Cleaning your home may be tiresome only if you do not have the proper equipment. And this is where vacuum steam mops are invaluable. Not only do they clean most kinds of surfaces perfectly, eliminating stains, but they also sanitize your home. This appliance vacuums the dust and dirt and uses the steam. Generally, these functions are activated independently. When shopping for your vacuum steam mop, choose a model allowing for the adjustment of the steam flow so that you could select the appropriate suction power. Also, make sure that the device comes with different cleaning pads, one of which has a mop and the other one is made from abrasive material.

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop: photo

Let’s take a look at this affordable but very popular model, BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop. At a price of under $100, you get a feature-packed appliance from a famous American brand known for its vacuums. The product comes with two pads, a soft mop and a scrubby one, as well as with Spring Breeze fragrance discs. The device cleans and sanitizes without the use of harmful chemicals and works on all kinds of floors, including ceramic, wood, and linoleum ones. You can select the need level of steam — low, medium or high — and use fragrance discs for a fresh scent.

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