Gaming is not an easy business. It is only at the first glance that it seems that the gamer is always sitting idle. He always rushes somewhere: someone is knocking on the door, the food is ready in the kitchen or the cat has broken something… Long story short, there’s no time for gaming peacefully.

In such cases wireless gaming headsets come handy. For the most part, the wired devices transmit a sound of better quality and clarity, but in fact modern wireless headsets don’t really give in. Such devices are usually somewhat more expensive than their wired counterparts and are heavier due to the battery.

If these points don’t make you doubt and the opportunity to play on the couch in another room, be away from keyboard and still lead the raid is more important to you, then you are just the person we were looking for! Isn’t it cool that your enemies in WoT have defeated you and the platoon is left without a commander who continues to bravely and courageously lead his soldiers to the victory despite having lunch at that moment!

Today we’ll look into the key aspects of choosing headphones (in other words – which headphones are the best?) and we’ll identify who needs wireless devices. We might as well begin with the latter.

Radio-headphones are aimed at those who are not so plodding, who can get up and stroll off somewhere but at the same time are keen to stay in touch. Mind that you need to have both a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse in order to capitally settle on the sofa, relax, minimize your body movements and enjoy the game play.

When choosing the best gamer headset, pay attention to the same pieces of advices that I gave in the previous articles.


1. Frequency response. The wider the range, the better. However, the indicators outside of the range 16-200000 Hz are pointless, you won’t hear them.

2. Power. This is the loudness of your ultra cool gaming headphones. The more the better, but again, within reasonable limits.

3. Quality of sound is an indicator which is not specified on the package. The sound has be clear and pleasant. If you’re choosing a gaming device, then your expectations should be slightly lower than those of the headphones intended for listening to the music… But why not strive for the better? Before making a purchase, make sure you listen to the headset you’re about to order: first, visit a consumer electronics hypermarket, then pick and make an online order. Or at least borrow the device from your friends to test it.

4. Comfortable fitting on the head. You are going to be up all night in these headphones, so take care of your comfort and your even health.

5. Quality of design. This parameter is directly related to the price. You should also look for the best materials and for the professional assembly. Keep in mind the fact that if you have bought your headphones at a very competitive price, they’ll serve you not more than 6 months. And vice versa: should an expensive model break down on the next day, you shall demand a refund from the manufacturer.

Now, let’s move on from vague recommendations to some specific advice. Below we’ll give an overview of various models of wireless gaming headsets which have made it to my personal top list for one reason or another. You must strictly follow these guidelines and you may not diverge from them.


Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

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Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset: photo

Let’s start military-style. We’ll attack with one of our most powerful weapons, and then we’ll let our infantry take over.

Without any doubt, Logitech G930 is a very cool item. The Swedes keep up on a high level and do not cease to delight us with quality gadgets. What attracted me in these headphones even before I tried them, was that their turnover is not less than twice (and typically – multiple times) as high as that of their rivals.

Excellent characteristics of Logitech G930 Gaming Headset contributed to such high praise. The embouchures, which comfortably cover the ears, are fixed tightly yet to a moderate extent. The provide sound insulation in both direction, i.e. not only you won’t be distracted from the game by the background noises, but also everyone around you won’t witness your battle.

Next argument for this headset is immersive 7.1 surround sound. Well, 7.1 is obviously a myth, and the claimed virtual sound doesn’t conform to its name but is pretty chill. The software helps create an atmosphere with the sense of presence, and you find yourself in the center of the events. If the enemies come closer from the behind, the sound will come from the behind as well, and you’d want to turn around and check if everything is clear.

The ear cups of Logitech G930 can be rotated up to the 90º angle. This is not going to be smooth, so don’t worry, it’s supposed to be like that and don’t try too hard. The volume is set by the wheel, which is convenient and practical. Apart from the mixer, on the left ear cup there are three keys which are programmable to your liking with the help of the manufacturer’s software. The noise-cancelling microphone means that the interlocutor will only hear your voice and nothing more. The voice sensor is detachable, and it won’t get in your way if you don’t need it.

PS-4 compatibility will be pleasant news for the console fans, especially for those who fight on two fronts: both for PC and favourite consoles. I’ve always claimed that I would never idolize anything, and this headset supports the claim. Despite its superficial perfection, there are enough slip-ups. The headset is easily broken, the software is hard to i (and you can’t even always install it).

This item irritates 10% of the customer. This is a large percentage which is hard to fully understand. As for me, I’ve encountered this headset personally and I’m quite satisfied with it. Perhaps, my opinion would have changed if I’d spent more time with Logitech G930.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

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Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset: photo

This is a very interesting item. However, it will only be useful to those, who are satisfied with the price as it is not for everyone.

Astro A50 supply is regular, the package is also standard. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the advantages of this item. Certificate of Authenticity is its interesting but justified peculiarity. Your unique ID the availability of which in various data bases can be verified on the web-site is specified there. Still, I don’t know what stops some counterfeiters from putting the same ID in each of the certificates – that’s not the point though.

Pleasant and extraordinary design. Much hard work was put into the design of Astro A50 which turned out to be a stylish gaming device. The wires in the blue sheath are seen, but they do not bend due to their springy shape and are out of hazard zone.

The manufacturers pay lots of attention to the stand which is supplied. It’s not bad really, it’s quite a regular stand, but the manufacturers present it as the marvel of engineering. The docking station is located at the foot of the infamous stand. The stand itself has got a socket for charging the headset, on/off buttons and Dolby Digital 7.1 management system. Yes, that’s right, this is yet another device to support 7.1 virtually only.

Fabric embouchures. That’s when someone would yell: “They could’ve made them out of crocodile skin for such a price!”. But nope, this execution is justified by engineering. When it’s hot outside or in the room, the ears stop getting air, heat up, redden and sweat in leather. No such problems arise with the fabric used in Astro A50.

The creators chose to hide all the buttons and to not show off. The result is stylish, but not very convenient. I have large hands and for me it’s not handy to adjust volume or modes. The 5.8 GHz frequency in contrast to the regular 2.4 GHz is a reason to pay premium for this device. The conflict is virtually eliminated and so no one would intercept whatever you’re listening to.

All of the negative feedback on Astro A50 is somehow related to the poor technical support. The guys there just say that they can’t do anything and ignore any issues on business. Not classy. The breakdowns though are quite rare so maybe you won’t even have to deal with them.

Buy ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset here

Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Razer Adaro Wireless Headphones for gaming: photo

I usually start with a brief description, my impressions of using the device, pricing policy, technical characteristics and conclude with feedback. But today I decided to use different criteria for the ranking. For the Razer wireless gaming model those would be the opinions of those who bought it.

Despite humble sales, the amount of negative feedback approaches to zero. And the type of negative feedback that actually exists is clearly left by some insane dudes. First they try to connect their cool gaming headset to their iPhone, and then they say that they expected something different. Something different, for goodness’ sake! Not better, not of a better quality, but different. Guys, stop doing this.

But why does Razer Adaro Bluetooth Headphones appeal so much to the public?  Let’s get to the point. The design itself is fully adjustable and is rather robust. These settings are quite important, as it becomes easier to move around at home with the headset, but at the same time the probability that the headset falls off at the worst possible moment increases. The design is practical; the headset fits the head tightly.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology is a great upgrade of Bluetooth 3.0. The signal doesn’t get lost, and the energy costs have dropped. Razer claims that the continuous operation can last up to 20 hours. As usual, this can only be attained in lab conditions, and real-life continuous operation lasts for 13-14 hours.

The fitting of Razer Adaro is comfortable. For the first few hours you can easily forget that you’re wearing a headset. No wires, just freedom of action. Of course, this effect will not last over 5 hours, although I’ve never seen a device of such high level of comfort. The full-size format and 40mm ear cups provide for a tight encompassing of the ear and let you fully plunge into the virtual world without hearing the classy language of your mates when things go wrong.


The choice of a wireless gaming headset should be your own. You need them if you lack freedom of action and if you want to move around at home while playing without having to drag your computer with you.

I wouldn’t advise saving heavily on a headset. Of course, overpaying is unnecessary, but it’s also foolish to buy a super-device for a very competitive price. First of all, it will break down in no time, and second of all, it can impair your hearing as it hasn’t been tested in any way. When choosing, seek guidance from my advice and preferences and from your own head and taste. Good luck in the battlefield!