A short rush, then creeping behind a box, get out carefully and silently kill the enemy. Or, rather, carrying a six-barrelled, break in the door with your leg and start popjoying? Today’s article is dedicated to shooters. What s wonderful genre! It is there that you can plunge into a game as best you can. You dive into it to the full, you can fall into main character and get off perfectly.

The major advantage of modern 3D actions is freedom to act. A goal is set before you, and the way to achieve it is chosen purely by yourself. Sometimes you even can break the genre limits.

If the developers equipped you with a bazooka and placed many red tuns with fuel all around the location, that doesn't mean that you can't take a knife and remain discreet. Well, who am I kidding? What a guy wouldn’t shoot at such tun? The location will be in fire, enemies in panic, a liberated hostage with you, and on your way you might come across a perfect companion (you perfectly understand that either she is a dummy, or you will have to save her).

And as long as you have chosen a stealth-action games, for example, Hitman, then this is an absolutely different concept.

Changing clothes, spy gadgets, surveillance, waiting and, what is the most important – a plan. Everything you have done during a long period of time has to function as clockwork. Your victim must enter the room and light the fireplace, by this time there will have been enough gas below stairs. But it mustn’t explode before it, and for this you have to take the cigarettes off the maid and liquidate the guard.

And this is only the first level. If you get stuck, you can consult youtube to learn a playthrough, though we believe it is for pussies only.

Or you fancy falling into animal at bay but managing to escape a trap with a feeding frenzy? You will enjoy FarCry. Upgrading your hero from scratch and than grabbing the control over the island, sounds cool! Everyone who has at this very moment their pulse accelerated, eye twitching and pictures from your favourite games in mind, you has come to the right man.

stealth action Hitman Sniper game

Today we are going to study modern shooter mice market and try to find out what mouse will be the best for shooters and suitable for you. Let’s place on a pedestal the top models, define the major features of a mouse which will help you both in liberating a city and hunting zombies. We are going as well to consider models which are sure to deserve our attention but can’t to bull their way through the glory of giants.

Best Characteristics for FPS-Mice

We won’t go deep into all the details, as there is no such a necessity. While choosing a mouse you should pay attention to the aspects described below, while everything else either will go as a set or doesn’t have much significance.

1. Sensitivity – FPS games require high value of this parameter most of all. Dpi is to be at the top of the world as well, notably, its lowest passable value is of 6400 dpi. Rarely models with 3 000 dpi can be all right to, by it is rather an exception than a rule. High sensitivity of a mouse provides you with comfortable targeting and possibility to shoot better without missing.

The range and lack of this parameter is felt while shooting with a sniper weapon best of all. If you feel the picture not changing though you have moved the mouse, or the shift hasn't been the one you expected it to be, then it is a dpi to provoke this problem.

What is also important for every game with changing weapons and different dynamics of gaming issues, that means for every shooter, is a button changing dpi in passing. While slinking by mouse in obscure corners, you make use of one level of your reaction, but if engaged into bloody scuffle… well, this is another story altogether.

2. Additional buttons – say a firm «no» to them, and, if you badly need them, use them as rarely as possible. The maximum is for changing weapons, shooting mode and one or two other functions.

You want bind all the buttons and combinations to your mouse, and even if you manage to do it, congratulations, you have bought a MMO mouse, inappropriate for a skilful FPS game.

3. Response and perception of pushes. This is a very important aspect for shooters, the higher the number of identified pushes per second, the better.

4. Response time – is the time of your PC's reaction at the push. The quicker, the better. Most often top mice offer 1 ms. Take this version but if there is a broad gap in price between two simial models showing a 1ms and 2 ms respnoses respectively, buy the latter. 1 ms is not enough for Windows to work out. If you have Mac OS or Linux, then lucky you are.

5. Appearance – evidently, I'm not speaking about what a mouse is a glossing beauty! I'm speaking about the maerial, it must be firm, comfortable and not sliding. The wire of a shooter mouse should be as follow: a tissue coverage and maximum length, USB connection interface (like for all gaming mice).

Take my recommendations into account. This is not a precept of truth. There are both obligatory and preferable positions. All this reveals while making a choice and, well, if you come across a device meeting all the criteria, certainly, buy it, this is an ideal option.


Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder 3500 Gaming Mouse: photo

The mouse that proved its perfection in the past, has survived the evolution and improved to 3500 dpi. Not the best performance, but a decent one and sufficient for different types of shooters.

A big mouse with cool ergonomics. A bent form of DeathAdder 3500may irritate and bother you at first, but very soon you will get used to it and appreciate its convenience. Such a form shows that Razer DeathAdder 3500 mouse is designed specifically for right-handed users. But the company cares about people, and simultaneously is manufacturing models for lefties – Razer DeathAdder 3500 Mouse Left Hand Edition (Check the current price).

Such a form and ergonomics please people with big hands, they are likely to be satisfied with this model. There are five buttons in total, nothing unnecessary. The mouse's body is covered with a rubberized material which contributes to an excellent grip and prevents it from sliding. One of the major drawbacks of Razer DeathAdder 3500 which is noticeable even before you buy it consists in the fact that it is impossible to change dpi without using the developer's soft.

The percentage of hose refuted the device isn't high. From time to time you can hear that the maximum lifecycle for Razer DeathAdder 3500is three months. Well, it breaks no so quickly, but when this time expires, if used in an active way, it may start causing troubles. Not an expensive model, good for going in for shooters.

Razer DeathAdder 3500 PC Gaming Mouse: Check the current price

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse: photo

Mouse by the Razer which is a bit older than the previous one but a great deal better. This is not a standard situation and even a sad one. What is the most important is that declining quality wouldn’t be a tendency, but a flying error. Razer Taipan' sensitivity is already at an excellent level, and, in sum with a 8600 dpi and 4G laser the needed performance for winning any tournament is achieved.

A comfortable lightened wheel with resistance won't scroll accidently while its coverage will prevent the finger from sliding. Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse has two side buttons on board, not only for a thumb, but also two additional ones for a little finger, which is «to multiple killing options», Razer says. These are very sensitive buttons. You have just thought, they have already done.

But at the same time there is a system preventing from accidental operations, suppressing fingers' «bounce».In addition, every push is accompanied by a response that makes you sure that the winning shot has done. The mouse is accessible in black with green lightening, white in white lightening, and there is also an exclusiveRazer Battlefield 4 Taipan Mouse for Battlefield 4 fans .

Razer Taipan's cons include high price and high rate of refusing software. Recently programmers have let down Razer engineer department. For this purpose soon the company is likely to lose much of its former glory.

Razer Taipan Ambidextrous PC Gaming Mouse: Check the current price

Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

Lucky we are to have Logitech. This Swiss company is already deserving of the same honour as the famous watch which are known all over the world. But the quality is only one side of the coin. One can make a high quality ordinary ball mouse but this won't lead it to the top of the FPS sector. But Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse proves excellent both regarding inner and outer aspects.

A stylish case and 5 boomerang-shaped plummets weighing 5,6 g each go as a set. A tough chopped design differs from the previous models with smooth flowing lines. Special plastic coverage that is quite rough and prevents from sliding in your hand. The wire is covered with windings, as needed and just as I like it to be.

The distinctive feature is concealed in the wheel. The button under it regulates the operation mode: one of the two. The first one is a standard everyone has got used to, but the second makes the wheel loose. You pull it, and it can make additional circles mechanically, quite a comfortable thing in some cases. And changing dpi is reserved for the thumb, there are 4 major modes and a sniper one. The plummets are placed under the bottom cap and can be also very quickly changed, as the cap is locked with magnets.

Teflon pinches of Logitech G502mouse provide loose gliding on any surface. A high-level software give the possibility to adjust all the parameters which you can only think of. Regarding negative points, I can say that it doesn't suit much people with big palms and it takes some time to get used to the dpi button. All in all, it is a magnificent device.

Corsair Vengeance M65 Performance FPS Gaming Mouse vs A4Tech X7 Laser Gaming Mouse (Xl-747H)

Bonus: comparing mice!

Let's stand off the way of the leader, Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse, and begin the description with this very model.

Stylish design, special ergonomics making the mouse look humpbacked. It is creative but comfortable, such a form prevents the hand from getting tired during multiple gaming hours while comfortable placement of buttons saves your forces and reduces the time of your reaction for better performance. To put it simply, it multiples your chances to survive and respond to the enemy.

Corsair Vengeance M65 mouse: photo

A 8200 dpi laser sensor of Corsair Vengeance M65is an excellent value. This shows a high quality and convenience for various players. Weight adjustment is referred to bottom aluminium bolts. They don’t much affect the overall weight, of coarse, so I’d recommend that you leave them twisted and forget about them. Because they are always getting lost, and you are searching for them elsewhere… The wire has tissue windings and it is clear why this model is considered to be the top one for today.

The price:Check the current price

Could a mouse by A4tech challenge such a power? Let's look closer to it.

A4Tech X7 Laser Gaming Mouse has a standard appearance and can be bought in different colours. Let me cover its cons: the colour is whatever you want because the body is made of ordinary plastic and you can have everything you want printed on it. Ergonomics is standard for mice belonging to the office sector, this is neither bad nor good. Don't expect hours-long marathons as your hand would get tired. A4Tech X7has an appropriate number of buttons, but they are nonprogrammable, while the Corsair have a fine and extremely pleasant adjustment.

A4TechX7 Laser Gaming Mouse: photo

The wire windings are tissular, but it doesn't save A4Tech X7 from the sinking ship that they gor on board of by setting such a price. Additionally, the mouse isn't symmetric, sorry, lefties. But let's not tell lies, the top model has the same trouble.

In fact, the developers rarely care about players that don't belong to the common sector. I even wouldn't decide for you what to buy, I order and conjure you not to waste your money and buy a high-quality and cool device.

Let's sum it up!

Shooters are useful. They don't cultivate aggression and maniacal propensity, instead they help to relieve the stress after a tensed working or studies day. It’s about just sitting and relaxing or take part in real events reproduced on the screen. Choose the best shooter mouse for you taking into account with my tips, and you won’t regret it, your leisure will become even better. The most important thing is not to carry weapons out of a game! Peace and love to everyone!