What is a Keyboard Vacuum? A keyboard vacuum is a remarkably helpful tool for anyone who frequently uses a keyboard, and especially for those whom tend to eat at their computers. The space underneath and between the keys of a keyboard accumulate dust, cigarette ash and food crumbs over time, which can shorten the lifespan of a keyboard, cause keys to stick, gum up the mechanics of better designs, and can attract things like ants and cockroaches as well.

Compressed duster does help some, but short of completely dismantling the keyboard to clean it, your best bet is a keyboard vacuum. This is a tiny vacuum cleaner with a tiny hose that can get between and underneath the keys. They’re usually battery-powered though rechargeable USB variants are becoming very popular for obvious reasons.

These little vacuums are quiet, easy to use, and very affordable. If you make avail of one of these, you can expect a decent keyboard to last for upwards of three years longer than otherwise, greatly reducing the number of times you need to spend money on a new keyboard and in getting used to the spacing of it as well.

Do not attempt to use a larger portable vacuum cleaner, or anything bigger, on a keyboard, as it will eat the keys and damage the contact sheets underneath the keys.

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