What’s a Turkey Fryer? A turkey fryer is a large-sized deep fryer designed specifically to safely fry a turkey. We’ve all heard the many (admittedly a little funny) stories about people trying to deep fry a turkey on Thanksgiving, and the mishaps that come with this. Most of the time, it’s due to people not understanding thermodynamics. Thus, they put a turkey, still frozen, into oil hundreds of degrees in temperature. This causes the frozen turkey, full of ice and other frozen fluids, to violently explode.

Fire is often used to heat drums of oil for this makeshift approach, which then ignites, making the explosion a fireball. People get hurt.

A turkey fryer doesn’t eliminate the need for the turkey to be thawed – you can never put a frozen thing into superheated oil and expect it to end well. Do not try to deep fry anything frozen, no matter what tool you’re trying to use for this Quixotic plan. However, this does allow for even, safe frying of the turkey by providing the proper support, enclosure, apparatus to lower the turkey into the oil, and eliminates the use of fire, thus ensuring that the oil will never ignite.

Turkey fryers are generally electric, safe to use even inside a house, and include a timer, heat regulation panel, and all of the splash and splatter guards of any other deep fryer.

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