Creams and lotions work better when applied with a massager, which aids in their absorption. Moreover, facial massagers are useful in themselves as they help to relieve muscle tension and even make the skin aging process slower. And finally, massaging your face, you enhance blood flow allowing the cells and muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. Facial massagers can be rollers or gadgets powered by electricity and delivering different kinds of therapy involving LED lights or vibration. If you opt for a roller, choose the one made from stone. When it comes to electronic massagers, choose models offering multiple adjustment options.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set for Beautiful Skin Detox: photo

Jade Roller is made from stone and is smooth. This product will serve you for a long time and will not fall apart even when dropped. Sure, it does not offer the benefits of electric massagers and all you get is enhanced blood flow. But that is no small thing, given how much depends on the blood properly circulating through the face. Still, stone rollers have a strong point when compared to electric devices — they are noiseless. Nor do they consume energy. The product is more than five inches in length and has a comfortable handle.

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