What are Nerf Rival Guns? Nerf is, first and foremost, a toy brand, owned by Hasbro (though originally by Parker Brothers of board game fame). However, a wide variety of toys in this same category have come to be known as Nerf rival guns, regardless the actual branding. This is not unlike all building block toys being called Lego despite not being made by Lego, or video games being called a “Nintendo” even if it’s a Sony product.

Nerf rival guns are various toy projectile weapons which fire foam rubber ammunition. This ammunition, while slightly weighted to fly a straight trajectory, has very little tensile strength, making it impossible to actually injure a person or even small animal. They’re also not particularly capable of property damage, short of perhaps knocking breakable things off of shelves at a close range.

While some parents may disapprove of war games, Nerf rival guns are an excellent and safe way for children (or even adults) to burn energy, get exercise, and burn off those aggressive tendencies we all naturally have.

Nerf rival guns exist to mimic a host of weapons from pistols and automatic weapons, to crossbows, bows and arrows, rocket launchers, and a host of nonexistent science fiction weapons. All Nerf rival guns comply with toy gun regulations that prevent them from being mistaken for real weapons by civilians and law enforcement. Nerf also makes toy swords.

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