What are Touchscreen Gloves? One of the biggest modern problems with gloves (aside from it being hard for many people to find gloves that fit quite right) is the lack of ability to operate touchscreens with them. Touchscreens are an annoying technology for a number of reasons, but their biggest weakness is that they only respond to capacitive material. These materials include the soft rubber at the end of styluses and human skin.

Touchscreen gloves have similar capacitive rubber at the fingertips which makes touchscreens respond well while keeping your hands warm. This is a perfect product for someone that lives in a climate that gets cold enough to call for gloves, which is a large portion of North America and Europe.

Touchscreen gloves are generally not useful as work gloves, though work gloves with this feature do exist – the capacitive material tends to be badly damaged quickly with the work glove versions.

Touchscreen gloves come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes, and are generally machine washable, though they should not be washed in hot water, nor should the drier be set to exceptionally hot, as the capacitive rubber material is susceptible to extreme heat and particularly acidic detergent.

Finally, you can use your phone in winter without your fingers freezing – this is a real problem these days.

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