You can find a plethora of cellulite massagers which can be divided into three categories: manual, electric units, and dry brushes. If you opt for an electric unit, make sure it comes with interchangeable heads, which will allow you to select the one that will suit you best. Manual massagers resemble rollers and are a good choice for non-lazy ones. Dry brushes are the simplest option that is used for a deep-tissue massage.

Coolife cellulite massager: photo

Coolife Cellulite Massager can be used on any body part, not just those affected by cellulitis, and is meant to increase blood flow. The item should be used in combination with special-purpose creams as it helps the skin to absorb them better. The massager is easy to use, simply roll it where cellulitis is visible. One session should last at least ten minutes daily. By destroying fat cells, the massager smoothes the skin out. By the way, you can roll the item as long as you want as it is super lightweight and easy to hold.

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