So you like to game for a couple of hours in the evening, or you even devote all your time during the weekends to it - but you don’t want to waste your time and energy picking out cool devices?

To start with, think about how serious of a player you are. How much can you last without your favorite game - an hour or two, or a few weeks?

Do you feel that something is missing when a single headshot hasn't been hit, or maybe there comes a void when you've failed to steel a creep or get a rampage?

If you lose your appetite and stop communicating with people and enjoying life without such things, then the selection of equipment should be as scrupulous as the selection of shoes (at least), and ideally, as much as the selection of a car.

But it's not always possible to allocate considerable amounts of money for devices, even when the need arises. Maybe your favorite mouse has simply broken down. Or, maybe, you got the idea that something is missing - it needs higher sensitivity, a couple of buttons, to slide better than a ball mouse (that you have from way back) does, etc.

Also - as usual - we will choose the best of those that are present, pay attention, and express public reprimand to those that aren't worth the money they require.


To begin with, what is a budget gaming mouse, and how do you choose one? The concept is composite and relative. First, I have to make a complaint: Usually, the term "budget" is considered as cheap, squalid, unsuitable.

No! Budget is not the best you can buy, but the most optimal and not expensive in quality-price ratio. If you are a student or a pupil, then  can already be a large sum, but if you're Bill Gates, then… Bill, stop saving money and buy a normal mouse, instead of learning my reviews! And if you are Gabe, give back Half-Life 3, have a heart. (I couldn't hold myself in.)

Today we will set $40 as a top bar and select the model in accordance with that ceiling.

It's quite difficult to choose the budget mouse at a glance. One of the most correct ways is to choose a less popular manufacturer and look at their whole product line. Then purchase the selected model and live happily after. But it is worth remembering that if the mouse breaks down, the only option is to go and throw it away. When Razer or SteelSeries mice break down (though this is a rare occasion) then you call the service center and talk to someone. Most often, technical support is on the client's side, as the reputation is more important. It is important and you have to take it into account.

Ideal Inexpensive Mice: Selection Criteria

You can select a mouse separately for any game on a modest budget. How to do it? Read my previous reviews. For example, “Best MOBA Gaming Mice 2015”. Still, the concept of "budget" includes universality. And that means not completely full range of options, but convenient use in any game: MMO, FPS, MOBA, etc.

Therefore, to think "the more sophisticated, the cooler” - is stupid, fellows. We want optimality and practicality, and not "To have one and all, that will be useful and that is cheap." You must understand what you take and why you take it and how to use it. Rationally spent funds is a guarantee of economy.


1. SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse RAW

SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse: photo

This mouse has excellent quality of assembly and design. SteelSeries Sensei from a company of name (SteelSeries) inspires with confidence due to excellent fulfillment. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I will say that the price is slightly higher than it should be, but here comes into force what I said in the beginning - the brand takes care of the customer, and you pay for it.

Connection goes via USB cable in a braided fabric. The  is suitable for average and small hands. People with big hands will feel discomfort with SteelSeries Sensei RAW. Be attentive with delivery. There are some dishonest sellers send pre-owned goods.

And in general, in this model we can emphasize high quality and excellent productivity. By and large, there is nothing more to say - everything is well and efficient - but nothing special. In my personal rating, I wouldn't have put it on such a high position - but if you want to buy mouse from this category, it is a great option.

SteelSeries: Check the current price

2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse: photo

We were talking about mice that had been reviewed many times before. However, we can’t afford to not pay attention to reviews these days. Here comes Logitech Gaming Mouse again. This company, along with the Reddragon label, holds the budget gaming mice market very tight. And here it is - another serious model – the Redragon M901.

This won't be optimal for MMOs, as the number of additional keys is very limited, but it is great for all other games. It showed itself well in World of Tanks. This game may not be demanding to the characteristics of mice, but the data is obtained from the real tech in the game.

The sight doesn't jump, fire data doesn't shift. The memory can store two profiles, and I think you can pick up appealing backlight among 16 million colors. The cover feels nice – your hand does not slip and doesn’t sweat at the same time. Again, the company's reputation makes us happy. If the product has entered the market, it has been tested and of high quality.

And the most important thing is that it meets the declared value. Among the variety of forums that I've read, I didn't face real problems. And the number of negative reviews on reputable online stores is less than 1% - what I think in general is very positive.

Logitech G502: Check the current price

3. Redragon M901 Gaming Mouse

Redragon Perdition 16400 DPI: photo

This mouse in this category may be twice more expensive than others we’ve mentioned, but it's already several times better. I was pleased with its optimality. With the presence of buttons for MMOs, the form itself is fairly universal and not specific. Redragon M901 Mouse is suitable for games that require a serious response.

The form of this mouse allows you to work in different genres. There are 19 programmable buttons on board, and this is a complete freedom for any MMO. A huge number of programmable binds allow you to completely abandon the keyboard. It has full weight tuning - 8 weights for 2.4 grams. And the most interesting thing can be seen in the name – 16400 DPI. Such freedom can rarely be met on serious gaming devices, and here it is for modest money. Completely free choice of the style of the game and its genre.

Here above all, everyone will be able to choose the version on your taste, because there are 5 color schemes. The USB cable is in fabric and it saves it from hitting with the chair, and gives extra time when the cat starts to chew it.

Sales for this position are large and refunds are very rare. It is one of the best price-quality ratios for today. Any problems that can be found are through delivery. The level of packaging sometimes isn't sufficient. Ask the seller to pack goods in additional bubble wrap. Firstly, it will be safer, and secondly, you will have something to be occupied with in the evening.

Redragon M901: Check the current price


Dealing with this niche, the main thing is to remember about quality control. It is necessary to monitor and check that all declared functions are working - You pay for them! Check the quality of the assembly. The low cost is often explained by cheap materials and bad assembly. The purchase of this model will lead to the fact that it will fall apart right in your hand.

4. Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Redragon GRIFFIN M602A RGB: photo

This Redragon Gaming Mouse is a mouse "on the edge". There is a notable improvement over the previous model. The first improvement is in ergonomics. This position has improved and serious operations have been conducted on it. I will not say that by using an  you can take part in a raid overnight and your hand won't get tired - it's not that good. But, at the same time, I note that everything is worked out and there are results. There are seven programmable buttons and 5 stored profiles. This is more than enough.

For each game, you make one fine tuning of all combinations and that's it. Then you can change profiles by simple switching and completely change the sensitivity and binds. Trifle, but it's nice that DPI changes either into plus or minus.

You don't need to wind in a circle - it is convenient, especially in shooters. When you enter sniper mode, there is a need to drastically reduce the DPI for easier aiming. There is a pleasant backlight LED that supports 4 colors, or simply turns off when needed. The connection works on the principle of plug & play, so drivers are installed automatically.

People are very happy when the price matches the quality. This is exactly the case. There is less than 1% of negativity. In top mice, this situation usually looks different because laying out a large sum of money, you need the best, maybe even impossible levels of quality. But here, everything is fine. You take what you see. All refusals are limited to personal hostility.

Redragon M602A-RGB: Check the current price

5. PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired [7200 DPI]

Pictek Gaming Mouse Wired: photo

This is a model for all occasions. The will be convenient and for different types of games. It has quality ergonomics, which are designed for the full palm grip. Users can switch DPI settings with big leaps. It's not always easy to turn from one mode to another. USB - gold plated plug and technical gilding is layered in a very thin layer and does not have great material value, but seriously improves the contact and protects it against corrosion. The life cycle of Pictek Gaming Mouse is 5 million clicks, but there is more negativity here. The wheel breaks down very quickly, from a week to a month, according to reviews.

It doesn't always fail, but it seems to quite often. There is also a very bright backlight, and it becomes annoying. And this device is not suitable for users of Mac. It can't be installed even with black magic, therefore it's not the best, but a worthy representative of this niche.

Pictek: Check the current price

6. Redragon M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice Redragon M601: photo

I'll start with an excellent model – it's a №1 Best Seller in PC Gaming Mice category. This mouse is decent quality and cheap enough to fit in this category. Its universality wins over. Soft-touch coating adds convenience to work with a mouse. The hand does not slip; it has full control over the mouse at all times. Switching DPI instantly is not the least of the factors. The ceiling of 2000 DPI can't be called optimal, but it can be called appropriate. It may not let you show off in full in shooters, but it allows you to play them, what is already great for a mouse for that price.

The teflon pads on the underside of the operation panel give easy sliding. The USB interface cable is braided with fabric winding. There are also lead weights in the kit for the fine tuning of required weight of this model.

This is the exact model I wanted to describe first due to a very low failure rate - less than 2%. (A very cool figure.) All negatives are connected only with the cessation of work after a short period. If it is said only by 8 people from more than 420 people who bought the mouse, I think this is a factory defect. Of course the percentage is high for this production, but at a given cost I allow that option.

Redragon M601: Check the current price

To summarize!

Nowadays, you can choose an excellent mouse and spend less money at the same time. How to choose the model depends on your capital. No, for the modest money you won't buy the best gaming mouse on the market - but with smart approach you can save money and won't overpay. Because it's very easy to make a mistake and buy an expensive copy with disabled and even scarce facilities.

If your goal is universality, you've got wide range to choose. But if the question is "The best mouse for..." and select the genre, then purchase the best (not cheap) because you already know what to expect from GameDev – read our review of Best gaming mouse.