An avalanching all-flank siege of a castle, being forced through a secret passage - whose plan was won from a spot in a pub?

A well-orchestrated counter-terrorism operation, though somebody still went to take B instead of A?

Or you and your 4 best friends prefer beating lames at mid? These and a host of other delights are possible thanks to modern game industry.

A modern game is a genuine piece of art. But to enjoy these benefits to the full, or sometimes just to launch a game, you need a powerful piece of iron. Some get wrapped up in searching for necessary hardware, seeking the ideal combination of components to ensure better performance, others just rely on a shop assistant's expertise and choice.

But what is true is that every earnest gamer is to choose on their own "sword of glory" - their personal mouse.

The best decision will be made only after you have pestered your clanmates' with questions: "Do you like your Razer?" when you have read a great deal of articles on the web about the right ergonomic aspects and best slide, and when your friends and acquaintances have stopped talking to you about gaming as they know what it will lead to.

It is only then that the genuine searcher will cool their eagerness and understand: This is it.. This is what I have been searching for! Well finally, you can choose from the best of the legends of gaming mice.

Today our review is dedicated to the top gaming mice 2015

Just to keep things simple, luckily no surprise has emerged. All mega-mouse-manufacturers reign supreme.

And, evidently, all the leaders are to be considered within different classifications and categories - as you cannot say definitively whether a Mercedes or a BMW is cooler, or if Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee is a tougher guy.

Let everyone mind their own business while we are actually moving on to what we are here for – let's detect the leaders, slag the outsiders off, and have a talk. 


This is for those wishing to plunge into once-glorious world of orcs and elves and (nowadays) of not fairly unsuspicious pandas, vampires, werewolves and other rubbish. Yes, exactly for those having chosen World of Warcraft or other more or less popular MMORPGs.

Like I do, you know that an ideal balance and super-precision seem to be no soap here - while your hand feeling comfortable in hour-long raids and, primarily, convenience of the layout for using all your spells in a sudden PVP duel (when vultures are taking you in the rear) are what is genuinely necessary.

Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse

This is one of the best representatives of this sector. I've never come across such a cascade of buttons intended for binds, apart from geek frills. All the buttons are loosely pushed with your right thumb with no accidental activations detected.

mouse for mmorpg Razer Naga: photo

It is very comfortable, and you can promptly respond to your enemies. Response time is perfect. Were you to have a powerful machine, the device can be adjusted to the frequency of 1000 Hz - which will allow you to cast damn near with your own hands. Razer Naga Gaming Mouse is an efficient and pleasant gadget. I give it a firm “five.”

Razer Naga: Check the current price

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To fight against the in a shooters, you will need a best gaming mouse of a somehow different design. You won't need a large number of programmable buttons, overall. The major requirement are high-quality materials, top DPI, and a comfortable size for the hand not to slide during crucial moments. Any high-quality mouse seems to meet such requirements. This would be true if a flagship mouse didn’t loom on the horizon.

The Corsair company - which is not widely known on the market of mouse-manufacturing - has brought joy to the rank and file and those who have used plenty of mice. Let's talk about its “offspring.”

Corsair Vengeance M65 Gaming Mouse

This mouse has perfectly integrated into the market during 2014 and hasn’t lost momentum in 2015. Corsair Vengeance M65 has eight programmable buttons, as well as a button in charge of “sniper mode” - which lowers DPI and provides more accurate control.

gaming mouse corsair vengeance m65: photo

Particularly fuddy gamers can choose a suitable weight by trying out the included weights, and even switch them in action. Accompanied with such a comrade-in-arms as the Corsair Vengeance M65, you can go on and scout Hitman and CS.

Corsair Vengeance M65: Check the current price

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The next important field of game industry is RTS - Real-Time Strategy games. As a habit let's first define what such a genre needs from a mouse.

Ideal scrolling. It shouldn't be fast to the extremes (where by doing a semi-wheel you are already in the top right corner though you just wanted to change the view) but ideal – precise, fast and high-quality. Laser accuracy is needed in order to select and unerringly move a worker away from a crowd of lance knights, if he again gets there, instead of sending an army of wally knights to erect hutments.

A great number of programmable buttons is of no use. In such global games you will never bind all you need - but thinking over your further steps, you can simply go wool-gathering and spend all the treasury on peasants at one wrong click.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma - Multi-Color Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

This mouse is announced as a major contender for “The Best RTS mouse 2015!” In this top list, this is already the second representative of the Razer line. The name of this item might not be quite ideal - but due to its smooth form and comfortable set in the hand, it enjoys leadership.

Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse: photo

As Michelangelo said, “I take a block of stone and hew away all the odd.” The Razer DeathAdder has nothing odd. Comfortable design, pleasant material – what else do you need to be happy?

Razer DeathAdder Chroma: Check the current price


When considering the favorites in different genres of the game industry, I'd like to answer a question of the readers that might have already come to fruition: “What if I enjoy having a wander, and playing Lineage, and in the evening even World of Tanks - would I have to buy ten mice?” Well, those who want to will do it - but evidently, medium gamers with medium income don’t need to keep a herd of mice.

Next, we are going to touch upon a pair of cross-functional models, suitable for tackling various issues. These mice will suffice various kinds of games and, of course, be perfect for studies and work (we still remember what we were buying an i7 PC with a 4+ GB graphics card and 8+ GB of RAM for – naturally, to tap texts in Microsoft Word).

A4tech Bloody Series Gaming mouse (v7)

A cross-functional premium-class mouse.

On the market Bloody V7 Gaming mouse

gaming mouse Bloody V7: photo

This mouse’s smooth sliding is owed to its four bottom boards. The top isn't designed in a classic A4Tech way: The bottom is sharpened and a lightning graphic is added. Personally, I didn't appreciate such a solution, but having discussed it with my brothers in arms, I concluded that the attitude of people towards this element was highly subjective.

A tissue coverage of wire - appropriate length and standard USB - form a perfect set to connect to any machine.

The distinctive feature of this model is the software to be downloaded from the developer's website. It’s comprised of the same precise setting as any other gaming software - writing macros, programming keys, all-category adjustments.

But there are three modes for shooters, the third one – the one of kick suppression in various games – being paid for. If you need it, don't hesitate to add another $20 to the price. But do you actually need it? Yes - it is cool, comfortable and even works, but no cheat saves from exceptional skills.

Bloody V7: Check the current price

Etekcity Scroll X1: 2400 DPI Programmable Wired USB Gaming Mouse, Omron Micro Switches

If we compare mice to soccer, this one is a midfielder. This comparison is basically enough to describe it comprehensively, as it reveals its advantages and disadvantages. The main drawback is that this mouse is not specialized. It is far from being perfect and it is not adjusted to a certain gaming genre. However, if you don’t consider yourself to be a super gamer, if your habits are not limited to playing a single favorite gaming, and you enjoy variety, then buying this mouse is justified.

Etekcity Scroll X1

Those who constantly play MMORPG will notice a catastrophic lack of keys. The dpi is too low for professionally playing shooters. Moreover, if dpi cannot be adjusted, then an extra scroll along the map will be equal to attacking NPC polar bears rather than the enemies’ headquarters.

The technical characteristics of this mouse correspond to its price. The dpi range of 800-2400 dpi is small yet most popular. This indicator changes instantly, which can offset somehow low dpi for playing shooters. It’s important to be able to increase it instantaneously when aiming and then right away to decrease it when playing in the sniper mode. You won’t iterate the values as you will simply return to the initial dpi.

The heavy rear part of the mouse makes the cheap plastic case steadier. The cable is enjoyably and conveniently braided. Omron’s micro switches respond all and barely tap. We recommend this mouse to all those who do not strive to win the medals in e-sports and simply want to spend some quiet night time playing their favorite game without spending too much money.

Price: Check the current price

Best left handed mouse

I can't leave out of the account of one gamer category according to their physical features, which are lefties

There are so many items of daily life that are not adopted for using with a left hand, but there are game devices for these southpaws.

By the way, over the past 80 years the number of lefties has increased from 5% to 17% in the world. Perhaps in the near future no one would shout in surprise “Oh damn, are you lefty?!” Regarding gadgets, I recommend symmetric mice. To put it simply, those whose left and right sides are the same, having no additional buttons and things like that. These models will suffice for games requiring a few programmable buttons: FPS, RTS, etc.

But a MMO mouse is another question. Hosts of buttons which are not comfortable to use is a torture. And this is where the above-discussed Razer Naga gets crowned with the garland of victory. Well, actually not exactly to this very model, but to its “sister” —

Razer Naga Left Handed MMO Gaming Mouse

Strictly speaking, this is the same mouse, but the programmable buttons are transmitted to the right side, under the left thumb. Taking care of all customer groups, advertising tricks, and the whole capture of this field of the market - these are what competitors are jealous of and weeping for, and gamers are joyful about.

gaming mouse Razer Naga Left Hand: photo


Razer Naga Left Handed: Check the current price

It would be useful to pay attention to mice from the angle which is called styles of grip. This issue concerns proficiency gamers, they will get at once what we are talking about. I’ll explain everything to loggerheads, and they will tell me later what your style of grip is.



gaming mouse Logitech G700s: photo

The hand rests on the mouse, with extended fingers. The most relaxed style of grip - it suffices for games where flash-like reaction is not necessary, and relaxed gaming manner is acceptable. For such gaming, big mice are good, such as the Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse - an excellent MMO model, as this very genre of games fits the description above.

Logitech G700s: Check the current price

The following styles are more popular among gamers.


Steelseries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse: photo

It at least sounds very cool. Everything is similar to the previous style, but button pressing is done with fingertips. I cannot draw a distinctive line between this means and the previous version - everyone chooses what they deem more comfortable for them. For this style of grip, it is recommended to consider mice with wards onto the buttons designed for fingers. One of them could be a Steelseries Kinzu v2 Optical Gaming Mouse (check the current price). This is a minimalistic mouse suiting this gaming style.

Steelseries Kinzu v2: Check the current price


gaming Zowie Gear mouse: photo

The palm not touching the mouse, the thumb, the ring finger, and the little finger are controlling the mouse while the index finger and the middle finger press the buttons with their balls. This is helpful in shooters and MOBA games, where even a delay of one second is an unattainable luxury. Due to this means, the reaction improves by multiple times. Pressing buttons takes less time, the hand is always flexible. I’d recommend to consider the Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse (Check the current price). It is a classic mouse without unnecessary extras, but plain form contributes to such a gaming style.

Zowie Gear: Check the current price

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If while looking through the whole model line, it occurs to you that “everything is cool, but it is so expensive!”, I completely understand you. Of course, if you want high quality, commodity and the best performance, then you will have to pay for it. But you can still find quite a good option for you.

If seeking a cheaper gaming mouse, but not the best device in PC Gaming Mice category, pay attention to the Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse. It has 6 buttons, two of which are programmable. A 2000 dpi sensor - not much, but passable to begin with. Its distinctive feature is that amid its high number of sales, the percentage of negative reviews is lower than 1% - which tend to be related either with personal dissatisfaction or vendor's negligence.

gaming mouse Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS-2000 DPI: photo

A long USB cable, teflon boards for better gliding are what characterize far from ideal but the best accessible mouse that you can buy or check out our review of the best budget gaming mice by Redragon, Anker, Etekcity and SteelSeries to decide is it worth to buy low-priced gaming mouse.

Redragon M601: Check the current price


As we have started talking about various mouse characteristics, we should remember the size of a device itself. And, of course, it is of great importance not because of the table surface it occupies, but because of the size of gamer's palms.

Personally, I have faced the problem of too little mice from time to time. I, as the proprietor of big palms, am a great deal worried about such devices and, what's worse, using them. But at the same time I, due to my working field, often communicate with female gamers which are generally miniature creatures. And when I see her sitting with a huge mouse in her hands, it seems to me that she has trouble even moving it.

But small mice refer not only to females. There are also males with small palms by nature. So, firstly, the size of a mouse varies only according to some physical characteristics, and not gender. Secondly, choose a mouse with regard to your needs, and your capabilities will soar up.

Let's consider some devices for different “weight” categories.


If God granted you with long palms, then you should choose your mouse carefully! This model will perfectly suit you.

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

It is a full gaming mouse, capable of providing comfort during the game. If you chose the mouse by its size - don't attach much importance to one particular game, but rather seek cross-functionality. And Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse does have it.

mouse for big palm Logitech G502: photo

A Swedish patented laser ensures great accuracy, 11 programmable buttons allow to make host of cool binds, the system of plummets adjusts for the ideal weight. A USB cable with tough tissue coverage will serve you faithfully and loyally. Is there are some nuances remaining and occurs some inconvenience, then you either are a perfectionist or just kidding. Special software comes with it.

Extremely precise adjustment of each characteristic irons out all doubts. The percentage of positive reviews exceeds 95%. This is a very good value amid a fairly great amount of sales. I recommend it to all.

Logitech G502: Check the current price


Do they call you if they need to extract a tiny object from a small hole? Well, you are likely to prefer a small but flexible mouse for your gaming achievements.

But, to a large extent, the field of small mice isn't intended for game industry. On the whole, these are mice for laps whose portability allows you to carry them. But we are not satisfied with that, and we have found quite a pleasant and practical model for the proprietors of small palms.

Etekcity® Scroll T-142 Optical Gaming Mouse

Before I start, let me tell you that this model belongs to the accessible field of the market and is unlikely to suit advanced gamers, but is certain to meet the majority of requirements. With its low price, the Etekcity® Scroll T-142 Gaming Mouse has the memory for 5 ready-to-play profiles. In other words, data is preserved in the mouse itself and can be used if connected to other machines. The DPI ceiling is mediocre – 4000 dpi, which is not sufficient for shooters. It is possible to play, of course, but not in the best way.

gaming mouse Etekcity® Scroll T-142

Well, this device has no peculiarities to highlight. It is just a good small mouse for a medium price. If you don't spend all day and night gaming, but when you get seated, you want to control the process in a decent manner, then this is a good option. Reviews support it, people dissatisfied with it are those who were expecting a supermouse (Check the current price).

Let's sum it up!

Choosing a best gaming mouse for personal use is an extremely individual step. Everyone makes a choice according to their finances, gaming capabilities and needs. It is up to you to decide upon your requirements. To choose a model that suits everyone for everything is almost as simple as finding the Holy Grail or completing the mission with a helicopter in GTA Vice City.

Pay attention to the manufacturer, material, wire length, technical characteristics, size of a mouse – I recommend to choose your best gaming mouse among the best sellers in a PC Gaming Mice category. While choosing this element of peripherals, follow your own preferences, desires, tastes, perhaps, even advice of wise friends. I want to underline – friends! And as far as modern market is concerned, I hope we helped you to feel more confident while searching.