If you want to become a professional gamer and if you enjoy dominating in the games, then a keypad is just what you need!
A keypad is a special keyboard adapted for particular gaming needs. Many people who are not familiar with the gaming device market believe that a keypad is a defective keyboard and they are very far from being right. A quality adjusted keypad can facilitate a gamer’s life substantially and let them achieve fantastic results.

The Keypad’s Competitive Edge or How to Cast a Spell in a Single Click

A decent keypad can have several incredible advantages which make it so attractive to the gamers all over the world
Fast response and rapid functioning
Have you ever played WOW? If yes, then you surely know how uneasy it is to cast several consecutive spells while healing your pet. When using a regular keyboard you are likely to simply miss a key which means losing a battle. A keypad lets you cast a range of spells by uninterruptedly striking the keys.
This is the perkiest feature of any keypad. You can record a macro and bind it to a single key. Imagine an Invoker who casts a fireball and a whirlwind on its enemies in a second! And now imagine what a bunch of macros can do once you hit a couple of keys!
Incredible convenience
Even the cheapest keypad has great ergonomics. Even if you play all day long your hand won’t get numb and the fingers won’t lose their senses\

How to Pick a Keypad and Not Spend a Fortune on It?

A quality keypad will never be cheap, that’s why you have to be very, very serious when making your choice. The wrong approach can lead to wasting money.
At the moment only three renowned companies manufacture quality keypads. They are Razer, Logitech and A4Tech. The former two firms produce elite gaming keypads while A4Tech specializes in mass market keypads. Other than these three, some Chinese companies also manufacture gaming keypads, but their quality leaves much to be desired.
Here are the factors to which you should pay attention when choosing a gamepad:
The number of keys
25-30 keys are optimal. Don’t chase the number of keys and buttons; you’re not buying a piano!
The number of profiles
A keypad should have at least 5 different profiles adapted for different games so that you could switch between the games without having to reset your settings.
Your hand should perfectly rest on the device. Should there be a slightest inconvenience, try another model. Razer’s products are perfect in this matter. Once you rest your hands on their keypads, you won’t be able to ever use counterfeit Chinese devices
Additional options
Analog stocks, adjustable backlighting and modular panel will all come handy during the game play.
Razer Tartarus and Logitech G13 are considered to be perfect and exemplary keypads. If you spend much time playing MOBA, RPG or MMORPG, such an investment will be quite helpful and will bring you lots of pleasant moments.

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