What is an Electric Snow Blower? An electric snow blower is a wall-socket powered implementation of snow blowing technology. Not unlike the battery and gas-powered snow blowers, these are intended to eliminate the horrible experience of shoveling snow, which is something that nobody likes to have to do.

Electric snow blowers can usually run on a standard 110v wall socket (US), though some require a 220v, which will be indicated on the box and in the user’s manual. These are much quieter than gas-powered snow blowers, and they’re much more powerful than their battery-powered cousins.

Like the other two, they utilize a rotary or caterpillar train to lift snow off the ground, and a blower to throw it somewhere that isn’t your driveway or sidewalk. These are, as said, very quiet compared to gas ones, which makes them less intrusive to use in the morning if a surprise snowfall has hindered your ability to leave for work.

They have the limitation of requiring a cord, and should the snow blower cross this cord, it could destroy it. It’s a good compromise for most reasonably-sized driveways and stretches of sidewalk though.

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