What is a Shower Drain Hair Catcher? A shower drain hair catcher will save you a lot of money on plumber costs in the long run, as it can prevent the shed hair that comes off the human body and head, from clogging up in your pipes or blocking off your drain and flooding your tub.

Everyone sheds hair in the shower, as hair does, despite popular myths, constantly shed and grow back. Baldness isn’t the result of all the hair just falling off and running out, but a follicular dysfunction in the scalp. Thus, over time, every shower drain begins to accumulate unpleasant wet tangles of hair that slow down its draining capabilities.

A shower drain hair catcher is usually just a cup or bowl-like insert that can sit under the stopper and inside the shower drain. It’s made of a fine mesh which allows water, soap and shampoo to pass unencumbered, but captures the hair.

This makes cleaning the hair out, while still vaguely gross, far less of an unpleasant ordeal as you simply remove the catcher, dump the hair out, give it a quick rinse, and reinsert it into the drain. This is a must for people with septic tanks, which can be badly stopped up by hair clogs.

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