Again, hello, everybody! Today, right after this article, you will be able to boast to your friends or, fairly accidentally and even slightly arrogantly, to tell your colleagues about further development of TORQ branch represented by the x5l, x5, x3 line. If they ask who was one of the first to produce a worthy review of the novelty with not only enumerating what the developer has written on the box, but also possessing real people's opinions, I won't keep silence. The world has the right to know its heroes.

The TORQ line is the offspring of the American company EVGA. But let me make certain amendments: it is famous and really cool in the field of videocards and motherboards. The mouse-manufacturing field has just been explored by them, and they have already succeeded.

Features Of EVGA TORQ Mice

I won't consider the three devices in distinct categories. If the developer didn't bother differentiating his three (the whole three! that's really a lot!) mice, then I won't as well. Let's cover general data first. All the models are equipped with a wire, have eight programmable buttons, their own software for accurate adjustment, which really works.

Their operating frequency is 1000 Hz, they have the diminished constant of friction, inner memory of 512 Kb, which perfectly suffices 5 profiles. Each mouse is symmetric, which means that it suits both right-handed and left-handed users. Their differences: x5l and x5 announce a life cycle of 20 billion clicks versus x3's 10 billion. The major difference consists in their different working bodies. Each mouse has its own sensor, and I will enumerate them beginning with the first one:

Then let's go through some details. Two elder models are equipped with an RGB lightening, there is the possibility to choose the colour of twinkling according to your taste. The younger one has only red colour.

EVGA TORQ X5L gaming mouse

TORQ x5L x5, x3 Gaming Mice' prices

The youngest mouse TORQ X3, X5 and the eldest TORQ X5L. The increasing sensor sensitivity from the youngest mouse to the eldest one calls forth the difference in prices – that is the final conclusion to be drawn.

Gamers' reviews

There hasn't been any possibility to carry out a long test but I have already the first news, and they're good. For 50 positive reviews there are only one or two negative ones, which is quite a good statistics. Assembly quality, material and response are at poles.

What is interesting, is that even evident newbies have improved their skills. What is explained with is a mystery. My speculations: good ergonomics combined with accuracy and response is the winning formula.

Negative points: the button of switching dpi-on-fly is placed in the crevice under the wheel. And if your game is rather eccentric, you can fall onto it. And that is all. So, the case against it isn't convincing.

Let's sum it up!

The mouse cannot be called an extra-class model. But this is a confident top position for those needing no super options and wishing a cross-functional device for various games.

As if you start playing with a super mouse for MMO with hosts of programmable buttons and low accuracy, as the contrary hasn't been required, in shooter the result will be worse than while playing with an ordinary mouse. So I recommend this device for those seeking cross-functionality and comfort!