A massage chair is a specialized chair with built-in vibration or motion-based electric motors which provide a variety of different massages. These chairs usually resemble office chairs, easy chairs or other common, attractive, comfortable styles of seating arrangement.

These are electrically powered, almost entirely using wall socket power for a source. Most of them will come with either a wired or wireless remote which can switch through a variety of cycles, settings and so forth to customize the massage to the user’s given current needs.

Some of these chairs also offer heat, cooling or other additional accouterments, as well as a variety of different massage approaches. Common ones are deep tissue, Swedish and shiatsu, though a variety of mixtures of the three are also far from unheard of.

Some of these chairs come in the form of inserts which can be attached to other chairs, and even placed in vehicles, while a great many of them are complete pieces of furniture themselves. Massage chairs are excellent for people suffering from severe muscle tension, joint pains, or general difficulty and relaxing. Use of a massage chair before bed has been known to help a lot of people achieve a deeper, more immediate state of sleep as well.

10 Best-Selling Massage Chairs Comparative Table

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