Eat your favorite fried food without feeling guilty! Advanced technologies will allow you to enjoy the taste of crispy crusts and, at the same time, not to get extra calories. In this guide, we have examined major brands of this kind of kitchen appliances, their mode of operation and main distinctions.

How Rotisserie Ovens Work

A rotisserie oven includes a single or several spits mounted within an oven. The food item rotates at various speeds, depending on what you are cooking. So large parts of meat should be cooked at speeds ranging from 3 to 1 rpm. When the exterior starts to crust, the rotation rate is adjusted down so that juices could stay on.

While each model has its own peculiarities, there are some features common to most of them. Let’s take a look at the GoWISE USA Deluxe model that is highly rated by customers and can serve as a typical example of a good-quality air fryer with rotisserie.

With a capacity of 12.7 quarts, this air fryer is considered to be one of the largest on the market and will suit a big family. It comes with three rack levels, 15 presets and a built-in rotisserie that provides enough space to fit even a whole chicken. In addition to the unit itself, the package includes ten accessories, such as a rod, tong, and cage for rotisserie, as well as a drip pan, mesh basket, and trays.

How Does It Differ From Traditional Frying Methods?

Rotisserie is a style of roasting where the food item is skewered on a long rod while it is being roasted in an oven. These appliances will allow you to prepare fried food in a healthier way and cook faster. This is because they require little oil and, therefore, the food is lower in calories, fat, and some harmful compounds.

While frying, a rotisserie oven requires less oil than a regular deep fryer as the food item is constantly rotating. Although the food cooked in such appliance does not have the same taste and texture as the deep-fried one, it has a nice crispy exterior, something that gives it a special flavor.

What Are The Types of Rotisserie Ovens?

Basically, you have two options. The first one is to buy a dedicated rotisserie oven that are in demand among those who cook multiple items at a time. These appliances take up much space but save your time, particularly when you need to serve numerous guests at your party.

The second option is to use a multifunctional air fryer oven that comes with a rotisserie function. These devices come with a built-in fan that circulates hot air around the food at high speed, creating a crispy layer. It can cook fried beef, frozen vegetables, chicken nuggets, fries, cheese sticks, and pizza bites in a healthy way.

Yes, you will be able to prepare just a few portions simultaneously, but such a device usually combines multiple functions and eliminates the need for having some other appliances on your countertop, for example, a dehydrator. The downside is that air fryers are small-capacity appliances (from 2 to about 6 quarts) designed to prepare a maximum of 6 portions at a time.

Although rotisserie and air frying are dry cooking methods, they belong to different cooking techniques. While the former falls into the category of radiation when energy is transferred by waves of heat striking the food, the latter cooks using the convection mechanism.

As for air fryers, they can be either paddle-type or basket-type. The former are more expensive but do not require human intervention during the process of cooking. The less pricey basket-type models are not so automated and you may have to stir or turn the food yourself. In addition, you will need to coat the item in fat before placing it into the basket.

There are also versatile convection ovens that come with air frying functions and are designed to be used for multiple purposes. However, these ovens have a shorter life span and generally require human intervention.

What Are The Major Brands Of Rotisserie Ovens?

Philips is a brand that needs no introduction. The company produces a wide range of quality products including rotisserie ovens that are available in sizes from compact to XXL. The latter will allow you to prepare up to 6 portions of healthy food. Another internationally recognized manufacturer is Cuisinart, an American company established in the USA in the 1970s that is well known for its kitchen appliances. It offers versatile rotisserie ovens that combine multiple functions in one machine, meaning they can replace certain appliances on the countertop, such as food dehydrators.

GoWISE USA is a Phoenix-based company that currently produces more than 15 models of rotisserie ovens of different size and set of functions. They are well-made and popular with customers. You will also like a model offered by Black & Decker Corporation, an American manufacturer that was set up in 1910, and now focuses on kitchen hardware and home improvement products. A broad range of products from under $100 to $300 is offered by NutriChef company located in Brooklyn, N.Y.

While being affordable, SimpleTaste products come with numerous smart cooking programs. Breville, an Australian company that has created the original sandwich toaster, offers a smart oven that can air-fry and dehydrate food. Another brand is NuWave, which is primarily known for its oven that was the first to combine infrared, conduction and convection heat. Its Brio digital appliances boast innovative design and advanced LCD display. There are also other trustworthy brands, such as COSORI, Dash, T-fal, and Secura that offer products at a various price level and are likely to suit your needs.

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