It was a third day. We hung on with our last strength. The raid in general stood magnificently, healer and tank were turning off, but relatives were awaking them. There was one Illidan and the last try left. All or nothing!

If after these lines something contracted inside, you got the right address. Today's review will be special. I would like to devote it to all who put in weeks or months on getting treasured boots from a top set.  To those, who damned all family of your healer, when you fell, and the boss still had 1%. To those, who was getting rare mounts and simply ran around the main town, showing lameness of the others. Maybe to those, who was enchanting his weapon to the maximum, collecting ingredients and spending years, and broke it down.

Generally, to all those, who understand what is written here, and who want and is ready to be called – MMO player.

Or perhaps you only dream to understand this difficult language and plunge into the wonderful world of orсs, elves, bloody fights, alchemy, travels, openings and communication? Perhaps, you are a representative of fair sex, you managed to get involved with MMO-player, moreover to fall in love, and now you are looking for a gift for his birthday? Then take a seat more conveniently, take some tea, notepads and we will start.

Today we will plunge into the world of mice for MMO games. We will understand (what for we need it all?), how to choose a mouse, what to look on and what to be guided by. We will make a review of the top number of mice in the context of the best games of this genre. I don't consider online games with less than 100-200k players as successful projects. If you decided to play such game - think yourself what have you done.

Also we will pay attention not only to best-sellers, but also we will mention new products, we will give them a powerful spur to the occupation of the market or a strong kick to throw in a dusty corner. Let’s get down to business.

How to choose a mouse for online RPG?

Now we will learn to choose such mouse that even your mother will be proud of your purchase and will show it to her friends right after a photo, where little you is on a potty. So, below we will consider the signs that the mouse you are holding in hand is a mouse for MMO.

mouse for mmorpg

Programmable buttons - sufficient quantity. Pay attention! Not the more the better, not hundred, not two hundred, but namely as much as is proper. Optimal is from 10 to 15 buttons. Less may be not enough for you and you will have to use the keyboard. If there will be more buttons, you won't be able to use them qualitatively; you won’t be able to act intuitively – you will have to look at the mouse. And for certain the abundance of buttons will disturb you, casual actions are possible that in the game process may cost many game resources, spent time and life of your chanter.

Ergonomics - in my opinion, this genre is the most demanding to this parameter. Of course, you can play any game for a long time, but MMO is the most favourable genre for it. Well, for example: you have been collecting ingredients for three hours already to farm your helmet for your profession, do not bother anyone, and then you’re flying on the pterodactyl for another couple of hours and collect rare ingredients in unique places - there are no one here.

And then BA-A-AM, the crowd of undead decided to take your gold or just to kill. You could beat them up and even try to push the button, but no. After such marathon of idleness and the "goose foot” position your hand grew numb. You weep, call the doctor, both in game and in real life and just look how you are being damaged. To avoid this, you need to care thoroughly about the convenience of a mouse.

Sensitivity - is not a particularly important parameter for this genre. But the quality is needed, and you can't completely forget about this figure. Average parameters would be enough. You have to hit quite large game model of the enemy without problems, but not more.

Type of connection - here I can’t decide even for myself. People do not play half an hour in such games as World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Perfect World, etc. The process is protracted. Because of this, you better take the wire model, in order not to splurge on batteries. But if the process is not very tense, then you can play from the couch, and here wireless technologies will come in handy. Draw conclusions for yourself, what is more important for you.

Let’s begin to get down actively to business, as in the evening you have to farm the arena, but we haven’t chosen a mouse yet!


SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary

Let's start with a mouse, which was created specifically for one of the greatest MMO of all times from Blizzard. Two powerful brands have met - a serious bid for success. Moreover this is the second project of this tandem. This version was released as the Cataclysm patch result. Very powerful upgrade truly breathed new life into WoW and considerably simplified the game, thus it brought many disappointments to the true old-timers, which started from Classic mode.

The mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It is delivered in the original box and decorated in the game style. It’s beautiful and the developers understand that it is a good idea for a gift. The frequency is defined in 3200dpi. In principle, I agree, although I’d add a little more. The mouse is equipped with a cable, but it does not inspire confidence. Rather, something like “It’s good that it holds." On the board of the mouse there are 11 programmable buttons.

gaming mouse SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary: photo

Software is written very qualitatively. In addition to full independent setup it has 130 presets. There are mostly standard stuff, so interesting macros you will have to write yourself. Mouse claims to be the best for MMO, but not all is so radiant.

After talking with the owners, we've found out such features. Very unpleasant and uncomfortable glossy surface. Such level of self-coolness - and such a miss! And then here comes a number of negative reviews - 20% of the total number of users. Everything is connected to one and the same - longevity, it’s disgusting. Literally after a month of normal use the electronics begins to fail, and mouse breaks down. And there is an impedance for connecting to Windows 8.1.

The main thing is that everything works fine on Windows 8, and after the update to 8.1 it fails. It is clear that it’s a fault of Windows, but the fact remains. I'm not going to praise or shame the product only because everyone does it. Only sober technical and gaming reasoning and extensive analysis of the views of others.

SteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary: Check the current price

Logitech G600 MMO

Now let’s pay attention to the leaders of the world's progress. Logitech - is power. The mouse is equipped with 20 buttons. Main buttons, wheel and 12 programmable buttons. Here are convenient presets, and you can program everything for yourself.

If the amount of programmable buttons isn’t enough for you, there is a G-shift function. You hold an extra button and the keys switch to the second value. There are 3 profiles in the memory, and you can choose a backlight color from 16 million colors to each profile.  It’s practical, since it is possible to understand what profile do you use by color, and you don’t have to look in the settings.

mice Logitech G600 MMO: photo

A life time according to the results of the tests (Logitech - is one of the few companies, that I believe that they have carried out them) - is 20 million clicks, and 250 km. Immediate change of the sensitivity allows you to adapt to any game situation. Two-meter cable in tissue sheath with USB interface gives a large range of strength and freedom.

Visual appearance - classic and restraint. I like, I'm not a fan of sophisticated shape and don’t want to be afraid that my mouse will fly home on Zhelezyaka, while I’ll be sleeping.

About criticism I can say that everything is fine. With large sales there are only few negative reviews and they are based on problems with the delivery that is not associated with the manufacturer and personal dislike for Logitech. Sometimes they say that the buttons are placed closely. No! You either did not see what is closely, or you were looking for a traditional mouse to work in the office and came across this model.

Logitech G600: Check the current price

Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7

Do you like construction set? Or maybe you prefer to build and repair equipment with your own hands? Or you just want to configure once, but to make everything perfect and forever. Then this model is right for you.

The control of the user's convenience is on that high level that the package includes three spare parts for the thumb and three for little finger. And not "red, green and blue," but completely different in shape and material. Part for the wrist is adjustable in length.

I think this mouse can be called a perfect gift in terms of versatility. Whatever the lucky one be, who will get this model - he will set it for himself and will be happy. There are 17 programmable buttons. They look and are used organically, as the ergonomics is adapted by you. And besides there is an ActionLock function. LMB or RMB can be “held". It’s awesome. You no longer need to twist the button round with bandaging tape if you want to run from one end of the map to another. This problem is solved.

mouse for MMO Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7: photo

Software utility for setting keys in settings is not difficult and should not cause any problems. Beautiful backlight to your taste - I like such things. And again there is the same WoW-friendly interface. All manufacturers of MMO mice that want to reach the heights, are oriented on this game as the most durable and powerful.

What do we have concerning unpleasant moments? If you are in Miami, it won’t fit you. No, it will never burn. But the mechanism of protection and accumulation of errors is bad. In case of overheating errors occur one by one, the memory becomes full and the mouse fails, or to be more precise becomes overloaded. If there is such fear - then immediately say "no" to this purchase. By the way, there are still no positive feedbacks, so you can be first to check the mouse to stressful frost resistance.

Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7: Check the current price

Razer Naga vs Redragon Perdition 16400

And here is the promised exclusive. Two models will finish the battle for the top today. The first one Razer Naga - is a very popular model due to its level of quality and very competent marketing. The second one - Redragon Perdition - is a dark horse. Model, that is absolutely not popular, but with the declared characteristics it’s not inferior at all.

Now open or bring a microscope. The first patient is Razer Naga.

The first advantage - is a cool ergonomics. The process of choosing this version is  described on the Internet multiple times, read. The only thing I would say that 400 (!!!) variations were manufactured and the best one was chosen. There are 17 programmable buttons, the installation program is very simple, I would say, with a poor interface, but this is the essence - nothing unnecessary, simple and easy setup. Adaptation after keyboard comes quickly, after the second hour you can play Battleground already using a mouse at a decent level.

gaming mouse Razer Naga: photo

Native synchronization system from Razer is a big plus: no need reset binds when changing the computer, but for the present there are too many complaints, system is unfinished.  Sales are huge, and one distinct moment stands among the negative. Fragility. Mouse often fails after 6-8 months. Of course, this is not the great mouse fever, but the disease is common.

Razer Naga 2014: Check the current price

Now let's talk about the competitor - Redragon Perdition.

What do we have: 19 programmable buttons, 12 of which are allocated for the thumb. You can easily and conveniently reach them. Sensitivity is up to 16400dpi against 5600dpi in Naga. In MMO such figures are not needed, and where needed, I do not know. Yes, it's bigger and cooler, but what for?

You pay your money for that luxury. Lower sliding surface is made of teflon. When you will cook breakfast on your mouse, it won’t burn. Furthermore, it gives excellent glide. The cord in fabric winding, 8 lead weights for 2.4 grams for fine tuning of the weight, USB connection to all major operating systems.

And now - attention: all the flow of negativity concerning this model is enclosed in 2.5%. Only! And the main discontent - is tedious programming of the mouse. You will do it once in your life and forget. In general, you decide what to buy at almost the same price. The main thing is to believe not only brand advertising, but to decide yourself.

mouse Redragon Perdition: photo


Redragon M901: Check the current price

Let’s summarize!

MMO - is a lifestyle and a separate love for the game. My friends, boy and girl, met in the game and are raising a 2-year old child now. This is for those who say that the game is for children. There is a whole world in which many dreams come true and plans are implemented. The main thing is not to confuse it with reality and remain to live in our dimension. We have reviewed the best fighting weapon that will change the gameplay for the better. Use and win!