Infrared massagers will help you increase blood flow, relieve pain, stress, relax tight muscles, and flush out toxins. These devices use infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the tissue, heating the body. They can be designed for certain body parts or come as a versatile device treating all areas of the body. There are models offering different types of massage at a time, including infrared therapy, while others are intended for infrared massage only.

What is the best infrared massager? This should be a product from a trustworthy brand with reliable customer service. Branded massagers are generally safe and efficient. Another thing to consider is functionality. Make sure that the device can deliver massage without someone's assistance and is easy to use. While handheld models seem to be more convenient, we recommend you to use stationary massagers. Why? The thing is that efficient massage therapy requires complete relaxation of all muscles, which is not possible when you are holding the massager in your hand and moving it around. Also, you need to consider adjustability. A good infrared massager should come with several settings allowing you to choose the most comfortable mode of massage. We believe that Nekteck Foot Massager with Built-in Infrared Heat Function meets these criteria best.

1. Nekteck Foot Massager

Nekteck Foot Massager: photo

This heated foot massager comes equipped with 18 massager nodes, providing comprehensive foot massaging power. Built to offer maximum relaxation, this massager works to promote blood flow through foot massage.

With a feature that allows for its height to be easily adjusted, this foot massager works to adjust itself to your height for maximum comfort. With built-in infrared heating, this massager is designed to provide an intense massage session that feels like its being delivered by a professional.
Large enough to accommodate larger shoe sizes, there is no need to worry about comfortably fitting your foot on the Nekteck. Those with foot pain or just looking for a tool to aid general relaxation will likely enjoy the benefits of this massager. In fact, many users report the product's benefits as working to alleviate back pain as well. Some users report the product dying prematurely, so buyers should be prepared to potentially repurchase this massager over time.

2. Snailax Cordless Handheld Back Massager

Snailax Cordless Handheld Back Massager: photo

Those looking for a more compact and portable massage solution will likely enjoy the Snailax cordless handheld massager. This massager does not need to be plugged in while it is in use, meaning users can enjoy a more free range of motion.

Ideal for those looking for a massager to use on their back and neck, this handheld massager is versatile. Equipped with interchangeable heads, this product can be adapted for use against different aches and pains over time.

Easy to use and rechargeable, there is nothing complex about learning to use this massager. The potential downside of this product is that some may not find it powerful enough, reporting the heating and vibrating functions to remain weak even at full power. Those looking for a less intense massage experience will enjoy this product nonetheless.

3. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine: photo

This foot massager uses a deep Shiatsu technique in order to help massage those suffering extreme foot pain. This massager is ideal for those with serious chronic foot pain. Those looking to improve their overall circulation and suffering plantar fasciitis will enjoy the benefits of the InvoSpa massager.

With an adjustable intensity, this leg massage works for deep tissue and surface-level massagers. Additionally, this massager comes with an air compression-only mode that eliminates the kneading motion.

Conversely, those interested in the benefits of the node massager will enjoy the bi-directional massage mode. What's more, this massager comes with an easily removable cover in order to keep the massager clean and sanitary. Those looking for a massager whose main function is heating will likely not want to choose this massager over others as it focuses on deep tissue massaging rather than heating.

4. Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager: photo

The Lunix has designed a truly innovative product designed to target an area often ignored by other massagers. Designed specifically to provide hand massages, this product is ideal for those suffering carpal tunnel and other chronic hand pain.

This product works to gently massage one's hands, alleviating pain without causing any additional pain. Those who experience frequent numbness in their fingers or hands will likely find the Lunix worth a shot.

A heating cordless massager with multiple levels of intensity and vibration, this massager provides a uniquely personalized experience for the one using it. Athletes and office workers alike will likely benefit from the occasional hand massage. What's more, the massager comes with an individualized finger massager for smaller-scale use.

This product must be charged first and will not work while plugged in, meaning it has a limited window for usage.

5. HailiCare Heated Knee Massager

HailiCare Heated Knee Massager: photo

In the vein of innovative products, HailiCare has created an innovative knee massager for those experiencing chronic knee pain. Operating in a similar way as a heating pad, this massager is shaped like a brace and contours directly to the knees.

Because it is shaped like a knee brace, this massager also works to compress the knees and provide pressurized relief in this way. With multiple levels of heating and vibration available, the massager is able to reach temperatures ranging from 122 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. What's more, the easily wearable design allows one to utilize this massager in a variety of everyday situations.

Users do not have to worry about overheating due to the massager's built-in safety features which stops the brace once it reaches a certain temperature. Those suffering arthritis will likely enjoy this product.

6. Phototherapy infrared Scalp Massager

Phototherapy infrared Scalp Massager: photo

Yeamon Direct has created a unique product that utilizes phototherapy in order to provide scalp pain relief. Shaped like a brush for easy use, this massager works to provide scalp relief for those suffering scalp pain.

What's more, those worried about hair loss will likely enjoy utilizing this brush. Regular brushes often work to detangle hair without working to preserve the health of hair follicles. Often, the process of brushing one's hair can be traumatic to the scalp. This brush helps to tame hair without risking additional hair loss.

This massager's red light mode works to promote circulation and strengthen hair follicles while the blue light works to relax the scalp and provide a spa-like experience.

Ideal for about 5 minutes of use, this massager is likely not going to be ideal for use by those looking for a longer massage session.

7. Infrared Light Therapy Lamp

Infrared Light Therapy Lamp: photo

The Beurer massager utilizes infrared light therapy in order to provide innovative relief. Because this product is shaped like a lamp it is versatile and easy to use on multiple areas of the body. This even includes use on the face, as the therapy lamp is equipped with anti-burn technology and built-in timer.

This light therapy lamp works to provide deep massage and intense relief without even coming near to the skin. Those looking to use this product should check with their doctor first, especially if they are suffering from diabetes, sensitive skin conditions, or are on prescription medication. Doctors may advise the product as still being safe to use but may recommend its use on a lower setting.

While users report the product works as advertised, some report not seeing any short-term benefits from lamp usage.

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