Infrared massagers will help you increase blood flow, relieve pain, stress, relax tight muscles, and flush out toxins. These devices use infrared radiation that penetrates deep into the tissue, heating the body. They can be designed for certain body parts or come as a versatile device treating all areas of the body. There are models offering different types of massage at a time, including infrared therapy, while others are intended for infrared massage only.

EMS Infrared Massager: photo

You may try EMS Infrared Massager, a device that will cost you some fifty dollars but for the price, you will get a lot of benefits. It delivers a therapy that helps to improve the skin, lose weight, flush out toxins. It vibrates at the speed of 1 million times per second and you can change the intensity depending on your preferences. The massager is recommended to be applied to the face, not just the body, to make it fresher, more flexible and beautiful. Use it no less than twice a week for at least ten minutes per session. The manufacturer recommends applying infrared therapy in combinations with creams and lotions.

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