What are Heated Socks? Heated socks are standard socks with various approaches to integrated heating to combat a problem with the human circulatory system. The heart has to work very hard to pump blood to the feet, and a lot of body heat is lost through the feet, and the blood is at its coolest by the time it reaches feet.

This is why, in the winter, hands and feet become much colder much more quickly than other parts of the body. While good boots or shoes and thick socks do help, they only serve to trap what heat is already provided, which does little for sustained comfort.

Heated socks usually use a battery-powered low-energy heater mesh which provides ambient warmth to the feet. The lining and heating mechanisms can be removed to allow the socks to be machine-washable, and us usually a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a USB charging interface.

These socks come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, making them great for any occasion where you’re exposed to the cold for a significant length of time. This is beneficial to circulation, and a great way to reduce the risk of frost bite, or severe foot damage with diabetics and those with cardiac problems or whom are on blood thinners which make them much more susceptible to the cold.

10 Best-Selling Heated Socks Comparative Table