This guide covers TOP-30 best Thanksgiving gifts at a price ranging from $6 to $850. If your host is your family member, you should better choose a present for more than $100. If the ties are not so strong, you may opt for budget gifts. In this guide, you will also find interesting solutions that will cost you less than $10. All products here are divided into several categories, depending on where they are intended to be used: in the kitchen, home or the backyard. A comprehensive comparison chart will help you make the right choice.

Giving a gift on Thanksgiving can sound a little weird to many people. People often think of only the meal for then and presents for Christmas, but some people, especially the kind hosts who do all of the cooking for everyone, sometimes need a little help before then.

To give you some insight, here are some American family traditions that go along with gift giving on 'turkey day' and my own personal stories with 30 of these themed gifts.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas:

Thanksgiving Gifting Culture: What Gift to Give a Host or Hostess?

Based on the average American family tradition, many people would give their host or hostess a gift that can usually help to make the meal easier like cookware, bakeware, dishes, or other kitchen supplies. Then, either that year or the following year, the host would typically use the gifts that were given to them.

My family had a similar tradition, but we liked to mix it up a little bit. If we knew someone was in need of kitchen supplies if they were going to host the meal, we'd get it for them a few days in advance so they can use it.

If you are like my husband and me, spending the holiday with a different friend or family member every year, then it is not hard to find one thing that someone needs every year. If they really don't need anything the backup plan is always the same: a gag or novelty gift.

Last time we hosted and didn't really need anything, my brother and sister actually got me a giant inflatable turkey, set it up in the front yard without my knowledge while I was cooking, and told me they brought one of the biggest turkeys they had ever seen. I laughed until after the dishes were cleaned.

My ideal gift, to or from me, for Thanksgiving is either something that can be used or enjoyed like these gifts that are down below.

Gifts for the Kitchen

Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener | Secura SWO-3N

Stainless Steel Electric Wine Opener Secura: photo

I gave this to my father-in-law, who is an avid wine collector and drinker, this a few years ago and he absolutely loved that it was stainless steel and it was turned on easily by a button.

His only real gripe with it is that it occasionally eats a cork or two, making it harder to open the bottle.

Secura SWO-3N: Check the current price

Grind Automatic Burr Mill | Cuisinart DBM-8

Grind Automatic Burr Mill: photo

An affordable upgrade from her last one, I gave this to my mother many years ago and it is still grinding just as well as it did the first time she used it. Because she drinks a lot of coffee, my mom likes the fact that it grinds up to 32 cups worth of coffee in one go.

Cuisinart DBM-8: Check the current price

Budget Digital Food Scale | Greater Goods

Budget Digital Food Scale: photo

My friend got this from her mother for her first year of hosting Thanksgiving dinner and because she is a professional chef, she uses it all the time and home and another at work mostly for the easy-to-read LED screen and the simple switch that changes the measurement. However, the batteries tend to die out pretty compared to other scales.

Greater Goods: Check the current price

Espresso and Cappuccino Maker | Mr. Coffee

Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Mr. Coffee: photo

I got this for my mother-in-law a few years ago since it's a little tradition of hers to have cappuccinos with dessert.

Using it the first time was a little complicated, especially since she thought the frother has an auto shut off, which it doesn't, but she and her husband love that they can also make a regular cup of coffee with it too.

Mr. Coffee: Check the current price

Portable Ice Maker Machine | hOmeLabs 

Portable Ice Maker Machine: photo

Whenever I host Thanksgiving, I make everyone who isn't helping get out of the kitchen so I can do my thing. That's why my mom got me this just this past Thanksgiving so that everyone who wants cold drinks can use this in the dining room in just a few minutes.

It does get empty very fast when there are more than half a dozen people, though.

hOmeLabs: Check the current price

Electronic Yogurt Maker | Cuisinart CYM-100

Electronic Yogurt Maker Cuisinart: photo

Another gift for my friend who is a chef, her favorite feature is the fact that it makes over 3 pounds of yogurt in one batch, which definitely came in handy the few times she had a large Thanksgiving party.

She does say that she wishes the plastic container was glass, but it is BPA-free so she doesn't complain too often.

Cuisinart CYM-100: Check the current price

Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses | Bella Vino

Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses: photo

I got this for my in-laws since my father-in-law loves to collect and drink white, and he always seems to break a glass once every few months.

He and his wife use them a couple of times a week, saying how conveniently big they are, but the curve is a little uncomfortable when you're holding it for long periods of time.

Bella Vino: Check the current price

Grill Aprons Kitchen Chef Bib | Famgem

Grill Aprons Kitchen Chef Bib: photo

I got this for my brother, a big Game of Thrones fan, a few years ago and he immediately put it on and finished making the rest of dinner with it.

He loved getting the compliments from family and friends all while saying how comfortable it was. The only gripe he had was that I didn't get him the matching white one too, laughing the whole time.

Famgem: Check the current price

Picking Kitchen Towel Set | Harvest

Picking Kitchen Towel Set: photo

My husband got these for me after I accidentally burned a hole through our main oven mitt the previous year, and he never lets me forget.

It was nice since it came as a whole set and had a cute design on it. The towels are a little rough on the skin though, so we just use them for decoration.

Harvest: Check the current price

Chocolate Candy Mold | CybrTrayd

Chocolate Candy Mold: photo

Another gift for my friend who is a chef, I actually gave these to her a few days before the actual party because she wanted to use them to make some candy for desserts for the kids.

She said it was a standard mold that worked pretty well with the chocolate since it didn't stick or ruin the mold, as what happens with cheaper ones.

CybrTrayd: Check the current price

3-Tier Twist Fold Party Tray | Masirs 

3-Tier Twist Fold Party Tray: photo

This was another gift for my sister-in-law. She used it twice that Thanksgiving, once for appetizers and again for deserts. 

She did have a little bit of trouble with the legs wiggling and being slightly loose, but otherwise, it still stands strong when it's full. It was mainly loose when there was very little on any tier.

Masirs: Check the current price

Gifts for Home

2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser | URPOWER

2nd Version Essential Oil Diffuser: photo

My sister loves to collect, use, and showcase diffusers and this is one I gave her to add to her collection. She uses it in her guest bedroom for those guests who have too much to drink, since her guest bedroom gets pretty dry.

It also works as a good night light. She has said that the auto shut off turns it off too soon though.

URPOWER: Check the current price

Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer | Polaroid

Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer Polaroid: photo

Another gift for my sister, who likes to have mini photo shoots during the holidays, likes to procrastinate going to the store to print them out.

My mom got this as a gag gift, but because of how fast and easy it is to print, she wants one now too. Now they just need to remember to keep a package of photo paper handy.

Polaroid: Check the current price

Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Monitor for iPhone/Android | Minger 

Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Monitor: photo

This was a gift for my brother who has several musical instruments which got damaged quite a bit when his whole kitchen filled up with steam while it was his turn to host Thanksgiving.

It easily connects to his phone so he knows when he should start opening the windows and turning on the fan. However, even though it has a range of 160 feet, sometimes the connection is poor.

Minger: Check the current price

Digital Cooking Thermometer | ThermoPro

Digital Cooking Thermometer ThermoPro: photo

I got this for my sister-in-law as a housewarming and Thanksgiving gift, which she was extremely relieved since hers broke in the move.

According to her, it was much faster than her last one, but occasionally showed "XX" instead of reading a temperature. However, it still gives an accurate reading when it does display a number.

ThermoPro: Check the current price

Climate Control for Beds | BedJet V2

Climate Control for Beds - BedJet V2: photo

A family gift to my in-laws from my husband and his siblings, both can never agree on how many blankets should be on the bed, but they can both agree that this blanket is one of the best that they've had, especially since it keeps their own side to their preferred temperature quickly.

Although, it is quite awkward for them to pick up since it weighs almost thirty pounds.

BedJet V2: Check the current price

3-in-1 Full-Room Air Purifier | GermGuardian

3-in-1 Full-Room Air Purifier: photo

I gave this to my mom a few Thanksgivings ago because of her friend who comes almost every year has asthma, and my mom has several pets so it can get hard for him to breath.

She loves that it can get smoke out of the kitchen quickly. The only thing that's a little inconvenient is the filters are non-washable and need to be replaced every six to eight months.

GermGuardian: Check the current price

LED Lighting System with Gourmet Pod Kit | AeroGarden

LED Lighting System with Gourmet Pod Kit: photo

This was gifted to me since I love using herbs fresh from my own garden. It is one of my most used gifts, especially since it's one of the easiest with the automated lights and watering timer. The only downside is that several of the lights tend to flicker when it's on for a long period of time.

AeroGarden: Check the current price

Electric Toothbrush & Cleaning Station | TAO Clean

Electric Toothbrush & Cleaning Station: photo

My sister got this for my brother as a way of getting him to take better care of his teeth, mostly because he never brushes his teeth as long or as often as he should. He says that it is more powerful than his older toothbrush, but the stand does take up a bit of room.

TAO Clean: Check the current price

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket 

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket: photo

The same year my husband and his siblings got the bed heater and cooler for his parents, I got them 2 of these for the living room. My mother-in-law loves everything soft and my father-in-law loves anything warm, so they both were happy. The only downside is the fuzz in the dryer if it isn't set on delicates.

Chanasya: Check the current price

Natural Sliced Dyed Agate Coaster | JIC Gem

Natural Sliced Dyed Agate Coaster: photo

I got these for my cousin who is a bit obsessed with crystals and anything mystical looking. The blue ones that I got her had her geeking out since the colors are so vivid.

They were a little expensive for four, but she thought they were worth the cost. A month later, I found out her mom gave her a matching pair in the teal set for Christmas.

JIC Gem: Check the current price

Handmade Scented Candles | Old Factory

Handmade Scented Candles: photo

I got these as a gift from my sister since she knew how much I love candles. I especially like to keep it with the season so having these three scents burning in different sections of the house during the party and dinner was nice since every couple of rooms were unique. They did burn a little quickly, though.

Old Factory: Check the current price

Thanksgiving “Thankful” “Grateful” “Blessed” Triple Sign | Amscan

Thanksgiving “Thankful” “Grateful” “Blessed” Triple Sign: photo

One of my best friends collects cute signs and hangs them up around her house seasonally. I gave her this one to add to my collection and she loved the pictures on them. The wire was a little weak, but she easily replaced it which only took an hour or so and a few feet of picture wire.

Amscan: Check the current price

Gifts for the Backyard

5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Kit | Poolmaster

5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Kit: photo

My aunt and uncle got this from a friend for their pool since they are pretty sensitive to the chlorine in their pool. Since the kits are so cheap and test other contents in the water like pH, Bromine, and more, they usually get 1 or 2 a year as a part of the maintenance. Although, the tests are off sometimes.

Poolmaster: Check the current price

Portable Tabletop Gas Grill | Cuisinart CGG-180T

Portable Tabletop Gas Grill Cuisinart: photo

A gift to my husband who wanted to mix things up a few years ago and try to have a grilling Thanksgiving for a big party, it wasn't big enough to make enough entries for a big party, but it did last long enough to make a bunch of appetizers.

Cuisinart CGG-180T: Check the current price

Bronze Patio Heater | Fire Sense

Bronze Patio Heater: photo

My husband and I got a couple of these for our camping buddies on a Thanksgiving trip a few years ago. It can be a little difficult to move it since it weighs a little under 50 pounds. Still, it's worth the amount of heat that it gives off.

Fire Sense: Check the current price

20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower | Greenworks

20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower: photo

A gift for my parents from my brother, this was mainly for the family tradition of playing ball in the backyard. It does take them a little longer to do the far side of the yard since they need to use an extension cord.

My mom does like the mulching setting for when she needs some mulched leaves for the garden.

Greenworks: Check the current price

Solar Torch Light | Bebrant

Solar Torch Light Bebrant: photo

This was a gift to me from my husband the same year we had the griller Thanksgiving. They decorated the yard beautifully with the flickering lights when the sun started to go down. I just wished that there were a few more of them since they only come in a pack of 4.

Bebrant: Check the current price

Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day and Night Detection Modes | Orbit

Motion-Activated Sprinkler with Day and Night Detection Modes: photo

Another gift from my husband, he got me a few of these the year before the outdoor party so that the yard would be nice enough for the party the following year. Mostly, they were used to keep away the wild squirrels and groundhogs.

Orbit: Check the current price

Gifts for the Meal

Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies | Philadelphia Candies 

Milk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies: photo

I got these for my friend who was a little hesitant to eat food that was shipped, but since it was a small party and the turkeys looked cute on the cookies, we all tried them together. They were surprisingly good and didn't taste stale at all, but the turkeys were just a bit hard.

Philadelphia Candies: Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Thanksgiving Gifts

Product What is the point?

Secura Electric Wine Opener

Enjoy the wine and entertain your friends, instead of struggling with opening a bottle.
The opener is made of stainless steel and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Cuisinart Grind Automatic Mill

Invaluable for heavy coffee drinkers and perfect for a group of friends!
Grinds up to 32 cups of coffee at a time

Greater Goods Digital Food Scale

Let the host feel like a professional chef in the kitchen!
LED screen and easy-to-use switch

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Let the host get into the habit of having cappuccinos with dessert.
This brand-name semi-automatic device makes espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

Let guests serve themselves! A great thing for non-stop parties and family holidays.
Makes 26 pounds of Ice per 24 hours.

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

It’s nice to have “good bacteria” boosting your immune system! This gift is another way of saying “I wish you good health.”
Makes over 3 pounds of yogurt at a time

Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses

Elegant and affordable. Just show that you have really good taste.
Made by experienced masters from premium crystal glass.

Famgem Grill Aprons Kitchen Chef Bib

Any Game of Thrones fan would appreciate an apron with “Dinner is Coming” printing.
Made of heavy-duty fabric, this apron is perfect for men.

Harvest Picking Kitchen Towel

Let the host get a reliable assistant in the kitchen and the work will go faster!
A set of 2 towels, an oven mitt and potholder.

Fancy Turkey Lolly Chocolate Candy Mold

Let the host feel like a Chocolate King and neighborhood children will worship him or her!
Durable mold with an 8-ounce capacity.

Twist Fold Party Tray

Wherever you dine, this tray will hold enough sandwiches, cakes, and fruits even for a large company of people.
Three-tiered set of trays made of ABC material.

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a good way to add comfort to the bedroom.
Ultrasonic diffuser producing a lot of mist.

Polaroid Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

All selfie-lovers would appreciate having this thing! A nice combination of modern technologies and old-school printed photos.
A brand-name device using ZERO INK printing technology.

Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Monitor for iPhone/Android

Just to let the host know when to open the window or turn on a fan.
The sensing component is made in Switzerland.

ThermoPro TP03A Cooking Thermometer

This thing will help take the host’s cooking skills to the next level!
Gives an accurate temperature reading within 4-7 seconds.

BedJet V2 Climate Control for Bed

A great gift for a married couple who can never agree on the number of blankets on the bed.
Dual-zone temperature control.

GermGuardian 3-in-1 Air Purifier

If the host is a smoker, allergic or just owns pets, this air purifier will make their home more comfortable.
Equipped with a HEPA filter capturing dust, allergens, pet dander, and pollens.

AeroGarden LED with Gourmet Pod Kit

This device allows for creating a green oasis even in a concrete jungle.
Grow up to 7 plants at a time with a 30W LED lighting system.

TAO Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush & Cleaning Station

Let’s automate everything! This electric toothbrush will make daily hygiene easier and comfortable.
Comes with a timer and dual cleaning settings.

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This is a good way to make the room look more respectable. Let alone the blanket’s evident benefits of being soft and warm.
Hypoallergenic high-grade faux fur, 50 x 65 inches in size.

Natural Sliced Dyed Agate Coaster

These coasters will make the room look mystical and fashionable.
Includes 4 sets of 4.

Old Factory Handmade Scented Candles

Burn them in the house during the party and dinner to create a unique atmosphere.
Each aromatherapy candle burns up to 30 hours.

Thanksgiving “Thankful” “Grateful” “Blessed” Triple Sign

A nice gift for those who collect cute signs and a great decoration for Thanksgiving.
Made of MDF, 18 x 8 inches in size.

Poolmaster Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Kit

5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Chemistry Test Kit min: photo

The host will be curious to know whether the water in their pool and spa is clean enough and safe.
Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, and other chemical compounds.

Cuisinart Portable Gas Grill

Great for grilling Thanksgiving party. Just imagine, 8 grilled steaks at one go!
The grilling area is 145 square inches.

Fire Sense Patio Heater

Enjoy fresh air in any weather, without anyone getting cold.
Durable burners with safety auto shut off

Greenworks 20-Inch Corded Lawn Mower

Using this device, your family can turn the lawn into a football ground.
3-in-1 mower with a powerful 12-amp motor.

Bebrant Solar Torch Light

Create a campfire atmosphere in the backyard! No fire.No radiation.
Solar-powered weather-resistant torch lights.

Orbit Motion-Activated Sprinkler

This sprinkler will give a new look to the yard. No unwanted animals eating plants, berries, and fruits.
Adjustable sprinkler with intelligent sensing technology.

Philadelphia Candies Milk Chocolate

This gift is not just symbolic, but also very delicious. You will remember this party for a long time!
Creme cookies dressed up with Thanksgiving Tom Turkeys.