What is the best leg massager? If you need to treat the entire leg, air compression units will suit you best. However, they are not the same and you should consider some things before making a purchase. The size is not just a matter of comfort. Some models come with sleeves covering the whole leg up to the thigh while others are designed to treat only claves. Lightweight items are easier to wear, which allows you to move around the house and not just sit still and wait until the treatment is over. Another essential factor is the number of useful settings. With the possibility to adjust the intensity, the massage will be more comfortable and therefore more efficient. We believe that FIT KING Air Compression Leg Massager fits these criteria best.

Mechanical models are technically simpler than electric ones, which does not necessarily mean less expensive. Some mechanical models are made from expensive quality materials, like those made from rare wood. With a massager of this type, you roll your feet over the item, stimulating your heels and toes. Electric devices do the whole work for you and, honestly, are more effective. Why?

First, you get a stronger and more accurate massage. Secondly, the therapy can be more versatile, including vibration and Shiatsu massage. Thirdly, you need to fully relax during the massage, otherwise, the treatment will not be that effective. Logically, some of your muscles are strained when you are making even slightest movements.

How Does It Work?

Air compression massagers are machines that come with airbags putting pressure on your legs. How do they work? Quite simply. The pump pushes the air into compression sleeves wrapped around your leg.

This treatment helps to reduce lymphatic swelling, reduce high venous pressure and decrease discomfort in the area. Besides, compression aids in eliminating muscle fatigue and recovering after injury. However, the paper published by the Department of Health & Human Services reads that these devices can relieve only minor pains and provides only a temporary effect.

Is this therapy effective? Scientific studies show that surgical intervention in combination with compression bandaging reduces the recurrence of ulcers and results in a greater proportion of the ulcer-free time. Air compression devices are available in a different size, with some models being as high as thigh level and the others being knee-height.

These devices also differ by the type of therapy they deliver and what part of a leg they treat.

Human Touch Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager: photo

  • Leg and calf massagers target the lower part of a leg — from the foot to calf. This kind of therapy increases blood flow, saturating your muscles with more oxygen. This helps to alleviate pain in the leg and get rid of discomfort. Generally, these devices allow the user to adjust tilt and are portable enough to be utilized not just at home but also in the office. Whether you have undergone surgery, experience stress, suffer from diabetes or plantar fasciitis, this device will relieve the symptoms.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager: photo

  • The foot leg machines come with nodes stimulating your feet or kneading discs delivering deep-tissue massage to your ankles and calves. You may choose a device that is intended for treating your feet and ankles only. Actually, this is a short version of a leg and calf massage machine, developed for those who do not want to massage their calves. One of the most popular models of this type is Miko deep-kneading massager that has multiple settings and comes with wireless remotes.

Vibrating Percussion Massager: photo

  • Portable handheld massagers are a versatile tool that can be applied to any part of your body. I recommend this option to those who need to massage only certain spots on their legs. Most branded products of this type come with multiple attachments so that you could get different massages. Some devices stimulate your legs with vibration while others deliver more powerful deep-tissue massage.

Professional Deep-Tissue Percussion Massager: photo

  • Whether you are a professional athlete or a gym-goer, you can use a percussion leg massager to relieve muscle tension and treat sore tissues before and after workouts. As a result of the treatment, the soreness will decrease, muscles will become more flexible and recover faster. Such massage guns like Theragun G3PRO work by providing rapid bursts of pressure in pulses that penetrate deep into your muscles, improving blood circulation.
  • Unfavorable working conditions. If you have to stand throughout your working day or, on the contrary, spend the whole day in a sitting position, you are most likely have poor blood flow. And this is where leg and calf massagers come in handy!
  • High Heels. Women wearing high-heel shoes are more exposed to the risk of varicose veins. 
  • Elderly people typically have poor blood flow and suffer from chronic pain in the body.
  • Some Health Issues. The symptoms of such health issues as the swollen ankle, restless leg syndrome can be alleviated by means of foot leg massage machines.
  • Recovery. If you lead a sportive lifestyle, this device will help you to recover after workouts and relax muscles.

TOP Best Leg Massagers For Circulation

Below, you will find the most popular products at a price ranging from $90 to $180. The first model delivers air compression massage and covers an area up to the knees. The other one gives a Shiatsu massage to your feet and calves.

FIT KING Air Compression Leg Massager

FIT KING Air Compression Leg Massager: photo

This leg and calf massager will help you enhance blood flow and alleviate fatigue. You can select the most suitable level of intensity from 3 settings as well as the massage style. On top of that, you will not have to lean forward to switch the mode and adjust the device. The portable controller makes the treatment more comfortable, especially for those who experience pain. What is especially good about this product is that the size can be adjusted, with the maximum size amounting to over 28 inches. The package includes 2 size extensions so that the wrap could fit anyone.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product's quality. Founded in China, Fit King company operates primarily on European and American markets. The enterprise has a team of professionals who are engaged in research and development work, so no wonder that this product is so well-made and efficient.

Another advanced model of FIT KING covers the body area from the foot and calf up to the thigh. It has 3 modes and 3 massage intensities from light to tight.

The third option of FIT KING with extra knee heating pads suits those who suffer from kneecap pain.

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Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

Human Touch Reflex4 Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager: photo

This device is made upon a unique Figure-8 technology, delivering an effective massage similar to that made by a professional therapist. The unit offers varying speeds of the treatment and three different programs to choose from. When you put your legs into the chambers, they surround your feet and calves. The calf massage area amounts to 12 inches in height and more than four inches in width. The feet are treated by powerful rollers built in the bottom part of the device.

By the way, this unit is energy-efficient and consumes a little bit more than 50 W of power, meaning that your electricity bills will not get more expensive. What I like about this massager is that it is very stable and will not move when occasionally pushed. This is due to its special protectors mounted to the bottom. Another thing that adds to the comfort of usage is the handle allowing to carry the device effortlessly.

Human Touch: Check the current price

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