Whatever outdoor activities you are engaged in — hunting, hiking, camping, fishing or other — you will definitely appreciate UnderWarmer heated clothing. 

Where Did The Idea Come From?

Although there are hand and toe warmers available on the market, no developer came up with an effective solution to keep the rest of the body warm. However, that was before the UnderWarmer’s team has launched a new product — a heated shirt.

“Why not just put on a thicker coat or several layers of clothing?” you might ask. Well, the thing is that coats or any other heavy clothing can only retain warmth — with varying degrees of effectiveness. It is still your body that has to generate warmth, wasting your much-needed energy. No coat is able to produce warmth and that is where the UnderWarmer is different. Now, we have got a product that is capable of generating heat, effectively keeping your upper body warm.

“The foundation for creating the UnderWarmer was to create a low-cost solution that was easy for the consumer to use at a moment’s notice, no matter where they are at outdoors. We wanted to create a product that didn't require batteries or cost hundreds of dollars. We also wanted something that was not going to be bulky and uncomfortable when using. The UnderWarmer solves all of those issues,” Paul Schaefer, who is one of the company’s creators, told Gadget Reviews.

What Is The UnderWarmer Heated Shirt?

This is a heated compression shirt, with eight key elements integrated into it. Four of them are located in the front and four elements are in the back. It is noteworthy that they all are positioned so that the heat could cover as much of your body as possible.

Another advantage of the heated clothing is its carefully thought-over design. The shirt fits tightly against your body while being lightweight and very comfortable to wear. While being unisex, it comes in three sizes: M, L, and XL. More importantly, it is safe to wear directly against your skin so you should not worry about any potential health hazards. What makes this shirt unique is the combination of the heating elements and compression fit.

compression fitted HEATED The UnderWarmer: photo


Apart from that, the UnderWarmer heated shirt is user-friendly and activated easily. All you need to do is to remove the shirt from its packaging and put it on. Then, the air will activate the heat elements that will begin to produce warmth. It will take no more than half an hour for them to warm you! That said, it must be noted that this is a single-use product, which is why it can be activated only once.

Not only does the item starts to work quickly, but it also has a long-lasting effect, reaching as much as 100°F. In this heated shirt, you will stay warm for at least 10 hours, which is a sufficient amount of time for any outdoor activity. If you have to spend more time in the cold or you are going to stay at a campsite overnight, just take a couple of these shirts with you and your comfort will be guaranteed. Meanwhile, some customers claim that the item has full heat even after 12 and more hours of wearing.

Where to buy a heated shirt?

With all its benefits and advanced technology, the product is still affordable, something that allows you to wear the product as often as needed. You can purchase the product on Amazon or at a Walmart store or on the official website.