What is the best battery-powered snow blower? First, you should choose a trusted brand that is well-established on the market. Secondly, the device should be lightweight and portable as this is one of the major strong points of cordless snow blowers. Most battery-powered models offer 40 volts of power from a battery. Since cordless snow blowers are not intended for clearing large areas, there is no reason to pay the extra money for models with an 80V battery. Another important factor to consider is running time, which should be about one hour on a charge. And finally, consider convenience. Models with headlights and ergonomic handles will make your work easier and more comfortable. We believe that Snow Joe iON18SB fits these criteria best.

What is a Battery-Powered Snow Blower? A snow blower utilizes a rotary and an air compression system to lift and throw the snow off of the pavement and into your yard (or your neighbor’s yard if you dislike them). Traditionally, snow blowers were once gas-powered monstrosities, but electric ones became popular in the 1950s.

Battery-powered snow blowers have the advantage of first, not running over their cords (this will destroy a snow blower), having more mobility, and being much quieter as well. They utilize a high-capacity lithium-ion battery similar to what other cordless power tools use, which can recharge quickly and work for a few hours at a time, unless the snow is particularly wet and thus heavy.

They don’t require being warmed up like some older snow blowers, and are much lighter in weight. They do tend to require oil, just like gas-powered alternatives, but other than that, are very green and very power-smart. If you live in an area that gets at least six inches of snow at a given time in the winter, you want one of these.

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What Are The Different Types of Snowblower Batteries?

In this review, we have covered snowblowers with 40V and 80V batteries. The Volt (V) is the unit of the battery output voltage. The difference between these two options is that the latter has a lower operating current than the former with the same battery capacity. That being said, 80V batteries have a number of advantages:

  • The reduced current improves the lifetime of a battery and all other electrical components of the snowblower.
  • 80V batteries allow for using brushless motors that have better wear-resistance properties and feature a higher motor efficiency.
  • Motors equipped with such batteries tend to have higher torque. The higher torque will allow the machine to better handle hard snow.

40V batteries are the most common for the snowblower market. They have a capacity of 4.0 Ah or 5.0 Ah and can run for up to an hour. 

While being less powerful and more sensitive to cold than other types of snow blowers, cordless models have a number of strong points. Let’s take a look at them.

Battery-powered vs gas-powered snow blowers

  • Battery-powered electric models are cleaner and eco-friendly. Fuel used by gas snow blowers pollutes the environment. 
  • Cordless snow blowers are easy to store. When it comes to gas-powered snow blowers, you have to store gas containers properly to avoid fire and other risks. Moreover, you will need to regularly change liquids and clean small components. Battery-powered units do not require any special maintenance.
  • They are cost-efficient. Electric machines are inexpensive in operation. Buying fuel is an extra expenditure, which makes the product much pricier in the long run.
  • Gas snow blowers are very noisy. This could be particularly disturbing at nighttime or early in the morning when your family members and neighbors are sleeping. Let alone the fact that prolonged exposure to noise will harm your hearing. Battery-powered machines do not produce much noise and this is another plus.
  • Gas models are heavier and harder to operate. This could be a problem for homeowners who need to clear snow from bumpy areas and have to lift the machine from time to time. Battery-operated snow blowers are typically very lightweight, which is actually their major advantage.
  • And finally, electric snow blowers are easier to start, just push a button and that’s it! Whereas gas machines need pulling.

Battery-powered vs corded electric snow blowers

  • When using a battery-powered snow blower, you do not need to bother about extension cords and having access to a power outlet.  
  • They are portable and easy to operate, meaning you will do the job faster. This property partially makes up for the main downside to this type of snowblowers — a short runtime.
  • Some battery-powered models show better performance in the cold than others. For example, in Earthwise models, batteries are located as close as possible to engines. Such a design distinguishes these models favorably from others as it enhances battery lifetime. 

Who Makes The Best Battery-Powered Cordless Electric Snow Blowers?

There are several trusted brands of battery-powered snow blowers, so let’s take a closer look at them. 

American Lawn Mower Co. boasts a long history going back to the 1890s. Founded in Chicago as a lawn mower manufacturer, the company has developed a diversified business and now offers a wide range of products.

One of the company’s brands, Earthwise, includes not only mowers but also chainsaws, trimmers, and snow throwers. The cordless options of Earthwise snow blowers are equipped with 40V 4Ah Lithium batteries. The maximum clearing width of these models amounts to 18 inches. They move up to 500 pounds of snow per minute and come with LED headlights.

Snow Joe was set up in 2004 and today is well known for its high-quality and innovative outdoor tools. The first product launched by the company was an affordable electric snow shovel. Today, its product line includes not only snow blowers of various types but also lawn mowers, tillers, and trimmers. Seven years ago, Snow Joe experts created the iON battery-operated snow blower. The company claims that this innovative product is the first cordless snow blower that shows truly high performance.

If you look at the Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO model, you will see that it features a wider 21-inch clearing width and can be safely used to clear large areas and driveways. This machine has a higher capacity than Earthwise models and can move up to 660 pounds of snow per minute. The product comes with a 40V 5.0Ah battery that lasts on a charge for more than one hour. No wonder that all these advantages made the product more expensive and you will have to shell out some $350 to get this machine.

Greenworks was established in 2007 as a producer of outdoor power equipment. In 2013, the company introduced the line of G-MAX 40V Li-ion battery-powered machines and the following year, it came up with the line of 80V Li-ion outdoor tools. Today, Greenworks has both European and North American headquarters, with its products being sold worldwide.

Its product range includes 40V, 60V, and 80V battery-powered snow blowers at a price ranging from $250 to $500. This GreenWorks 2600402 model Pro comes with an 80V 2Ah battery and has a 20-inch clearing width. This machine has a shorter runtime than the Snow Joe model — 45 minutes — while the product has the same price.

If you want an even more portable device, Snow Joe iON13SS Cordless Brushless Snow Shovel will be the best choice. The product comes with a 40V battery that provides about 50 minutes of runtime. With a weight of about 14 pounds, this item is easy to lift and move around. It will be useful for homeowners who need to quickly and effortlessly clear small areas, such as sidewalks and patios.

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