What is a Nose Warmer? A nose warmer isn’t something that one sees nearly as often as a face mask, ski-mask or other face protection in cold weather. It’s basically just a knit (or sometimes fabric) component which straps over the nose, protecting it from numbness and reddening in extreme cold.

These aren’t new, as in many cultures where extreme cold is commonplace, nose warmers are a common thing. However, in many modern cultures, they are less popular because to anyone from a culture where these haven’t long been commonplace, it can be perceived to be a bit “silly”. However, with their growth in popularity among younger generations which adore anything knit, this sentiment is more common among older people simply unaccustomed to seeing them.

Nose warmers are often decorative, with additional details to make them look like little animal faces, or to possess special knit or crochet patterns like pixel art, or the like. They’ve become very popular in Washington and the rest of the Pacific Northwest, but haven’t quite caught on in other parts of the country quite yet. They will work to keep your nose warm, which is a healthy thing to do. You may get the occasional odd stare for now, though.

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