Tyon Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

This mouse looks like the previous ones, its functionality is better and it is much more expensive… Why is it on this list?

Roccat Tyon Multi-Button Gaming Mouse: photo

Above I have already illustrated that you can be a regular mouse for universal tasks at a competitive price, but then I’ve decided to show you in the same review how much and why exactly a more costly mouse of the same profile would be better.

The bottom side is very typical. Two quite thick and sliding Teflon patches can be found there. For this price for the device, there could’ve also been spare patches, but none are available. So we just have to wait and see.

Laser sensor Avago 9800 along with the 32x mouse CPU can do really cool things. The reaction is great and the Roccat Tyon Mouse behaves. The cable wiring is made of fabric and is fairly thin. This results in significant flexibility, and nothing interferes with the mouse control. The ergonomics are great. The hand is placed comfortably and many will love the dimensions of the mouse. It is coated with glossy plastic. Roccat have abandoned their original soft touch, which is a plus.

And now it’s time for a surprise! There is an analog stick on this mouse. This hasn’t happened before. This is the type of controller which “understands” force and so the speed in a tank, for instance, can be perfectly adjusted. The quantity and the location of the side buttons are also quite to the point as it is very difficult to make a mistake and to press the wrong button. Mis-click is absolutely ruled out.  Some additional buttons on top of the sides are programmable and helpful. The slider in the middle is useful for switching the dpi or, say, choosing a weapon.

I can easily say that this mouse is worth every penny, and I recommend buying it to those who want to own an excellent and universal item.

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This review summarizes the significant features of the so-called “mid-market” mice. I’ve named them so not because of their ordinariness and dullness, but because of their optimality. They are somewhere half-way between various segments of specialized mice. It is entirely up to you to decide whether to buy a cool device for a substantial sum of money or to save and buy a model with reduced performance and of high-quality design.