It's the world's first magnetic & ergonomic oven mitt. It is the fastest way to protect yourself easily and instantly from hot dishes.

The idea of MeoMitt is to protect yourself easily and instantly from hot dishes or hot devices in your Kitchen.

When you take MeoMitt, you feel like you have nothing in your fingers but that you have that power you can’t burn yourself when you take something hot. It’s like magic!

With its magnetic power, MeoMitt can be put on the majority of metal surfaces such as fridges, hoods, toasters, ovens, microwaves, credence, etc ... You can also hang it on a simple hook if necessary.

With its ergonomic shape, you can grab it instantly because the overflowing water or the burning bread do not wait. No need to flip or snap Meomitt to grab it, you can catch it up instantly wherever you need it ! Get the magnetic power now!

We all know this situation in which the water of our pan starts to overflow and that we do not have time to catch or find the potholder to remove it from the fire.

MeoMitt is available instantly when you need it and not when it’s too late ! That’s why Meomitt was designed ! To put an end to this situation and even more!

MeoMitt is made with a high quality food silicone that withstands high temperatures up to 230° C and low temperatures down to -40° C. This material is both unbreakable and soft.

MeoMitt is also multifonctional because you can use it to hold a towel on your fridge, to help you to unscrew a lid, to protect your fingers when you cut on a cutting board or to hold something.

MeoMitt is the actual must-have accessory to have and bring some fun in your kitchen!

It was designed and invented by the French designer Yannick HESCH (

MeoMitt is distributed worldwide by the brand Zunik which already offers many innovative products for the kitchen and home.

You can order MeoMitt on its website

ZUNIK works primarily for the development of innovative everyday objects for the kitchen and home.