It seems that you men know nothing about women’s wishes and I am here to enlighten you. When managed properly, married life is quite a funny thing. I have spent over 12 years in a marriage and now we are closer to each other than ever. So what’s the secret?

In fact, it is trivial things that serve as a crucial pillar of any marriage and the presents you give to each other speak volumes about how you actually treat your partner. And we, women, are particularly sensitive to such things. That is why a gift for your wife should reflect her individuality or demonstrate how much you care about your sweetheart.

This guide covers TOP-31 best gifts for your wife, depending on her interests and hobbies. Whether she is fond of cooking, looking after a home, sports activity or drinking coffee, you will find a present that will please her. This guide also includes options for wives that pay a lot of attention to their appearance and those who focus on creativity. If you have spent many years in a marriage, there is a selection of gifts for long-term marriages. The price range is broad: from $15 to over $700, something that allows you to find the best option for any budget.

Best Gift Ideas for Your Wife:

Gifts for a Wife Who Enjoys Cooking

Electric Indoor Grill with Removable Plates | Hamilton Beach

Electric Indoor Grill Hamilton Beach: photo

How can you tickle your wife’s vanity? Just give her a device allowing to prepare delicious meals quickly and without any fuss. All you will have to do then is to say: “Oh, dear, you cook so well!” It is important that your sweetheart knows that it is all to her credit!

With this device, she will be able to grill meat and vegetables. This model has the advantage of an adjustable temperature control and a non-stick plate. The grilling surface is designed for making up to 8 servings at a time.

Hamilton Beach: Check the current price

Multi-Treat Baker | Baby Cakes

Multi-Treat Baker Baby Cakes: photo

If your wife is a candy girl or you have young children, this machine is something that she will really appreciate. Personally, I adore donuts. So when my husband presented me with this device, I took it as a sign that what he cared about were my wishes, not my extra pounds ;).

This baking device comes with 3 interchangeable plates and a latching handle. Its capacity is 7 donuts, 7 cupcakes or 12 cake pops at a time.

Baby Cakes: Check the current price

High-Capacity Blender | Magic Bullet

High-Capacity Blender Magic Bullet: photo

Alternatively, if your wife is bent on losing weight, it would be a wise choice to divert her attention from pastry by gifting her a unit producing smoothies and omelets. This healthy food will make your beloved woman satisfied and pleased with herself.

The device can not only blend but also chop, mix, grind and even more. The 250-watt blender is made of high-impact plastic and is very easy to use.

Magic Bullet: Check the current price

Gifts for a Wife Who is a Sports Fan

Heart Rate & Fitness Wristband | Fitbit

Fitbit Heart Rate & Fitness Wristband: photo

A sleek design was the first thing that caught my eye when I received this gift. But then I saw that the main benefit of the wristband is the number of features it has. The device tracks heart rate, sleep duration, and measures calories burned. It can alarm with a silent vibration and send notifications on the display.

The only downside I have revealed is that the item is not waterproof, therefore your wife should not wear it in the bathroom or swimming pool.

Fitbit: Check the current price

Waterproof Headphones with Noise Cancellation | Mpow

Waterproof Headphones with Noise Cancellation: photo

Is your wife fond of jogging or does she frequent the shower? In this case, waterproof headphones will come in handy. Let her enjoy exercises even more as she will be able to listen to her favorite music regardless of the weather conditions.

However, keep in mind that the product has the IPX7 waterproof rating, which means that prolonged immersion in water is likely to damage the device.

Mpow: Check the current price

Premium Waist Trimmer | Sports Research

Premium Waist Trimmer: photo

If you could only imagine how happy your wife will be to have a slender waistline! So if she does not have a flawless figure, this item will help her to attain the ideal. Modern technologies used in this model improve thermogenic activity, making the body sweat a lot. This waist trimmer is flexible and can be adjusted to any size so that a person feels comfortable when doing exercises.

Sports Research: Check the current price

Gifts for Her Self-Indulgence & Beauty

Essential Oil Diffuser | URPOWER

Essential Oil Diffuser: photo

Look at this stylish oil diffuser! It resembles a piece of art, isn’t it? This is the kind of emotions that I felt when received this gift from my husband. Oh, he wants to say that I am a sophisticated woman who appreciates rich scents and subtle forms, I thought then.

In addition, this 150ml aroma diffuser will help to create a romantic atmosphere as it has 7 color-changing LED lights. Made of wood, the item will perfectly suit almost any interior.

URPOWER: Check the current price

Smart Speaker with Alexa | Echo

Smart Speaker with Alexa: photo

This item will significantly add to comfort and convenience at home. What your wife will have to do is just ask Alexa to play music, turn on lights, lock and unlock doors or search for her favorite TV shows. The device can play music and radio stations with 360-degree audio.

In fact, this speaker will save her time and energy as it is operated hands-free. The device has 7 microphones, adjustable equalizer settings and the function of noise cancellation.

Echo: Check the current price

Makeup Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth | Hansong

Makeup Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth: photo

Don't ever stop telling your wife how beautiful she is. More importantly, let her enjoy her beauty. This is not just a mirror but rather is a tool for her to create her personal space where she will be the queen!

The item comes with a full-spectrum LED lighting, a speaker to play music, hands-free calling and a magnifying mirror. Lighting can be adjusted while the mirror can be charged via USB.

Hansong: Check the current price

Compact Hair Removal Epilator | Philips

Philips Compact Hair Removal Epilator: photo

This gift will be appropriate if you and your wife do not have any kind of intimate secrets from each other. Actually, any woman will find this device useful due to our biological features and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. In addition, this is a brand-name product so she will definitely find it a valuable thing.

The device removes the shortest hairs and has 2 speed settings. It comes with an attachment designed to be used on delicate areas of the body. The head should be removed and washed separately from the unit.

Philips: Check the current price

Adjustable Waver for Multiple Styles | Bed Head

Adjustable Waver for Multiple Styles: photo

Whether your wife is a businesswoman and housewife, this item will please her and will certainly come in handy. This waver promises fancy hairstyle within minutes, with adjustable barrel plates for various levels of waves.

The device can be very hot, reaching up to 400°F and comes with several heat settings. Remember that hair is something more than part of her beauty, it tells the world who she is, which is why it is important for her to be creative in doing hair.

Bed Head: Check the current price

Skin Therapy Wand | NuDerma

Skin Therapy Wand from NuDerma: photo

When my husband presented me with this multifunctional skin therapy machine, I thought that it cost much more than some $40 dollars he paid for it. The device turned out to be so useful and effective that I decided to apply it on an ongoing basis.

It works by amplifying cell turnover and thus reversing the aging process. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and looks younger. In addition, the wand helps to treat acne scars, eliminating imperfections on a woman's face.

NuDerma: Check the current price

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet | Songmics

Mirror Jewelry Cabinet: photo

This was one of the favorite gifts that my husband gave me. You know why? There was plenty of room left for new jewelry and I interpreted that fact as a hint!

All joking aside, this cabinet is very convenient: you take earings, you put them on and you look in the mirror. Six built-in LED lights automatically turn on when the door opens. On top of that, this is a nice item of furniture that will suit any interior.

Songmics: Check the current price

Gifts for Coffee Addicts

Portable Espresso Maker | WACACO 

Portable Espresso Maker WACACO: photo

Coffee is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. This gift will tell her that you take care of her and want her to have this wonderful elixir of energy whenever she is.

The main advantage of this machine is its portability. Seven inches in length and with the weight of just one pound, the device is easy to travel with and store. In addition, this is a powerful coffee maker that does not require electricity source. The capacity of its water tank amounts to 80ml.

WACACO: Check the current price

Stainless Steel Coffee Maker | Cuisinart Perfectemp

Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Cuisinart Perfectemp: photo

You may opt for a coffee maker by a famous brand Cuisinart. This high-quality product comes with a brew strength control so that she could choose a flavor she prefers.

This is a high-tech device that is fully automatic, can be programmed and has an auto shut-off function. Apart from that, there is warm temperature control. You will pay less than $100 for it, getting a high-end coffee maker packed with useful features.

Cuisinart Perfectemp: Check the current price

Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill | Cuisinart DBM-8

Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill: photo

This coffee maker will cost you half the price of the previous model although it is produced by Cuisinart as well. The unit is also automatic and has a timer for auto shut-off.

The grind chamber is designed for 32 cups of coffee and is easy to remove. Unlike the Perfectemp model, this one is not programmable and comes with a one-touch power bar.

Cuisinart DBM-8: Check the current price

Gifts for a Wife In a Long-Term Marriage: Show Your Concern

You may show your concern in a variety of ways, whether it is about her beauty, health or house cleaning. Free up her time for something more enjoyable and really valuable.

Rejuvenation Machine with LED Light Therapy | Vansaile

Rejuvenation Machine with LED Light Therapy: photo

You have spent too many years together and every her wrinkle is part of joys and sorrows you shared with each other. This gift will tell your wife that you want her to feel pretty and young no matter how old she is.

The unit uses the LED light therapy that is said to reduce wrinkles and sagginess, tightening and enhancing the skin. What I particularly like in this device is that it works pretty fast and has no side effects. Do not worry, there is no risk of burning her skin or something like that.

Vansaile: Check the current price

Muscle Stimulator Kit | Compex

Muscle Stimulator Kit from Compex: photo

With age, women tend to suffer from pains in the joints and muscles. By giving your wife this high-quality stimulator, you show that you want her to feel fine and healthy.

Well, you will have to pay more than $100 for this high-end device, but we all know that there must never be cost savings at the expense of the health. This muscle stimulator is developed and produced by a trusted Swiss company and is widely used by professional sportsmen as a way to recover after training. The product has 3 programs and 4 snap electrodes.

Compex: Check the current price

Climate Comfort for Beds | BedJet V2

Climate Comfort for Beds: photo

This gift will demonstrate how much you care about your wife. Does she feel cold while in bed? Does your bed become excessively warm in the summer?

A cooling mode will remove sweat from the body while the heating one can be used as therapy for those who suffer cold feet. The device works fast so the air heats up within minutes. In addition, it exploits sleep biorhythm temperature technology that will allow your sweetheart to fall asleep faster.

BedJet V2: Check the current price

Gifts That Help Around the House

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi | iRobot

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi: photo

This gift will tell your sweetheart that you would like to have sex with her rather than see her busy operating a vacuum cleaner. One day, robots will undertake the bulk of household tasks but for now, this is one of the most advanced appliances designed to help a housewife to do the cleaning.

The 3-stage cleaning system of the vacuum makes it suck in the dust, dirt, and pet hair. The unit comes with adjustable dual brushes and effective filter. It can operate for an hour and a half before automatically recharging.

iRobot: Check the current price

Window Cleaning Robot with Remote Control | HOBOT-198

Window Cleaning Robot with Remote Control: photo

My grandfather fell in love with my grandmother when he saw her cleaning the window in her house. I guess, this gift will tell your wife that you find her so seductive that you do not want her to make these sexy movements in front of other men. Let the robot do the whole job!

The device is based on AI-technology and is designed for glass of any thickness. It moves along the surface automatically, controlled either through a smartphone or remote. On top of that, the unit has 3 programs and stops automatically when the task is completed.

HOBOT-198: Check the current price

3-in-1 Air Purifier & True HEPA Filter & UVC Sanitizer | GermGuardian

3-in-1 Air Purifier & True HEPA Filter & UVC Sanitizer: photo

Home is a micro world for any woman, which is why we do our best that our families feel comfortable there. But what comfort could you expect in a place swarming with allergens? The thing is that no matter how clean the house is, these tiny irritants inhabit the space without our knowledge.

This air purifier captures the smallest allergens such as dust, pet dandruff, and mold spores. In addition, it reduces unpleasant odor and kills a lot of bacteria. This model is powerful enough, covering an area of up to 167 square feet.

GermGuardian: Check the current price

Romantic Gifts for Your Wife

100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters | OUR MOMENTS Couples

100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters: photo

You both have a lot to share and remember. This gift is not intended to check how well you remember details from your common past. By asking the questions from these cards and listening to your sweetheart's answers, you will understand how many things you have gone through together and how valuable your relationship is. The pack contains 100 cards so you can play this game a number of times.

OUR MOMENTS Couples: Check the current price

Inflatable Hot Tub | Coleman

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub: photo

Perhaps one of the best ways to show your sweetheart that she is a desirable woman is to present her with an inflatable hot tub. It is not just another occasion to bring your bodies closer. Relaxing heated water and bubble jets will make your sex experience more exciting.

The unit is operated with a digital control panel while the heating system is controlled by a timer. And yes, you will not have to bother with installing the tub as it inflates easily with the help of a pump.

Coleman: Check the current price

Sexy Dance LED Bra Top | Belly Dance

Sexy Dance LED Bra Top: photo

You know, we women enjoy being in the center of attention. And this is what will happen when your wife will come to a party wearing this light-up top with changing colors! She will look bright and extravagant, which is a sure way to make her happy for the whole day. In addition, the item is designed specifically for dancing so will feel comfortable even at the wildest party.

The top is made of optical fiber fabric and has LED clothing. There are 7 light colors that change automatically and can be managed with a remote control.

Belly Dance: Check the current price

Gifts for a Сreative Wife: Hobby, Entertainment & Personal Growth

AeroGarden Harvest: photo

Perhaps your wife longs for a garden but you live in a city. Her dreams will come true with this fantastic device designed to grow herbs and vegetables throughout the year. She will be able to grow up to six 12-inch plants at a time — enough to satisfy her desire to feel like a gardener!

The system is automatic and comes with a control panel notifying when it is time to water plants and turning lights on and off.

AeroGarden: Check the current price

Art 13-Inch Laptop | Lenovo

Art 13-Inch Laptop Lenovo: photo

This laptop intended for artists and designers will suit the needs of any creative wife. Many things are made on a computer now so let your beloved woman realize herself in her preferred area. This item is the priciest one on the list but it really worth it.

The laptop has an 8GB shared RAM, 1TB SSD memory module and a 13.3-inch display. Of course, there are models in this category of laptops showing better performance but they are much more expensive.

Lenovo: Check the current price

Ultrasone Surround Sound Closed-Back Headphones

Ultrasone HFI 580

In fact, music is not just about entertainment. According to scientific studies, it may enhance human health and performance. Which is why this gift is both beneficial and pleasant.

The headphones produce high-quality sound and have a sturdy design. Your sweetheart will be able to easily fold them and place in a bag. On top of that, the price is quite affordable for that type of headphones.

Ultrasone Headphones: Check the current price

Artbooks to Suit Any Taste 

Artbooks for wife

I received this kind of gift from my husband several times and each time I felt excited. You know, there is such a diversity of them! Artbooks inspire. Which is why giving them is a sure way to show your wife that you value her as an individual.

There are sketchbooks designed to teach you to draw, artbooks featuring pieces of art, both classic and modern, illustrations from popular movies and cartoons. You will even find such books as a manual for animators. All it takes for her to feel creative!

Artbooks: Check the current price

Gifts for Her Security

Hidden Nanny Camera Clock with WiFi | Facamword

Hidden Nanny Camera Clock with WiFi: photo

Take care that your wife is worry-free when out of the house. This device would particularly helpful if you have children. The camera will monitor what is going on at home, how your nanny is treating your children and can potentially detect a theft. The camera has Full HD video resolution (1920 x 1080P) and a 115-degree view angle. Apart from that, when any motion is detected in the room, the device will send you a notification on your phone. In any way, this function can be disabled.

Facamword: Check the current price

Heavy-Duty Stun Gun with a LED Flashlight | VIPERTEK

Heavy-Duty Stun Gun with a LED Flashlight: photo

Show your beloved woman that you take care of her and want to be sure that she is safe when you are not around. This rechargeable unit is reliable and powerful enough to stop an assailant.

Moreover, an attacker will not be able to snatch it from her thanks to high-voltage shock plates on the side of the stun gun. The device comes with an LED flashlight, something she will find helpful in darkness.

VIPERTEK: Check the current price

Comparison Chart of 31 Gifts for a Wife

 Product Why to present it?

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill

She will spend less time in the kitchen, cook faster and better.
Makes up to 8 servings at a time. 

Baby Cakes Multi-Treat Baker

 She will enjoy her favorite sweets.
Makes 7 small cakes at a time

Magic Bullet Blender

She will prepare and eat healthy meal.
Blends, chops, mixes, grinds and more 

Fitbit Heart Rate & Fitness Wristband

Her exercises and diet will be more effective.
Tracks heart rate, sleep duration, and calories burned. 

Mpow Waterproof Headphones

She will be able to listen to music in the shower or in the rain.
IPX7 waterproof rating. 

Sports Research Waist Trimmer

 She will get a slim waist without exercise.
Makes the body sweat a lot.

iRobot Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi

Save her time and energy for more enjoyable things.
Automatic 3-stage cleaning system. 

HOBOT-198 Window Cleaning Robot

 Save her time and energy for more enjoyable things.
Works with glass of any thickness

GermGuardian UVC Sanitizer

Take care of her health and let her enjoy a clean home environment.
Captures the smallest allergens. 

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Let her feel like a sophisticated woman.
150-ml oil diffuser with 7 LED lights 

Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

Let the house become her servant.
360-degree audio with Alexa 

Hansong Makeup Vanity Mirror

Let her become the Queen of Makeup.
Full-spectrum LED lighting 

VIPERTEK Stun Gun with an LED Flashlight

 She will be safe wherever she goes.
High-voltage stun gun with a LED flashlight.

Facamword Hidden Nanny Camera Clock

She will not have to worry about children when she is out.
Full HD video resolution (1920 x 1080P) 

Philips Compact Hair Removal Epilator

Philips Compact Hair Removal Epilator min: photo

She will trim herself up more quickly and easily.
2 speed settings and an extra attachment. 

Bed Head Adjustable Waver

 Let her have a fancy hairdo and look great.
Several heat settings.

Skin Therapy Wand | NuDerma

 Let her feel young and beautiful.
Reverses the aging process and treats acne.

WACACO Portable Espresso Maker

Let her enjoy coffee wherever she goes.
Water tank capacity: 80ml. 

Cuisinart Perfectemp Coffee Maker

Let her enjoy using a high-tech device for making coffee.
Fully automatic and programmable. 

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Burr Mill

 Let her feel like a barista.
Capacity: 32 cups of coffee

Vansaile Rejuvenation Machine

She will forget about wrinkles on the face.
LED light therapy without side effects. 

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Take care that she doesn’t have pain in the joints and muscles.
Trusted Swiss brand used by sportsmen. 

OUR MOMENTS Couples 100 Conversation Starters

Let her remember all the moments you have had together.
Deck of 100 question cards. 

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Increase her sex drive and make her relax.
Digital control panel and cushioned floor. 

Songmics Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Let her create her own tiny world of jewelry.
Large storage room with 6 LED lights. 

Belly Dance LED Bra

Belly Dance LED Bra min: photo

Let her feel like a star at a party.
7 light colors and remote control 

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

Take care that her sleep is quiet and comfortable.
Cooling & heating modes. 

AeroGarden In-Home Garden System

Let her create the Garden of Paradise in your house.
Grows up to six 12-inch plants. 

Ultrasone Surround Sound Closed-Back Headphones

Ultrasone HFI 580 table

Let her listen to high-quality sounds and enjoy good music.
Foldable and sturdy design. 


Artbooks for wife table

Show you wife that you value her as an individual.
A wide range of artbooks. 

Lenovo Art 13-Inch Laptop

Let her feel like an artist or designer.
8GB shared RAM & 1TB SSD memory.