What is a Portable Massage Chair? A portable massage chair is a chair-shaped insert that can lay over a car seat, regular chair, or section of a couch. Portable massage chairs are almost always corded due to the resistive motors included. These usually have massage functions for the upper, middle and lower back, with some doing upper leg and gluteal massage as well as shoulder massages.

An attached or wireless remote control can control the pattern, frequency and intensity. Generally, these massagers are based around Shiatsu, which is a pressure-oriented form of deep tissue massage. If you don’t like Shiatsu, and not everyone does, then you will specifically need to seek out a Swedish massage, or vibration/concussive massage model, of which many do exist.

Some of these also provide a heating feature, which is excellent for combatting muscle tenseness, inflammation and joint pain. Portable massage chairs usually come with straps to attach them to car seats, as well as car voltage adapters for USB or cigarette lighter interfaces.

Target demographics are people with muscle pains, back or shoulder problems, or those who just particularly find a massage helpful on long trips.

10 Best-Selling Portable Massage Chairs Comparative Table