What is a Battery-Powered Snow Blower? Anyone who lives in an area that gets moderate to heavy snowfall in the winter can vouch for the blessing that is a snow blower. Shoveling snow is an insult-to-injury scenario, having to put back-breaking labor into manually removing snow, just so you can go to school or work.

A snow blower utilizes a rotary and an air compression system to lift and throw the snow off of the pavement and into your yard (or your neighbor’s yard if you dislike them). Traditionally, snow blowers were once gas-powered monstrosities, but electric ones became popular in the 1950s.

Battery-powered snow blowers have the advantage of first, not running over their cords (this will destroy a snow blower), having more mobility, and being much quieter as well. They utilize a high-capacity lithium-ion battery similar to what other cordless power tools use, which can recharge quickly and work for a few hours at a time, unless the snow is particularly wet and thus heavy.

They don’t require being warmed up like some older snow blowers, and are much lighter in weight. They do tend to require oil, just like gas-powered alternatives, but other than that, are very green and very power-smart. If you live in an area that gets at least six inches of snow at a given time in the winter, you want one of these.

10 Best-Selling Battery Powered Snow Blowers Comparative Table