What are Skeleton Watches? Skeleton watches are a style of mechanical wristwatch with a minimalist take on the “clock” face, exposing the inner mechanical components. This was originally done by engineers to be able to see how their watches were working, as well as often seen in prototypes of new watch designs.

They can be either quartz-movement, electromechanical or pure spring and pentium (not the CPU), depending on the cost and personal taste in such things.

For those who love minimalism and mechanical design, the exposed gears and visible motion is considered very appealing. Their minimalist design also makes them easier to repair, and their problems much easier to diagnose as well.

Unfortunately, this style of watch, while quite stunning, may have come too late to catch on with the general public whom either want smart watches, or have abandoned the idea of anything at all needing to be on their wrists in the first place.

Bulova Men's Automatic Watch for Sports Lovers

Bulova Men's Automatic Watch for Sports Lovers: photo

This watch comes with an impressive sizeable case and a scratch-proof sapphire glass, which will look perfect on the wrist of any athlete or military man. The case is 46 mm in diameter, made from stainless steel and has an amazing gunmetal color. Powered by a skeleton movement, it has a power reserve of 40 hours.

As for the manufacturer, it is a well-known American watch brand established in the 19th century. Based in New York, the company produces a wide range of men’s and women’s watches of different styles, ranging from Classic to Futuro.

This sport-style watch is beautifully packaged and comes with a quality box. So I recommend you to buy it as a gift for your husband, father or boss. The product is nearly three times more expensive than the above-described item, but it is due to its more robust construction and sophisticated mechanism. By the way, you can swim wearing this watch, but without diving. This product is highly popular among customers. They say it has a sophisticated look and is very comfortable on the wrist.

Invicta Men's 1088 Skeleton Watch | Budget Choice

Invicta Men's 1088 Skeleton Watch: photo

This option has a larger stainless steel case — 51.5 mm in diameter — and great spacing of the hour markers. This makes it easy to read and convenient to use, especially for those who haven’t got used to skeleton watches. The polyurethane strap is equipped with barrel accents. They are made from stainless steel and give the watch a stylish look. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, meaning you can wear it for swimming in shallow depths.

This watch is produced by Invicta Watch Group, a company founded in Switzerland in the 1830s. Today, the company has headquarters in Hollywood and workshops in Switzerland. This particular design was named Invicta Russian Diver as it was developed to honor the watch made for the Russian Naval Fleet in the mid-20th century.

More than half of the purchasers have rated this product highly. Some of them bought it as a gift for a brother or father. Apart from being a decent watch from a reputable company, the product comes with a giftable bright yellow box. Customers say that it is very cool, accurate and has a well-finished case.

10 Best-Selling Skeleton Watches Comparative Table

Fossil Women's Original Quartz Watch

Fossil Women's Original Quartz Watch: photo

In my opinion, this watch is the most stylish item on the list, while not being the priciest one. Made from high-quality leather, it comes with a slender 18-mm band. The band looks elegant and has a nice brownish-grey color. Besides, straps are interchangeable, so you can easily change your look depending on your outfit. The case is 38 mm in size and is made from durable stainless steel. Its waterproof design allows you to safely swim and take a shower while wearing this watch. You can buy this fashionable watch for yourself or your sweetheart as it is an ideal gift for any woman!

No wonder that about 73% of customers gave this watch five stars. They like its gorgeous look, stylish exposed gears, subtle color, and soft bands. One lady says that she has received this watch as a gift for her birthday and got a lot of compliments on it.

The manufacturer, Fossil Group, Inc., is a Texas-based fashion designer that has been operating on the market for more than 30 years. The company is present internationally and has offices in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Apart from watches and smartwatches, they offer stylish bags, wallets, and jewelry.